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Review planning meeting for ---------------- Name Surname Job Title.

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1 review planning meeting for ---------------- Name Surname Job Title

2 Time Add start and finish Welcome/introductions of review team Purpose of meeting Code of conduct and team working Partnership with the Project Team Gateway Review environment Purpose and content of the specific Gate Availability of support from 4ps Nature of activities Use of the groups skills Tools available (i.e. workbooks and templates) Potential issues for the review agenda – first session review team only

3 Time Add start and finish Welcome/introductions Code of conduct Overview of 4ps Gateway Process Presentation on the current status of the project by the PO Purpose and content of the specific Gate Review Identifying issues, documentation, stakeholders, areas for specific interest Action planning Providing access to documentation, timetabling interviews, domestic arrangements Wrap up/evaluation agenda – second session review and projects team

4 what is a gateway review? A Peer review process applied to a project at key decision points in it’s life cycle, to; Provides assurance it can progress successfully to the next stage, and thereby Facilitate the delivery of better quality projects for local authorities Better scoping of projects Faster delivery of benefits Appropriate structure of contracts Better VFM

5 what are the benefits? (1) The 4ps Gateway Process provides assurance and support for Project Owners by ensuring that: The best available skills and experience are deployed on the project All stakeholders fully support the project’s status and the issues involved There is assurance that the project can progress successfully to the next stage of development or implementation An unbiased assessment is carried out by independent teams

6 what are the benefits? (2) The 4ps Gateway Process provides assurance and support for Project Owners by ensuring that: More realistic time and cost targets are achieved for projects Knowledge and skills among local government staff are improved through participation in review teams Advice and guidance to project teams are provided by fellow practitioners Carried out in partnership with the project team

7 Gateway Reviews Best Practice Development Improved Project Delivery Improved Authority Capability ActivitiesOutcomes Better Skilled Staff ……… …to improve project delivery building the capacity of local authorities

8 project owner ownership (1) Always regarded as client for the report Consulted as to the issues the teams will concentrate on Privacy of results: Copy to PO only PO can use to best advantage 2nd copy to 4ps Gateway Team for extraction of generic lessons learnt Post review the 4ps Gateway Team will ask PO for permission to share the report with others within 4ps – this is not mandatory 4ps Executive will also discuss other 4ps services that may be appropriate for the project

9 project owner ownership (2) At the request of the PO issues can be classified as Red / Amber / Green Red – one or more issues are critical and must be addressed before proceeding (it does not mean stop) Amber – some issues are critical before the next review Green – these issues are potential areas for improvement

10 the generic gateway process Procurement Projects Develop Business Case Develop Procurement Strategy Competitive Procurement Award and Implement Contract Manage Contract Closure Develop Business Case Execute Programme Close Programme Contributes Gateway 1 Business Justification Gateway 2 Procurement Strategy Gateway 3 Investment Decision Gateway 4 Readiness for Service Gateway 5 Benefits Realisation Gateway 0 Strategic Assessment

11 100% Whole Life Expenditure Confirm Justification OJEUContract Award In-ServiceConfirm Benefits Time Opportunity to Influence Outcome 0% Confirm strategy Strategic Assessment Business Justification Procurement Approach Competitive Procurement Readiness for Service Benefits Evaluation project phases

12 Team meeting PO meeting PO report meeting Fact finding Fact finding Fact finding Report writing Report writing Report writing Report Template Preparation Emerging findings with PO/Project Director/Project Manager Typical 3 Day Review Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Interviews to be loaded into first two days and to be avoided on Day 3. multi - tasking essential

13 Delete following Gate overview slides as appropriate

14 Review the business need Supported by users and stakeholders Contributes to the Authorities strategy. Management of project or programme Managing the main project risks Financial provision for the project through to next stage (Gateway Review 1) properly resourced and authorised. gateway 0 – strategic assessment

15 Robustness of business case Affordability and achievability Appropriate options explored and likely VFM Feasibility study has been completed satisfactorily Internal and external authority for the project. Risk management plans Confirm that the scope and requirements specifications are realistic, clear and unambiguous. Intended outcomes, timescales considered. Plans for the next stage. gateway 1 – business justification

16 Confirm outline business case Appropriate & Robust procurement strategy Realistic plan through to completion. Project controls and organisation are defined, financial controls are in place and the resources are available. Funding availability for the whole project. Development and delivery approach and mechanisms Supplier market capability and track record Appropriate project performance measures and tools gateway 2 – procurement strategy

17 Business case and benefits plan Statutory and procedural requirements followed Outputs/outcomes on time,budget and VFM Management controls. Continuing support for the project. Approved procurement strategy followed. Achievable plans Business prepared to implement Risk management and change management plans Technical implications have been addressed. gateway 3 – investment decision

18 properly completed contract business case is still valid projected business benefit remains processes and procedures in place all necessary testing is done contingency and reversion arrangements. risks and issues managed effectively The business has the necessary resources Ready to implement business change. agreed plans for roll-out Appropriate governance processes gateway 4 – readiness for service

19 business case justification review anticipated benefits being delivered. necessary resources to project manage continuity of key personnel involved changes agreed have not compromised the deal Adaptability of the contract to changing circumstances Ongoing contract development to improve value for money. Confirm that there are plans to manage the contract to its conclusion. Where applicable, confirm the validity of exit strategy and arrangements for re-competition. gateway 5 – benefits evaluation

20 The teams will: This should be a statement of principles that every member will adhere to ensure a consistent professional approach in interactions with individuals and dealings and attitude to the review and agreed with the Project Team. This must be produced by the review team in the first session of the day and agreed with the project team in the afternoon. code of conduct

21 some issues/topics for the review ….to be agreed with the Project Team (correct for Gate and scope of review)

22 To be completed during Planning Meeting people and documents to see People (role or individual) … Documents (see lists in workbook) …

23 review logistics Documentation requested needs to be made available at least one week before the start of the review At least one, preferably two rooms available throughout the review Access, car parking and security passes, if necessary Interviews to start from ???? on first day and ???? on second Time for interviews and gap between (ie 45minute discussions followed by 15minutes to confer) Preference for interviewers to work together but may need to break into groups Refreshments – working lunch and refreshments during day Equipment needed (ie access to printers, conference phones for telephone interviews, LCD projector?)

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