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Westbury Area Board welcomes you to Growing Up in our Community.

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1 Westbury Area Board welcomes you to Growing Up in our Community

2 Spotlight on the Children’s Centre Ruth Brooks-Martin

3 Responding to local need

4 What are the local needs? Areas of deprivation SOA 14D, followed by SOA 13B Poor dental health (19 th out of 20 Community Areas in Wiltshire) High levels of teenage pregnancy (1 in 25 fifteen to seventeen year old girls becomes pregnant) Low rates of breastfeeding Higher than average rates of childhood obesity (4 th worst Community Area in Wiltshire)

5 Low levels of education, training and skills in some areas, especially SOA 14D (within the bottom 10% in the country) High levels of vulnerability – 3 rd highest rate in Wiltshire. 15.2% compared to Wilts average of 11.7%. 35.5% of families in SOA 14D are deemed as vulnerable High levels of domestic abuse

6 What is the significance of these issues? Children who live with these vulnerabilities will be less likely to achieve their potential and their lives will be more limited.

7 What does the Children’s Centre do in response? Support from before birth – ante-natal sessions Post-natal group, baby group and breastfeeding group Baby Massage

8 Stay and play sessions (in line with EYFS) Parenting support (group and one to one) Freedom Programme (for women in domestic abuse situations) Groups, courses and one to one support for young parents Step-by-Step (for children with developmental concerns) Support in the home Support for families of the vulnerable two year olds

9 Focusing on Dental Health Promotion

10 Why does decay matter in pre- school children? Habits are formed in early years It Hurts. If you have toothache it affects concentration and, therefore, learning It can affect speech if teeth are removed Permanent teeth are more likely to come into the wrong place if milk teeth are removed.

11 How are we addressing this issue as a Children’s Centre? Keeping the message simple Giving the message to parents at the Centre’s groups and activities Attending local parent and toddler groups and pre- schools to take the message out to parents Attending local events to take out the message

12 What is the message we share? Clean teeth with an appropriate fluoride toothpaste – especially last thing at night

13 Avoid dried fruit

14 Give milk or water only to drink – especially between meals

15 Reduce the frequency of eating and drinking sugary foods

16 Whatever is healthy for teeth is healthy for life

17 Working together for children and families Richard Hatt


19 AIMS Meet the needs of the most vulnerable families and children across the town and engage those who currently remain disaffected. Ensure a collective agreement about pathways for children and in so doing have collective responsibility.

20 Area Forum Success brings togetherness Higher 6 Making Order 6 Functions a 5 4 difference 4 3 2 1 Connecting with professionals. Solution focused. No blame culture Joint problem solving Collaborative working on issues Active involvement of Secondary School decision makers in attendance All agencies represented Strategic decisions made affecting whole community Vision established for community

21 Matravers in action Andy Ellett and Heather Leach

22 “Excellence, expectation, opportunity in a culture of responsibility, accountability and pride”. Presentation by Heather Leach Director of Specialism

23 There have been a number of quite visual changes at Matravers:- The interior of the school building has been upgraded, in particular the main building and maths block. The sixth form block is open and fully operational which is also being used by Extended Services and the community at large. There has also been a significant push on the appearance of students and the behaviour of students in lessons, around school and in the town itself. This is based around the principle of collective responsibility where students are expected to behave and expect to be held to account in relation to:- ‘Excellence, expectation, opportunity in a culture of responsibility, accountability and pride’.

24 The old sixth form common room has been turned into another art studio to accommodate our highly successful Art department as we offer three new A Level courses. This includes a dedicated sixth form studio space It is hoped this will further enhance the upward trend in examination results this coming year, the school having achieved its best ever results in 2012 with:- At GCSE 81.1% achieving 5 A*- C 51% achieving 5 A*- C including English and Maths. At A Level The average points score was up by 20%, as was the proportion achieving grades at A*- C. A*- B grades were up by 15% and passes in general were in line with the national trend. A Level Art achieved 4A*, 4A and 2B Grades

25 Building strong positive relationships with parents has also been an increased focus. Parents are welcomed into the school to share their views and speak to staff face to face through a series of afternoon teas and The Pastoral and SEN Team Drop Ins. The VLE is now up and running where children and parents can access work and resources. A comprehensive set of Independent Homework Tasks have been designed to encourage independent learning and exploration in KS3. A robust Behaviour for Learning Policy is bearing fruit as students become increasingly more aspirational in their studies.

26 As a school we have always welcomed the opportunity to work with the community at large and extend an open invitation to all to come and see the school at work irrespective of whether you have children at the school or not. Our links with our feeder schools are continually developing with more cross phase connections, visits and an arts based induction programme. As a school we would welcome the opportunity to discuss and work alongside the community on any initiatives in the interests of people young and old in Westbury. As an Arts College we have already worked with a number of community groups on a range of Arts Projects. We now wish to increase this offer and develop further links within the community.

27 Community Arts As an Arts College we feel strongly that the interaction between school and community through the arts is a vital and exciting dialogue. We provide Primary Provision in our feeder schools with specialist Art and Dance teachers working with students and colleagues. We have supported Arts Weeks, specialist projects through funding for artists or practical support via Matravers School. We have carried out a developing programme of Arts activities over the last 5 years to enable as many people as possible to experience learning through the Arts.

28 Big Draw – to encourage families and other members of the community to draw and explore the joy of using line. We have been national winners one year and highly recommended on another occasion. We are members of the Westbury Music and Arts Festival and support musical events, life drawing classes, art based workshops We provide a range of workshop events for members of the community – recent ones have been jewellery making, willow sculpture, silver smithing, glass blowing, photography, batik silk scarves. We ran a sculpture /stone carving week and produced the circular piece in the Secret Garden. We organised lantern building sessions and then had a parade to All Saints Church.

29 We have organised a sculpture course for members of All Saints Church to enable them to deign and make ceramic figures for the POSADA. We developed a story telling project called “Quest” and included members of the public. We have provided workshops in the Children's’ Centre The Junk Band provide workshops and demonstrations at community events. We run an A level Art Class each Tuesday evening We run a life drawing class each Tuesday evening Arts College funded the Raked Seating in Matravers main hall for use by the school and for hire/use of the community






35 Plans for the Future Working in Partnership We want to be able to respond to needs of different community groups and bring new arts involvement to Westbury. That partnership will need funding in the future and there are funding agencies we can tap into. Large scale art projects in the community could be an interesting project. A further range of workshops – glass blowing, textile design, Project with an artist in residence with new housing development – links to Westbury’s Industrial past. We like the idea of using maps as the basis of a new arts project. Oral History is an area we need to address fully, working with the Heritage Centre. We want to continue our engagement with the community and need ideas that we can develop together for the benefit of all.

36 Art Plans for the Future Westbury’s Art Bus The aim of the bus would be to create a miniature version of the school's creative arts department and will go into the community to celebrate the school's "art for all" motto. The bus would include a recording studio, suite of Apple Macs, software for interactive musical tuition and even a performance stage, and it would help to provide evening classes and community projects. Children and adults would be able to use the bus and take part in courses including creative writing, visual arts, film, poetry, song-writing and TV. Pupils and community groups could use the bus to stage their own performances

37 Join us at Matravers school for the next upcoming events:- Yuletide Cabaret next Wednesday “Back to the Eighties” the musical in February 2013 STE A M –Friday 14 th 6:30 STEM was initially Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. I have now added Art to it as without art, illustration, film, photography most of the context and learning in our modern world is unavailable. 50p per family entrance. You can interact with a pig’s head!!

38 Autism awareness Maria Cattelona ?v=qNWwnL3KUsw ?v=qNWwnL3KUsw

39 Working with schools and community Sarah Hopkins 07545 696551/01373 822695

40 Schools and Community

41  Family Learning Opportunities:

42  Parenting Workshops  Positive Parenting – Teen Programmes for Yr6 upwards Group Programmes for Reception up to Yr6 Quotes from Parents & Carers:  I feel more in control & more positive to manage situations  Its nice to know its not just my family that has issues  Every Parent should attend it really helps

43  Holiday Activities  Easter & Summer


45 Tackling teenage pregnancies Katie Currie Teenage Pregnancy Lead, Public Health

46 Why Teenage Pregnancy Matters At age 30, teenage mothers are 22% more likely to be living in poverty than mothers giving birth aged 24 or over, and are much less likely to be employed or living with a partner. Poor child health outcomes 60% higher rates of infant mortality 25% higher risk of low birth weight Poor emotional health and well being Three times the rate of post-natal depression of older mothers Higher rates of poor mental health for up to 3 years after the birth Higher risk of partnership breakdown and isolation More likely to live in poor quality housing Affecting the well being of their children and contributing to: – Higher accident rates - such as from falls and swallowing substances – More behavioural problems - conduct, emotional and hyperactivity problems

47 Looked After Children Are Particularly Vulnerable to Teenage Pregnancy A national study of looked after young women found – A quarter of young women had conceived by the age of 16 – nearly half were mothers with 18-24 months after leaving care

48 The range of factors associated with a teenager becoming pregnant

49 Wiltshire rate for 2009- 2011 was 24.2 Small areas of high rates can be hidden in community areas Teenage Pregnancy Rate by Community Areas 2009-2011

50 Services In Westbury Matravers School – Strong pastoral support is well used by students. No Worries GP – White Horse Medical Practice is a level 2+ provider and is well used by young people No Worries Pharmacy – Medicx, John Preddy and Lloyds at Leigh Park

51 Other data for Westbury Westbury has a 10.2% Chlamydia positivity rate (April 2012 to date), nearly twice the national average Of those tested only 21.5% were boys Young people aged 13-24 can get free Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea test kits through the post by visiting : Rates for termination of pregnancy in Westbury for 2009 – 2011 was 41.7% which is similar to the Wiltshire 47.1%

52 Files/pscafymums_aug12.pdf Progress so far One year on from the launch of the pathway 60 CAFs have been completed on young mothers 21 are currently open

53 Growing up in the Westbury area Tony Nye Westbury Youth Centre

54 Action and support from your council Julia Cramp

55 Looking forward Thanks and overview Area Board Chairman Mike Cuthbert Murray

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