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Lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Keeping up with changing priorities November 2012 eLIM.

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1 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Keeping up with changing priorities November 2012 eLIM

2 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Data Platform

3 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Data update Please remember that the team will provide priority support for any school just before or during an inspection – even with no-notice inspections. Just log a Helpline call on 01823 355090 and ask that the call is marked OFSTED. Pupil Premium: Ever6 FSM – advice is available to help schools in identifying pupils eligible for free school meals in the last 6 years – taking the data out of Keys to Success importing into SIMS and then creating a report. Instructions are fairly detailed so if schools would like help with this, don’t hesitate to contact the helpdesk. Sutton Trust Teaching and Learning Toolkit Sutton Trust Teaching and Learning Toolkit – updated July 2012

4 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Making sense of data: Discover Discover is a data analysis and visualisation system Easy to use Gives access to almost all MIS data, including: –Assessment –Attendance –Behaviour –SEN Primary training is ongoing and on demand – call helpdesk for support Quick demos: – –

5 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage DfE publication requirements September 2012 In order to provide parents with the information they need at the right time, maintained schools, Academies and Free Schools will be required to publish the following details online: Pupil Premium allocation, use and impact on attainment Curriculum provision, content and approach, by academic year and by subject Admission arrangements The school's policy in relation to behaviour, charging, and SEN and disability provision Links to Ofsted reports and to the Department’s achievement and attainment performance data; and details of thee school’s latest Key Stage 2 and 4 attainment and progress measures.

6 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage

7 School improvement and self evaluation tool (SIPSE)

8 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage

9 ICT PoS and curriculum Draft PoS not endorsed by DfE – to be submitted 19 th Nov for consultation … can still contribute comments. Digital Literacy (DL) ability to access, use and express oneself using digital technology. Information Technology (IT) use and application of digital systems Computer Science (CS) how computer systems work …… KS1 Understand what algorithms are and that these are implemented as programs on digital devices; use knowledge of algorithms to write simple programs. KS2 Use ‘if … then … else’ and loop structures in algorithms and programs; use variables and tables to store, retrieve and manipulate data; work with different forms of input, data representation and output.

10 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Programming What can it look like in my classroom? Consider: Skills of teachers Range of software and other resources Allocated time for ‘Computer Science’ Computer science will be a key element of the new ICT programme of study

11 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Data Protection in Schools LA Data Protection Survey – 9 Primary and 1 Middle Only 3 schools met the statutory requirements concerning Data Protection Policies 4 schools did not have an e-safety policy Many schools were allowing staff to carry personal data home against the Data Protection Act Information Commissioners Office (ICO) also recently made recommendations concerning the handling, storing and exchanging of personal data – report available on iPost eLIM now offer a half day Data Protection Survey

12 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Safer Internet Day Feb 5 th 2013 An opportunity for Somerset schools, on Safer Internet Day 2013, to commit themselves to provide an opportunity for learners to agree actions for connecting safely and responsibly with technology. The theme for Safer Internet Day is Online Rights and Responsibilities and the slogan is Connect with Respect. 360 degree safe training courses carried out with eLIM now award staff with a certificate to show that they have received accredited training (all curriculum staff 360 degree are accredited assessors) Recent course delegates will be emailed their certificates.

13 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Blogging in Somerset eLIM blogging page Consider blogging Consider the tools to be used Look at examples – North Petherton, High Ham 100 Word Challenge Quadblogging

14 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage J2e creative tools Available to Somerset schools for £45 until June 2014 (includes training and admin) Can create and share online in a blog-style environment Free ‘Getting Started’ phone training proved by J2E Training workshop at Broughton House 17 th Jan 2012

15 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage 2Simple Contract expires end of December 2012. Negotiations are ongoing and dependent on take up but current offer is - £750 (£500 for small schools) for 3 years to include: Purple Mash online resources (av £1800) French (£200) Spanish (£200) EYFS 2Build a Profile (£900) Training included Full cost would be £3100 so this offer is a 75% discount. 2Simple have also offered to set up the learners for Purple Mash.

16 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Technical Transparent proxy – allows any devices to connect to the school filtered internet safely without changing settings (SWGfL) Recent security upgrade to SLP – important to ensure that all updates and settings have been installed on local networks and machines. Notice on iPost for network managers. Bandwidth upgrade – 3 hours on Thurs 6 th December from 4 pm. Will still be able to access SLP and internal email.

17 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Collaboration #somelim

18 lead ▪ learn ▪ protect ▪ engage Book by 6 th December 2012 BETT Bus

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