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Using a taxonomy to support progression in learning.

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1 Using a taxonomy to support progression in learning

2 What is Progression? Progression means increasing the breadth and depth of learning at each level as well as providing greater challenge for learners as they move to the next levels.

3 Using a taxonomy It is possible to use a taxonomy in conjunction with the Experiences and Outcomes in order to support progressions in learning and skill development.


5 Activity: What could progression within learning opportunities and/or within an E & O or level look like? Use the statements below as the starting point for discussion around what progression would look like in your setting: Learners demonstrate the use of the skill with increasing independence Learners demonstrate use of skill with more confidence Learners demonstrate the skill in less time Learners can link and transfer the skill to other contexts Learners can apply the skill in a variety of contexts Learners can use the skill to design their own learning

6 Having explored the ways journeys are made, I can consider the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of transport, discussing their impact on the environment. SOC 2-09a Activity: What could progression in an Experience and Outcome look like? Analysing Evaluating What could progression in development of these skills look like within this context? Progression Analysing e.g. using a simple table designed by the teacher to collect ideas Evaluating e.g. writing a sentence as a conclusion on the impact with teacher support e.g. learners leading a debate on the key issues


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