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DRAFT SUBJECT TO CONSULTATION HRPLAN2009/10 1. DRAFT SUBJECT TO CONSULTATION Introduction The delivery of fundamental change as part of the transition.

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2 DRAFT SUBJECT TO CONSULTATION Introduction The delivery of fundamental change as part of the transition of services provision within Westminster City Council will bring with it a significant impact on all staff during and after the transition is implemented. Such levels of change are new to the workforce and management and there are no reference points to validate whether the organisation has either the capacity or capability to either deliver or survive such fundamental change. It will be necessary for the transition board to monitor organisational health at each stage of the transition process to ensure adequate provision of customer service at all times In support of the councils move to new ways of working a comprehensive HR plan is being put in place to support and assist managers and staff through this period of significant operational disruption, employment instability, lowered morale and increased employee relations problems. This plan will run in parallel to the transition program and support managers in the provision of tools and techniques to deliver their service reorganisations safely and effectively ensuring limited litigious and reputational damage whilst supporting all staff during periods of uncertainty. 2


4 Critical Success Factors Whilst a number of elements of the HR Plan may affect the quality and success of the delivery of the council transition there are only a small number of critical success factors that have a significant and material impact on the ultimate success of the complete council restructure. 4

5 DRAFT SUBJECT TO CONSULTATION The Road Map How to restructure effectively Detailed step by step guide for managers Comprehensive set of documentation & guidance notes. This single pack outlines in 10 clear stages the actions, tasks and activities the service will follow to ensure and effective and safe transition to a new operating model. (flow chart attached) The pack also contains a full set of briefing notes, example forms, draft letters and guidance notes for each of the stages so that managers are dully equipped to address all eventualities. 5

6 DRAFT SUBJECT TO CONSULTATION Direct HR Support For Project Mgrs During & After Restructuring Core HR HR Services Provision from Vertex Each individual transition project will have the support of a dedicated HR relationship manager. These HR managers may be supporting more than one transition project at any one time. All appropriate HR activity during 2009 has been redirected to transition support and post transition rebuilding (see preparing for post transition). Prioritisation during this period will ensure maximum input into manager and staff support. The provision of HR services from Vertex is managed against a set HR specification that includes detailed HR support for managers. Vertex have been notified of the need to ensure they focus attention on the delivery of information and advice on all matters as outlined within the current HR specification. Should we require additional support this would require change control and funding implications 6

7 DRAFT SUBJECT TO CONSULTATION Protecting & Developing Our Talented Staff During & After Change With the support of HROD the top 150 staff within WCC will be identified by their managers against the criteria of “Most critical to the successful transition of their service “ Using behavioural assessments of Attitude, Interpersonal skills & leadership potential these staff will be supported by HROD on a continuous development schedule throughout and after transition to ensure they are equipped to address indecision or obstructions. Top 150 SEB & Senior management Career Succession Planning Fast Track Starting with the Top 7 members of the Strategic Board a development program is under development with the help of the leadership centre Following professional assessment a personalised programme of individual coaching, mentoring and strategic development will be provided. Once reviewed and agreed by SEB a broader model will be cascaded down to top senior and then middle managers in all services via a modularised program run by HROD. Following transition each service will review the initial Top 150 model and confirm or otherwise that it is still valid. Dependant on size services will be assisted in developing a fuller Top Team plan for their specific service that will help them identify a bigger group of staff who will be identified as short to medium term talent that must be developed. In parallel to internal development of high performing staff it will be opportune to launch quickly after transition an internal talent spotting programme. This will have the dual benefit of identifying those staff who have not yet had an opportunity to display their true potential and also play a part in the repositioning of the employment relationship (emotional contract) with staff that will have been damaged during a period of redundancy and staff reductions. 7

8 DRAFT SUBJECT TO CONSULTATION Supporting our Workforce Through Transition A complete communication strategy will operate including the use of all our technology, current staff engagement groups and the previously well tested tools of manager briefings, open house sessions, staff briefings podcasts etc. A dedicated intranet location including regularly updated FAQ’s, redundancy ready-reckoners, alternative options in respect to employment relationships etc will all be available and supported with an HR helpline to respond to individual queries. Communication with Staff and Managers EAP Consultation Emotional Re-engagement A full Employee Assistance Program is already in place offering emotional and practical advice by trained professionals external to the council for any staff concerned about the future or facing the potential of redundancy. In addition to this HROD will publish guidance on the development of CV’s and interview techniques for staff either applying internally or seeking opportunities outside of the council if unable to be redeployed. All activity linked to consultation as a result of potential redundancy is governed by the provisions contained in Part IV of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992[(TULR(C) A 1992). These statutory instruments t also explains how these obligations fit with new duties under the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004. Consultations with staff representatives or the BERR will always be lead on behalf of services by Senior HR Staff[ Following the significant disruption and impact on morale a full staff / manager re-engagement plan will be undertaken to reduce the period of low morale and accelerate the redevelopment of the emotional contract. Work will include a re-emphasising of the values, The development of WCC benefit statements and a new approach to recognising employee success throughout the council. 8

9 DRAFT SUBJECT TO CONSULTATION Post transition New Operating Model For the new operating model to work effectively it will be necessary for managers to consider workforce optimisation. This includes conflicting factors such as regulatory issues, employee expertise and skills, employee preferences, work time directives and flexible working with the goal of achieving true workforce optimisation. At the completion of the transition process HR will have in place tools and process for managers to be able to balance efficiency, customer service and employee satisfaction. It will also help managers to appreciate the need for greater linkage between long-term strategic planning and current staff selection and development. In future managers will be able to predict where deficiencies will occur and generate optimal workforce planning strategies to address these. Workforce Planning Review Performance Management Model Establishment Management With new structures and new operating methodologies a full review of competencies, professional standards and objectives will be required to ensure the PM model remains effective. HR Relationship managers will engage with services in the areas of professional standards and competencies to ensure the model remains relevant and adding value. Post transition we will be able to develop effective hierarchy and establishment models for all service heads and Strategic Directors. This will allow for must more accurate budgeting and staff costings and pay bill models that will aid managers in reviewing areas of efficiency or otherwise within their teams 9

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