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Paul Cartwright Communication and Events Manager LGYH.

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1 Paul Cartwright Communication and Events Manager LGYH

2 What is Local Government Yorkshire and Humber? Cross party collaboration on common issues Bringing together Local Authorities on innovation and improvement Working to promote the region and its work

3 LGYH Communications Team Communication Events Information Management

4 Leadership in Working closely with Yorkshire Forward Government Office LGA IDeA Yorkshire Futures Central Government Opportunity to influence and get messages across…

5 Regional Communications Vast area – rural, urban, coast Different politics in different areas Strong regional identity Sub-regional identity? Lack of regional media Localised communication outlets Localised issues Identifying common themes and issues Journalist cuts – freedom of information Capacity issues both within Local Authorities and with the media

6 PR Communications Network Head of Communications in Local Authorities Working on common issues Coordinating responses on a regional level Sharing good practise and learning opportunities Working with regional organisations Promoting innovation Opportunity for getting messages across the region

7 Events Busy event calendar Opportunities for promoting issues and services Learning Exchange Events – Rotterdam and Duisburg Party Conference Fringe Events Meetings with central government, eg. Treasury

8 Communication tools LGYH Networks Access to key decision makers Website Links with regional and national organisations Exchange newsletter Partner newsletters and national periodicals PR Network –General support to LAs on communication issues –Help with dealing with the media – a coordinated response

9 Questions

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