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Needs, Wishes and Feelings

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2 Needs, Wishes and Feelings
Children’s and young people’s Needs, Wishes and Feelings should always be actively listened to and reflected back to ensure the right information is recorded. To facilitate gathering of information so you have adaptive communication between different ages and abilities by having choice of play, children's tools ,verbal communication and diversity when working with the child or young person. Each young person should feel involved, included, valued and significant.



5 Early Intervention To have someone who is trusted to explain and discuss the issues going on in their life. Always provide relevant contact numbers of support services and enable and facilitate the first point of contact if the child is unable to do so i.e. child line, counselling or other important people who may be needed. Partnership Working; to link the child/young person in with an agency who can help him/her through the after effects of parental separation. This includes working with the school to help them understand the impact of family break up on school work.


7 CAFCASS’s Support for Young People
Cafcass recognises that it is vital to allow a child/young person to be involved in the decisions that affect his / her future. Children/young people react better when they are being asked things face to face rather than through questionnaires - They prefer a more personal approach. “I wish that people will listen to me and not change my words”

8 Key Finding Some young people are not aware of the full range of services offered by Cafcass and there is room for improvement here in raising awareness.

9 Services for children within Cafcass

10 Mediation Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between parents that may arise when they separate. It had been intended to compare the experiences of both people who had and who hadn’t had contact with Cafcass however very few young people who had not had contact with Cafcass participated at the event.

11 Key Findings – On Mediation
Young people’s knowledge of mediation appears to be limited. When mediation has been used young people appear to have very limited involvement. There is a need for further research into young people’s involvement in, and perceptions of, mediation. If young people are to be asked in further survey work for their views on mediation, some clearer guidance is needed for young people to allow them to complete sections on the questionnaire on this subject.

12 Young People’s Rights Young People’s Rights
Out of all 122 young people, all except one, thought that they should have a right to give their views about where they live and who they see when their parents separate.

13 Christine Smart Children’s Rights Director

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