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Welcome The Learning and Skills Council June 2009.

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1 Welcome The Learning and Skills Council June 2009

2 Young Persons Guarantee Karen Riley and Gareth Thomas

3 Young Persons Guarantee A guarantee of a ‘job’ or up to 6 months training for those 18-24 year olds reaching 12 months of unemployment Budget 09 Announcement Full guarantee to be in place by January 2010 – elements by October 2009

4 Menu of Options 1) Future Jobs Fund Job - DWP 2) Sector Routeways:Care – Dept Health Others – LSC/JCP 3) 3-6 months full time training - LSC 4) Community Taskforce - DWP

5 Future Jobs Fund Invitations to bid – public sector and partnerships, large 3 rd sector organisations £1bn + fund – DWP pay up to £6,400 Jobs to be at least 6 months and min wage Community focus Added value credited for training and sustainability Rolling bid process

6 Sector Routeways 50k places to Dept of Health – care sector (details being worked through - £1500 per place) 50k places (GB) to other recruiting sectors Job subsidy to employer (amount tbc) Pre-employment training – we will commission Initial high demand sectors – others to follow – e.g. Retail, Hospitality, Facilities Management, Food Manufacturing

7 3-6 months full time training Linked to local labour market conditions All will do 3 months full time with Training Allowance 40% will go on to a further 3 months Needs based vocational package – on the road to a qualification & sustainable employment For those further from the workplace

8 Community Taskforce DWP will commission Conditionality 3 months+

9 Cross cutting features/Issues Referral to option – 10 -12 month window Individuals may be 18 yrs 4 mths+ Demand starts with different parties for different options New Deal for Young People is still operating in approx 50% of GB till October 2010.

10 Sector Routeways…..more Process akin to LEPs – demand begins with employer vacancy and consequently reliance on JCP Up to 8 weeks full time training with TA Targeted at those closer to the labour market Some content in existence developed by SSCs – toolkit approach Agreed sectors – Hospitality & Tourism, Retail, Facilities Management and Food Manufacturing. Gatekeeper process – additional sectors April?

11 Sector Routeways…..more Sector Skills Offeraverage cost £1,200 09/10 Places09/10 Funding 15,100£18,120,000 10/11 Places10/11 Funding 22,650£27,180,000 TOTAL Places 37,750 TOTAL Funding £45,300,000

12 3-6 months full time training Referral from JCP of individual Offer agreed locally with Jobcentre Plus Provision matched to local labour market need To deliver Full Level 2 and Full Level 3 economically valuable qualifications Only available to those who have not undertaken the Training Option on the 6 month offer

13 3-6 months full time training Phase 1 of 12 week training offer ave cost £1,650 09/10 Places09/10 Funding 13,409£22,124,850 10/11 Places10/11 Funding 20,112£33,184,800 Total Places = 33521 Total = £55,309,650 Phase 2 of 12 week training offer ave cost £1,650 09/10 Places09/10 Funding 5,282£8,715,300 10/11 Places10/11 Funding 7,924£13,074,600 Total Places = 13,206Total = £21,789,900

14 Issues with Numbers Regional and local distribution of funding Match with job subsidies for the sector offer Financial year split – no end of year flexibilities Mix of funding usage between the offers

15 What we will commission Education and Training Services (as per EU Regulations) Relevant to the offer (Sector Routeway or Work Focussed Training) Sector Routeways – Initially activity to support 4 main sectors with further Expressions of Interest in January for April WFT – Provision leading to L2 or L3, in sectors that are likely to be recruiting in 3 to 6 months Note: This will require sound LMI

16 How we will commission 2 separate but linked activities Using Bravo as the single communication channel Publish Invitation to Submit a Proposal National framework responses, but no rigid scoring system Limited to ER providers who are on the QPF Providers with TtG contracts who have not successfully applied for QPF status will not be able to submit a proposal

17 2009 MayJunJulyAugSeptOct Nov Dec Programme Design IT Feasibility Study & Design IT Build, Testing and Implementation Budget Book allocations 21/08 Funding Transfer window 01/08-10/08 Regional LMI collected Regional boards agree provision requirements for region Joint regional boards agree provision needed by end of July Review of Sector Employability Toolkits Completed Re-Launch of initial cohort of SET’s completed Updated SET’s loaded on to LSC website Ongoing work with sector skills councils to provide new sector employability toolkits, and provide further additions to existing toolkits GO- LIVE 26 th Oct Evaluation of ITTs Contracts Issued Contracts provided to all providers by 1 st Oct Produce delivery spec and ITT questionnaire Benefit conditionality changed to allow access to training on a full time basis for up to 12 weeks, with the potential to access for up to 6 months Contracts uploaded to CMA 15/06 Publish ITTs Mandatory stand still period Develop evaluation criteria & instructions 30/06 ITTs returned Provider Briefing Provider Proposals 02/07 Regional evaluation teams identified Programme Design and Finance Joint Management Work with Sector Skills Councils Contracting Careers Advice National discussions to agree role of connexions & DCSF in offer Develop briefing and comms material aimed at nextstep Incorporate training into advisor training opportunities Disseminate information via communication channels 24/08 Contract documents signed-off Details for contract document identified and provided

18 Lessons Learned from 6 Month Offer Communications from LSC to Providers Communications to partnership teams Tight framework to define the basis for negotiation Time required to issue contracts Appropriate prioritisation of the offer

19 Next steps Delivery Plan to be widely circulated Invitation to Submit Proposals published via Bravo Start work immediately on projected recruitment need by sector for the WFT Questions?

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