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Welcome ITT Clarification Event - Convergence Monday 15 th June 2009.

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2 Welcome ITT Clarification Event - Convergence Monday 15 th June 2009

3 Agenda 1ESF Overview 2Invitation to Tender 3Application Process – Do’s and Don’ts 4ITT Forms 5Q & A session

4 ESF Overview 01

5 South West Region Competitiveness and Employment – South West region excluding Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Convergence – Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

6 Other Considerations Linkages ERDF / RDPE / Innovative and Transnational / JCP ESF Mainstream Sectors Basic Skills Train to Gain Sustainable Community Strategy and LAAs Sub-contracting Arrangements Evaluation

7 Adding Value to Mainstream

8 Invitation to Tender SW Regional ITTs 02

9 Specification Titles Convergence – Employer –Apprenticeship Support Employer Engagement –Strengthening the Environment Sector –Design and Innovation

10 Priority 5 target group – focused on those who are employed and includes those either at risk of redundancy or recently made redundant. Emphasis on workforce with basic skills needs without relevant level 2 or 3 qualifications and/or Higher Level Skills. Priority 5

11 Strengthening the environment sector Funding available – £500,000 Outputs – 300 participants Geographical location – Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly End date – June 2011

12 Strengthening the environment sector Results 210 individuals achieving a minimum of one module/unit of higher level programmes (Level 3,4 or 5)

13 Apprenticeship Support Employer Engagement Funding available – £500,000 Outputs – 1775 SMEs contacted Geographical location – Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly End date – Sept 2011

14 Apprenticeship Support Employer Engagement Results Programme 1 A minimum of 220 employers signed up and engaged into the Apprenticeship programme A minimum of 250 Apprenticeship starts/retentions – measured at the end of the 13 week induction period Programme 2 A minimum of 114 Apprenticeship places retained on programme or new starts where yearly intake levels are maintained.

15 Design and Innovation Funding available – £500,000 Outputs – 333 participants Geographical location – Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly End date – July 2011

16 Design and Innovation Results Increased capacity within the area to innovate and design sustainable solutions to community priorities. 240 positive outcomes

17 ITT evaluation commences in July 2009 –Using fair, transparent and robust scoring framework Contract Award panels will agree each contract offer against the original tender specification Local partnership team carry out “contract clarification” with relevant providers Contracts expected to start from late August/September 2009 ITT Process

18 Application Process - Do’s and Don’ts 03

19 DO Read the “Read me first” document FIRST Start early, save regularly Publish your response well before closing date Only use the message facility on Bravo for queries Check that the ITT is complete before submitting -Attachments must be attached -All asterisked sections MUST be completed If you need guidance try the “supplier help guide” on the e-tendering portal or email

20 DO NOT Alter the documentation Try to upload documents other than Word or Excel Omit Attachments −if they are missing when we are evaluate then you will not be successful Leave it until the last minute to submit / publish your tender Leave your LSC e-tendering session running with no activity - if you do your session will time-out after 15 minutes and you will lose all unsaved work

21 PLEASE NOTE SW ITTs Late Tenders will not be considered 5pm on the 26 th June 2009 is the deadline for SW Regional ITTs Only exceptions to this may be audited LSC technical problems

22 ITT Forms 04

23 Questionnaire Example ITT Forms

24 Costing spreadsheet ITT Forms

25 Terms and conditions of contract These are the terms and conditions of contract under which contracts will be let ITT Forms

26 Technical and commercial responses The technical instructions on how to complete the ITT response The commercial response is the demographic information for each specification, that providers wish to offer Eg: this many males/ females where and what their characteristics ITT Forms

27 Q & A Session 05

28 Q & A Session The content from these events will shortly be available at

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