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A new Secondary School at Moreton Hall. The Educated Person: Enriched by a canon of knowledge, the arts, and sport, taught to be a creative thinker and.

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1 A new Secondary School at Moreton Hall

2 The Educated Person: Enriched by a canon of knowledge, the arts, and sport, taught to be a creative thinker and a confident and resilient learner, who develops a genuine thirst for learning and knowledge, who is clear about expectations and taught to understand her or his individual potential and their contribution as part of a team, ready to grow and take a place as an active, informed and tolerant citizen in an ever more complex world.

3 The school A place of learning, enriched by knowledge, the arts, culture and sport where creativity in all things is actively encouraged where how to learn is as important as what to learn where the expectations of school life are understood by all where a sense of the future, of potential and possibilities leads to the highest aspirations for everyone an organisation plays an active part in a wider network of other agencies, FE, HE and business

4 Who we are A Board of highly experienced educational professionals and business people dedicated to providing the best opportunities for young people in Active Learning Trust schools and academies A leadership team that manages the day to day operations, and specialises in school leadership, standards, HR, finance and premises A team of tried and tested associates with strong track records of school improvement across all phases and subjects A professional partnership of school leaders who understand the importance of school to school support across the Trust and their collective responsibility for the best outcomes for all children.

5 What we do Through sponsorship, provide direct and focused support and guidance for primary and secondary schools across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk to enable them to become outstanding schools within a specified time frame Nurture a Trust wide partnership of school leaders who are able to support each other on the journey to outstanding Provide in-school and web-based support for all school staff to share what works and become part of the wider school improvement network Bring ‘hands on’ support to schools both for teaching and learning and administration

6 How we work By encouraging and supporting creativity and innovation By encouraging active learners who understand and value their learning whether they be staff or students Through rapid response and direct engagement, dealing with issues and concerns before they become major problems By keeping the focus on the learner and maintaining the highest expectations of all By starting with the school within its community and meeting the needs of that community and by welcoming parents as key partners

7 What we do not do Impose a brand Expect the formulaic delivery of an educational ‘model’ Create an isolated organisation that does not recognise its place within its community and the educational provision of the area it serves Cut the school off from the LA and other bodies where their work is effective

8 Our vision for Moreton Hall School An outstanding school – focused on standards in all their forms and where continuous improvement is thoroughly embedded An inclusive environment providing opportunities for all and where difficulties are not handed on to others Outstanding and dynamic leadership that encourages innovation and creativity A outward looking organisation that builds productive partnerships with the community, other schools, agencies and businesses

9 A growing partnership of schools in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk

10 Moreton Hall

11 And soon to join us and soon to join us: Fen Park School, Lowestoft Grove Primary School, Lowestoft Sidegate Primary School, Ipswich

12 Some brief testimonials

13 Earlier this year, The Active Learning Trust (ALT) was granted approval by the Secretary of State to establish and run a new school in Cambridge. The school, Chesterton Primary has just opened. Cambridgeshire County Council’s experience of working with ALT on this new school project has been an entirely positive one. It has proved an effective and professional partnership. ALT have demonstrated a clear derive and focus to deliver a shared vision for the school as one serving its local community (a high needs area in the north of the city) in collaboration with a nearby primary school. We are confident that this partnership will continue into the future. Hazel Belchamber, Head of Infrastructure for children and young people’s services, Cambridgehire County Council.

14 I have had the pleasure of working with The Active Learning for just over 12 months. During that time I have found them to be highly professional and supportive partners. They have a clear understanding of the demands that exist in education today and recognise what must be done in order to facilitate school improvement. All of the colleagues that I have worked have been solution focused and this has allowed the Academy to make rapid and sustainable progress. They bring a wealth of experience that I have found to be invaluable in helping to secure progress within the Academy. One of the main strengths of the Trust is the ability to quickly recognise the individual challenges that a school is facing, and the context that is operating within, and then to respond with tailored support that is flexible and fulfils the very specific needs of each school. Jason Wing, Principal, The Neale-Wade Academy

15 I'm an active local councillor, and I wanted to make sure the people running an academy in my ward were responsive, energetic, and up for a challenge - ALT certainly proved that! From the moment I first tweeted them challenging them to answer parents' questions online (outside of the formal process), to just recently with the school open and seeing them still responding to issues quickly, I'm so pleased that the incredibly difficult choice I was involved in, ended up choosing ALT. In the months since winning the bid, even though they have had a very tight timescale to get the school open, they have still taken the time to come to meetings I've arranged, and I'm looking forward to working with them further now the school is open. I'm personally against the idea of academies & free schools, but if anyone was going to convince me otherwise, it is Clive, David and the rest of the team." Ian Manning, Cambridgeshire County Councillor

16 Working with communities

17 …… and some comments from ALT secondary school students at the Neale-Wade Academy, March.

18 “I like using my personal browser to help me learn in lessons” Beau

19 “A very active school, lots going on” Abdul

20 “The school promotes learning in interesting ways” Jade Lilley

21 “Teachers talk about progress all the time now. They really want us to do well” James

22 “Neale-Wade is like a different school, it is so much better now” Daryann

23 “The school has improved so much recently and I am learning so much more in all my lessons” Daniel

24 “The schools gives so much to me that I want to help – so I am happy to help at Parents’ Evenings”

25 “We like the new leadership opportunities that have been introduced because we are recognised for our contribution both in and out of the classroom”

26 “The school has improved so much recently and we are very happy to be here”

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