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Welcome to Nursery & Reception

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1 Welcome to Nursery & Reception
A few questions answered…

2 Foundation Phase What is the Foundation Phase?
The Foundation Phase is the phase of education for children from Nursery to the end of Year 2. The Foundation Phase Curriculum is based on the recognition that children learn best through play and active learning. It is a skills based curriculum. Skills are to be continually revisited, embedded and developed so that children have skills for life and become confident learners.

3 Play and Active Learning…
Play and active learning = concrete learning experiences Concrete learning experiences = hands on/learning through doing It is the process of learning and skills developed which are important and not the “end result”. However the “outcomes” achieved are important because we want the children to be the best they can be. We have ambitious targets. Teacher facilitates active learning = Balance between teacher led and child initiated activities.

4 The FP Curriculum is organised into 7 Areas of Learning…
● Personal and Social Development. Well-being and Cultural Diversity (PSWC) (Personal/Social/Moral & Spiritual/Well-being) ● Language, Literacy and Communication Skills (LLC) (Oracy/Reading/Writing) ● Mathematical Development (MD) (Number/Measures & money/Shape, position & movement/Handling data) ● Knowledge & Understanding of the World (KUW) (Places & People – Geog/Time & People – History/ Myself & Living/Non-living things - Science) ● Welsh Language Development (WD) (Oracy/Reading/Writing) ● Physical Development (PD) (Personal/Adventurous & Physical Play, health, fitness & safety) ● Creative Development (CD) (Art, Craft & Design/Music/Creative Movement)

5 (R) – Precision Teaching
Weekly Timetable Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Cornerstones Theme Circle Time/ (N) – PE (R) - Maths (N) – Letters & Sounds (N) – Eco Ed or Maths (R) – Maths/Eco Ed (N) – Maths (N) – Library & LLC (R) – Maths/PSWC/LLC (R) – R.W.I & PE/PT LLC/PT (R) – Precision Teaching

6 Preparedness For Learning
Attending school & punctuality Be equipped: such as PE Kit and Eco Ed Clothing, book bags, Busy Bee books (daily), Reading Record Books & reading books (daily) , library books (Thursday), fruit money Busy Bee Books: Vital Home – School Link Pick up/Home travel changes/Messages/Queries/Lunch Changes Homework: To be completed by following Thursday. Make written note if the homework is about looking for or doing something that is not in concrete format – school awareness as homework is monitored - Individualism & own work: Child’s work…parent as facilitator and to support. Open questioning and modelling, reinforcing skills. Remember importance of skills…need a true reflection

7 Vital Link and Vital to check daily!
Busy Bee Book Vital Link and Vital to check daily! Types of communication from school: Weekly Class Newsletter: stuck in book Weekly School Newsletter: placed inside Homework Challenges: Please date and write a short comment about what you and your child completed Home – School Liaison: Messages e.g. from school… Accidents and treatments Incidents Concerns Rewards e.g. Praise or reward wristband

8 Restorative Practice Emotional Check in’s – daily in Welsh
Restorative Practice Cards (Behaviour choices) Rights Respecting School Circle Time Reception: Individual Targets (AFL) – ‘To be the best we can be!’ and improve learning.

9 Communication is Vital!
Busy Bee Books: written correspondence Open Door Policy: Speak to teacher (briefly) or arrange a meeting to discuss queries, concerns or issues. Remember we at school may not be aware of something! We must all be singing from the same hymn sheet in order to support the children effectively! Website: general & class page, policies, up and coming events, calendar Newsletters: Class and Whole School Twitter Text Messages via website: Please can you write your contact telephone numbers and address on the form

10 Helpers & Volunteers Any support would be greatly appreciated:
Cornerstones: any hidden talents/hobbies/contacts that link to the theme or other school activities such as sport? - Electric Rainbow…colour, light, candles, shadows Visits: available to support your child or make up adult numbers School Library & Story Telling: take reception children to the library to change their books weekly

11 Reception Parents & Nursery Parents if they wish to stay:
Read Write Inc (R.W.I) Reception Parents & Nursery Parents if they wish to stay: Reading and writing scheme – prescriptive teaching Children are taught to: say the sound read the sound write the sound Reception – Set 1 Speed Sounds (taught in groups e.g. m a s d t) Pure Sounds – some sounds are stretched such as ‘mmmmmm’ and ‘sssssss’, some are bounced ‘a a a a’ and ‘g g g g’. Demonstrate all… Word Time: help children to blend sounds using ‘Fred Talk’ to read and ‘Fred Fingers’ to blend. Focus is on reading not writing to start – use magnetic boards. Writing: handwriting individual letters such as ‘m’ Maisie mountain mountain’ Ditty Reading Books: reading and writing sentences Reading Scheme Books: after October half term…need to build up phonic knowledge and blending skills. Nursery: Letters and Sounds Activities – Summer Term R.W.I Sounds (Recognition)

12 Thank you for attending
Thank you for attending. If you have any queries or wish to discuss something in greater detail please make an appointment to see me  Miss Owens & Mrs Morgan

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