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1 ‘From Royal Trains to Jet planes’ James Hygate Founder & CEO

2 Green Fuels  Founded 2003  Design, manufacture and supply technology for distributed- scale biodiesel production  Installed capacity of over 400 million litres per year  Equipment in over 50 countries on 5 continents  Patents in processing technology & bio-aviation fuel  Royal Warrant of Appointment

3 Distributed-scale approach  Locate facility close to source of supply  Relatively low capital cost, rapid payback  Reduces impact of transport on cost and carbon budget  Consistent high quality fuel  Builds community involvement  Improves traceability in feedstock-to-fuel cycle  Ideal for emerging markets, islands, cities and closed loop recycling 20,000 lpd FuelMatic GSX 20 being installed for diesel co-operative in Massachusetts Closed-loop recycling of waste oil into fuel for logistics fleet at distribution centre for McDonald’s in Dubai, UAE

4 Technology  Scaled for distributed, rapid-deployment and mobile applications:  Standardised, factory built and tested  Skid mounted and containerised options  Touch screen PLC controlled with remote access  Use proven transesterification method with patented separation technology (US 8,562,841)  No water requirement, can operate off-grid  Commercially proven globally with variety of feedstocks  Micro onsite installations from 50 litres per day  Commercial installations from 1,000 litres/day to 50,000 litres/day  Fuel used in a variety of applications….

5 Case study: Closed loop recycling  Co-locating at DC’s the refineries are located at the oil well and point of use - maximising margin and demonstrable carbon savings  McDonald’s currently recycle 12.5 million gallons of used cooking oil per year in the USA alone  Co-location minimises:- collection, consolidation and brokerage costs - enabling dramatic margin increase  Primary driver is the demonstrable LC CO 2 saving over using fossil fuel  But in most locations its also cheaper than traditional fuel sources. New oil Biodiesel Used oil

6 Case study: diesel-electric locomotive  Royal Train – used by UK Royal Family for official duties  Hauled by Class 67 diesel-electric locomotives with 1.9MW output  Running on 100% Green Fuels-supplied biodiesel since 2007  Anecdotal report of improved fuel economy with biodiesel vs. mineral diesel

7 Case study: Combined Heat and Power  PWC Headquarters London  CHP system providing all heating and cooling and 25% of electrical demand.  Operating on 100% biodiesel produced in a Green Fuels FuelMatic from locally sourced UCO  Highest BREEAM outstanding rating Worldwide  Being rolled out to other sites

8  Tapachula, Mexico  Serving regional airport, providing biodiesel for local transport  Fuel used as B100 for transport to COP 16  Provides model for future decentralised production of aviation biofuel Case study: Rural locations

9 Case study: BioJet 1  US subsidiary provided the biodiesel for ‘Green Flight’, the world’s first B100 jet aircraft flight  The plane was an Czechoslovakian L29 Delfin jet fighter / trainer from the early 1960s  The flight was performed at the Stead air field in Reno, Nevada on October 5, 2007  Started our research into bio-aviation fuels…..

10 The aviation biofuel market  Global jet fuel demand 6 MBPD by 2020 = $262bn  IATA: 6% of fuel to be alternative by 2020  EU: 600 MGPY of aviation biofuel by 2020  USA: 1,500 MGPY by 2020  Addressable global market - $15B by 2020 MBPD, million barrels per day; MGPY, million (US) gallons per year

11 Jet biofuel patent  Based on hydro-processed fatty acid esters HEFA  Drop-in biofuel so no adaptation to infrastructure or aircraft  US Patent 8,715,374 Issued May 6 th 2014  Granted claims cover fuel composition  Fuel composition is wide ranging and encompasses hydroprocessed FAME

12 Why Green Fuels Biojet?  Low feedstock dependency  Close to market, ASTM approved and applicable at any scale  FAME input is free from glycerine contamination, reducing the energy required to the process oil.  Freeze separating the fractions allows selection of the optimum fraction of FAME for onward processing into jet fuel and other high value products.  Removes components responsible for low-temperature gelling as well as for oxidative instability.  The technology can be retrofitted to existing biodiesel facilities that have a secure feedstock supply  By co-locating at exiting biodiesel facilities we minimise permitting time and costs

13 Technology Transesterification High- n-3 triglyceride oil MeOH Glycerol FAME mixture Low-temperature freeze fractionation n-3 esters n-6, n-9, saturated esters Higher-temperature freeze fractionation Saturated esters Hydrogenation H2H2 n-6, n-9 mono- unsaturates Hydrolysis H2OH2O n-6, n-9 esters Ester/alkane fuel Transesterification Low- n-3 triglyceride oil MeOH Glycerol FAME mixture Higher-temperature freeze fractionation Saturated esters Hydrogenation H2H2 n-6, n-9 mono- unsaturates Hydrolysis H2OH2O n-6, n-9 esters Ester/alkane fuel

14 Fuel properties JP-8Jet A; Jet A-1GFR fuel Aromatics vol%25 10 Flashpoint °C38 51 Density @15°C kg/m 3 775-840 805 Net Heat of Combustion MJ/kg42.8 43.3 Freeze Point °C–47–40; –47–54

15 FA compositions

16 Cost analysis – UCO Overall yield of jet fuel per litre feedstock ml662 Net cost per gallon $2.84 A typical UCO would provide approximately: 76% jet fuel 17% road fuel 7% n-3

17 Opportunities in Brazil  Today bioenergy represents around 30% of the Brazilian energy makeup  Great potential for the decentralised processing of used cooking oil into biodiesel  Ethanol mills looking at biodiesel production to fuel farming operations  Mining companies looking at biodiesel production for internal use  Huge opportunity for the production and use of bio-aviation fuels as outlined in ‘Flightpath to aviation biofuels in Brazil’


19 Contact details Green Fuels Ltd. Future House Staverton Technology Park Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL51 6TQ +44 208 133 3869

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