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Constance goes on holiday A motoring holiday in 1903.

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1 Constance goes on holiday A motoring holiday in 1903

2 We had not decided where to go for our summer holiday, but we came to the conclusion that we should use the motor car.

3 We had just reached the end of Waltham Cross High Street when we heard a sound like a pistol shot. Five heads appeared over the sides of the car and beheld – a burst tyre!

4 The roads are in a very bad condition, they are mostly of cobbles. One time this caused our car to stick half-way up the hill with a full load, and we had to get out before we could go on because the wheel was in a hole.

5 We reached Chellaston at last, but when we arrived at the Post Office to ask where our friend’s house was, the post-master told us that the family was away so we asked him the shortest way to Derby.

6 We were a mile or two outside Derby when we heard another car behind us.

7 We rushed through the Chatsworth Park, and up to the gates of the building. After we had seen all there was to see, we went back to the car and rushed back again to Haddon Hall.

8 The next day was Saturday, and father took three of us in the car up Axe Edge to the ‘Cat & Fiddle’ Hotel, one of the highest points in the Peak District.

9 The ride from Hope to Castleton was on the top of a hill for a considerable way, and then a sudden dip brought us to Castleton.

10 First we went to see the church, and then on to Cave Dale. It is supposed to be the pass used by the cavaliers in Scott’s ‘Peveril of the Peak’; it is several miles long, and has numerous small caverns.

11 We soon felt at home in our novel surroundings. This cottage was near Rufford Abbey, the Dukeries, and many interesting and historical places, so we had plenty to do.

12 The service was bright and the sermon so good that we were all thankful that we had gone.

13 We found that we had a puncture. It was a lovely summer day, so we all got out and had a picnic while some of us helped father to mend the puncture.

14 We continued on our journey.

15 The car came home on the following afternoon, repaired and fresh for another outing.

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