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Health & Wellbeing at Kent County Council 16 October 2013 Colin Miller Reward Manager.

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1 Health & Wellbeing at Kent County Council 16 October 2013 Colin Miller Reward Manager

2 Principles To ensure KCC has a healthy, well motivated and engaged workforce To offer ‘something for everyone’ Limited resources therefore we can’t to everything Keep things simple and accessible Deliver a co-ordinated approach Engender a ‘Total wellbeing’ philosophy, in a way which delivers an impact which is greater than the sum of the parts

3 Key KCC Objectives Promote physical and mental wellbeing in staff Minimise sickness absence Encourage higher levels of staff morale, motivation, engagement and service delivery

4 NHS 5 Ways of Wellbeing Connect – taking the time to develop relationships Be active – healthy body and mind Take notice – savour the moment Keep learning – try something different or learn a new skill Give - do something for the greater good A Gap Analysis is currently being undertaken in collaboration with Public Health

5 Key Components Nurse based / facilitated screening Kiosk based screening / MOT Voluntary / self help / holistic therapy Management training & education Events Support information Key issues – Musculoskeletal and stress

6 The sum of the parts Screening / Prevention Voluntary Financial Support Services

7 The sum of the parts Voluntary Financial Support Services Screening / Prevention

8 Key parties and partners Occupational Health Department Health & Safety Public Health NHS Organisational Development Schools Personnel Service HR Advisory Team Wellbeing People Local providers

9 Management Information How can we answer the ‘So what?’ question? Different sources and formats – historical and future Build in from the start - not an afterthought ‘Patient confidentiality’ Informed ‘funnelling’ of choices about what to offer Coordinated, frequent, rigorous and robust What does the employee think!

10 Communication Channels KNet KMail Health champions Kent Rewards / roadshows Yammer email / newsletter?

11 What next?... Continuing to better understand our respective agendas – Identify and develop the full potential of the ‘links’ between the various parties Deliver NHS Health Checks to KCC employees Sign up to Public Health Responsibility Deal? Business focussed delivery Measure increased employee engagement

12 What comes to mind? Stop smokingFitness DVDsBlood PressureHealthy eating choices Osteopathy & Reflexology Financial advice BMI

13 What comes to mind? Flexible working Carer leaveReturn to workVolunteeringHelpful Websites Fitness classesCounselling

14 Questions?...

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