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Conservation of Oystermouth Castle. Brief History Works to date. What happens next. Queries answered.

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1 Conservation of Oystermouth Castle. Brief History Works to date. What happens next. Queries answered.

2 1131. First Norman fort built at Oystermouth. 1136.Welsh attacks probably destroy this castle. 1203. King John gave the lordship of Gower to William De Braeos – It is probable that he built a castle. 1215. Oystermouth Castle was attacked and burned by Rhys Gryg. 1241 William De Braeos (grandson of William De Braeos) built a second castle. 1256 Castle destroyed by the Welsh under Llewellyn ap Gruffydd. 1284 William then built a much stronger castle with military potential.

3 “ A fine manor at Oystermouth” 1287 1320 Lady Alina De Breos and her husband John De Mowbray lived at the castle and made great improvements including fine windows. 1396 valued at £600 1403 Welsh rising under Owain Glendwr locals burned down the castle 1432 valued at £12.00

4 1847 “A romantic ivy covered ruin. … so much hidden by ivy that its outlines were barely distinguishable”. Archaelogia Cambrensis. 1650 Oystermouth Castle given to Oliver Cromwell “an old decayed castle.”

5 “Miserable, filthy and almost unapproachable”. Colonal Grant Francis 1850 Duke of Beaufort agreed to its restoration. Colonal Francis contributed £200 to its restoration and 4,000 tonnes of rubbish were removed.

6 In 1927 Swansea Corporation purchased the castle and its surrounding land from the Duke of Beaufort and carried out a very thorough restoration of the building.

7 1989 The Friends of Oystermouth Castle were formed, opening the castle to the public. 2002 City and County of Swansea develop a conservation management plan for the castle. 2004 £150k Emergency repair works to the castle, funded by CCS and Cadw. 2006 Decision to progress with Heritage Lottery bid.

8 £1.8million total conservation project cost. Heritage Lottery Funding, CCS, Cadw, Friends of Oystermouth Castle. September 2008 HLF Stage 1 approval achieved – funding ‘earmarked’ subject to Stage 2 approval. Stage 2 approval needs to be submitted in September 2009. If successful at Stage 2, project will fund; Repair and conservation of the castle Building of visitor facility. Fees Castle community co-ordinator Interpretation materials Training, staff & volunteers Activities & events.

9 Project needs to demonstrate strong community involvement. Proposed volunteer programme requires a range of Community groups undertaking a series of projects …..not just the Friends. Friends to archive film and video footage of works in progress. Red Cafe & schools …videos in and around the castle. Youth Offending Team….photographic interpretation of the castle and exhibition. Mumbles Community Council… events Mumbles Development Trust….festivals / walks / leaflets. Met University …..stained glass window exhibitions. GGAT community archaeological digs.

10 Provisional Timeline of Events. January – September 2009 HLF Stage 2 May 2009 Cadw Heritage Tourism approval in principle (535k) September 2009 Submit to HLF October –December 2009 Bills / Tender documents January 2010 Out to tender April 2010 Works start on site 2010 – 2014 Phased works on site.

11 A four year work programme. 2010 -2014 Aim. Ensure parts of the castle are open to the public every April – September. Contractors to undertake weekend workshops eg mixing types of mortar. Plans to show what works are taking place each year. Community archaeology Archiving Recording Other events?

12 Friends of Oystermouth Castle. Role of the Friends during the project and beyond is key. Training opportunities. Consultation on interpretation. Raising cash from ticket sales which will contribute to the long term maintenance of the visitor centre. Ongoing sustainability of the Castle Community Officer. Potential for archiving, investigation and research.

13 European Convergence funding bid. Heritage Tourism(Cadw) £535k Upgrade toilets/furniture/access/presentation. Events celebrating the Castle. Signage and interpretation outside the castle grounds. Links to citywide heritage trails. Promote alternative means of access and transport Other ideas/ needs?

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