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Cultural heritage asset management plans (CHAMP) Project Project data sources, transformation and submission Jay Carver- Task Manager.

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1 Cultural heritage asset management plans (CHAMP) Project Project data sources, transformation and submission Jay Carver- Task Manager

2 The problem... No inventory of cultural heritage on network No data on quantification location or condition Data searches on ad hoc basis Data not available from existing single source Related ad hoc costs No method of measuring performance

3 The Solution... Design a GIS database application to manage heritage assets within the HA estate – Outcome – Cultural Heritage topic in ENVIS

4 We can go from this…. To this….

5 HAGIS/Envis/ Cultural Heritage data HA have populated records at national level Data will be provided on HAGIS and Area shapefile datasets to MAC’s and DBFO’s (SP’s) supplied by servicepoint+ Data updates to HAGIS will be made quarterly by SP’s – Envis Governance Data refreshment between HAGIS & NMR and HER’s shall be managed by EMT

6 Data refreshment HA EMT to develop data exchange routines with data providers NMR datasets –EMT will check NMR records for changes every quarter and incorporate changes to HAGIS controlled version HER datasets –EMT will check HER records annually for changes Service provider –ID any changes to NMR records or HER records as and when –Document changes in quarterly data submission to HAGIS

7 Implementation... the CHAMP process... CHMP Management Action Plan Review In SP and external Analysis of Results Condition survey Desk top review HAGIS Dataset HA supplied data Envis D-base structure Start

8 HAGIS dataset - supplied to SP’s GIS Mapping Database (that represents the location of all heritage assets within HA estate and buffer zones) Point, poly line and polygon shapefiles Attached Database - that records feature and management information within HAGIS application [and locally in your GIS] Other attachments – request original data copies as reference source

9 Data sources Level 1 – English Heritage maintains record of all statutorily protected and registered assets- source: NMR at Swindon- Level 2 each local authority (County Council/Municipality/National Park) holds regional d-base of non-statutory assets

10 Cultural Heritage Asset Management Plans (CHAMP) – data structure



13 Management Level 1 data – the key assets that need monitoring and management – legal and mandatory duty Level 2 data – often supporting information and locally important assets that may need management

14 Key SP tasks for managing CHAMP dataset Manage current dataset- provide updates Change/ Update/revise attribute data in existing records- –E.g. condition information added, status change, change to spatial record Create new records –When new ‘event’ carried out – e.g. watching brief.. –When asset moved – new spatial record –When newly registered asset assigned by authority (link to EMT data refreshment) Should/can records be deleted?

15 IAN/84/07 part 4 Annex A.5.1 Cultural Heritage Asset Management Plans (CHAMP) – data structure

16 Mapping database Estate boundary Buffer zone Points, lines and polygons

17 Data coverage Level 1 – 1km Level 2- 100m

18 http://www.english- Access NMR Level 1 data for all England Spatial data and reduced attribute data

19 NMR download page



22 Data transformation process

23 Key issues - ENVIS Data field names Controlled values (LUT’s) and external wordlists Controlled field types Controlled character lengths Controlled GIS file formats and rules –No Multipoint files

24 Key issues- transformation of source data GIS record and attribute data mostly separated (PDF and word files) Cut and paste/interpretation needed hence specialist task Inconsistent attribute data – hence specialist task Edit field data to match ENVIS character length – hence specialist task Multipoint files common - explode ‘Duplicates in Level 2 and Level 1 records’ – delete Joining datasets for submission Look out for field format change when exporting data from Access and ArcView

25 LUT’s Look up tables control data values for several fields These are controlled and available from ATOS Only accept controlled versions Don’t write your own…

26 Other controlled content Some fields controlled by external word lists Example:TYPE_field..NMR Links to these provided in DMRB guidance

27 Software tools Resources used to manage data Option to create ad hoc forms….. DBF Manager

28 Transformation MS Access Add in

29 MS Access sign in page

30 MS Access main data table page

31 Tools to control data integrity

32 Completion form/receipt

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