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Provider Briefing October 2012

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1 Provider Briefing October 2012

2 Agenda What’s new? How learners apply RPA week Timeline to launch Preparing to receive applications Functionality that will be added through the year What do I need to do?

3 All change New portal housed within New prospectus and application software Schools responsible for providing impartial advice and guidance New login in site for providers – New kentchoices4u services

4 But some things remain the same remains the entry point for Providers and learners to be supported by a central Area Prospectus Team


6 New prospectus and application software 1 st October release of new software 31st October upgrade to functionality December UCAS/provider consultation February UCAS/provider consultation Upgrades to be delivered throughout the year


8 New login in site for providers The futures4me website is now archived Providers now log in to:

9 New kentchoices4u services Young people, parents/carers and professionals will be kept up to date on events, opportunities and information through: Kentchoices4u phone app (google play & Apple App store) E-newsletters via sign up form on front page of Twitter (@KentChoices4u)

10 Kentchoices4u Live 13/14 th March at the Detling Showground Interactive careers event Masterclasses London Livery Companies in attendance.

11 Support for learners and providers from the central Area Prospectus Team Contact details: 01622 696377 01622 694921

12 Applying for 6 th Forms, Colleges and Apprenticeships in Kent.

13 Planning your future You are coming to the end of Year 11and it is time to take control of your future The next two years are considered to be so important for building the foundations of your future life, that the government has raised the age of participation. This means….

14 What is Raising the Participation Age? …. if you are currently in Year 11, you will have to continue in education or training until the end of the school year in which you turn 17.

15 What is Raising the Participation Age? …. if you are currently in Year 10 or below, you will have to continue until your 18th birthday, as the majority of young people already do.

16 What is Raising the Participation Age? But …. This does not necessarily mean you have to stay on at school after Year 11 if you don’t want to, as you will have a choice about how you participate.

17 What is Raising the Participation Age? You could: stay on in full time education, such as school or college do an Apprenticeship Work or volunteer and study part-time

18 Planning Your Future part 2 Sources of advice and Guidance Your school’s careers tutor Parents/carers Teachers Friends Sources of information

19 is a one stop website that: Has information on all the opportunities available to young people aged 16-19 in Kent Allows Year 11 learners to apply online Tracks applications Allows school careers tutors to monitor applications to check for learners who need further support





24 Four steps to applying Step 1: Complete your profile Step 2: Search and favourite the courses you wish to apply for Step 3: Apply Step 4: Track your applications

25 Step 1 Complete your profile








33 Step 2 Search and favourite the courses you wish to apply for





38 Step 3 Start your application








46 Step 4 Tracking your application





51 Supporting your Year 11 From November schools will have access to tracking information about their Year 11. This will allow you to target your resources Schools must agree to the KC4U protocols Undecided learners in the Autumn are 4 times more likely to become NEET Learners must have an email address No more unlock codes

52 Raising the Participation Age Week 5-9 th November 2012 RPA Week will coincide with the launch of kentchoices4u. Aim: To ensure all Year 11 learners, their parents/carers, teachers and tutors at FE Colleges and work based learning providers are aware that the current Year 11 is expected to stay in learning or training in the academic year in which they turn 17.

53 RPA week The letters to parents/carers and learners will include an RPA flyer. A letter is to be sent to Head Teachers / Principals asking them to circulate RPA information to their staff. An RPA PowerPoint presentation and other RPA materials are made available on KC4U to assist teaching staff brief their learners An update has been circulated on the e-bulletin to schools.


55 Timeline to launch Providers to have their course information up to date by 5 th November Letters with learner login details will arrive in school before half term, ready for launch in RPA week All RPA and KC4U materials can be downloaded from the professional section of Letters to learners and their parent/carers with login details & RPA Flyer to arrive 5 th November Learners can apply to schools and colleges as soon as they have their login details. It is no longer possible to restrict when learners can apply.

56 Preparing to receive applications If you are not registered on the new software, contact the Area Prospectus Team.


58 Provider Manager Key information –School name, type, OFSTED info, weblinks, youtube links, text description Sending provider information –Restrictions on your learners’ applications Default referee –Adding a default referee to your learners’ outgoing applications. Receiving provider information –Set up an automatic reference from applicants home schools





63 Course Manager Create and edit course Create standard venues and contacts Dashboard showing outstanding work Manual on how to use this section available from the professionals section of kentchoices4u Help available from the Area Prospectus Team Let us know at the end of the session if you require support.


65 Learner Manager Information on the activities of your learners Reset learner username and password It is also to possible to create new learners here, please do not do this, as it has the potential to create duplicates within the system This is where the more detailed tracking information will be in the future.


67 Applications Manager Short term key messages: Keep on top of all tasks (acknowledging and making offers), bulk functionality will come later in the year. Talk to us if you usually present your subjects in option blocks. Print applications and store data in spreadsheets – but watch this space Learners will be able to apply to all providers throughout the academic year.







74 Functionality expected this month Adviser role – Access to information on learners applications Learner groups – organises groups of learners in the admin section Learner preferencing – not initially directly available to receiving providers

75 Functionality expected later Reporting suite Bulk management – including messaging and printing Alerts and notifications – including email and SMS alerts

76 What do I need to do now? Give the technicians guide to your school technician Read kentchoices4 protocols Return school proforma Download manual from kentchoices4u Consider how you will promote Raising the Particpation Age during RPA week. Update your offer on the prospectus Sign up for updates on kentchoices4u

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