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Prevention and Demand Management Working Together – to develop the way forward Cllr Heather Smith.

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1 Prevention and Demand Management Working Together – to develop the way forward Cllr Heather Smith

2 Prevention Strategy The story so far Janet Doran Assistant Director Community Services

3 Journey to date – Consultation and engagement Customer Forum Stakeholder events Strategy developed and agreed Fair and Equitable Funding Formula Decision to halt work in the Summer

4 Customer Forum

5 ‘‘An important job had to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done’.

6 Prevention Customer Forum Where Next?

7 Prevention Housing Healthy schools Welfare Benefits Under Twos money Clinical Commissioning Group Health & Wellbeing Board. Health watch Troubled Families Money

8 Why Healthwatch Health watch are likely to be involved with locality groups and health and wellbeing fora They will have access to other organisations and customer / user groups This will enable us to access specialist groups of customers fast, to support the forum knowledge Access to research and models of good practice

9 What we give back in return A group of customers who have expertise in prevention services A voice within the prevention agenda A sharing of information Work together to make sure the customer is heard with in localities

10 The Big Idea

11 Our Idea May Deliver Local focused services No duplicationCost Efficient

12 How It Works Prevention Money In Locality £ Local And District Council Health And Wellbeing Fora GP Commissioning Schools and Education

13 Customers Voluntary sector County council Local people Customer forum Health watch Infrastructure organisations Local and county wide providers commissioners Councillors Legal rep Scrutiny committee member Assessing and Monitoring

14 Out Come Save money. Less duplication. Services delivered in a targeted way. Less layers of hierarchy. Local focus. Customers get joined up working and organisations work together. Services are appropriate to local need.

15 Finance Update Jon Lee LGSS Strategic Finance Manager

16 A Year in the Life of the Medium Term Financial Plan

17 2012-13 to 2015-16 Balanced Medium Term Financial Plan Council Approved Budget February 2012 First ever fully balanced four year MTFP Backed up by robust, detailed proposals

18 Problems Not Going Away Eurozone Crisis Banking/Credit Crises Double-Dip Recession Continuing Austerity

19 Economic Indicators GDP – slow recovery Inflation – return to 2% target Deficit – continued austerity Debt – continues to increase!

20 National Funding Outlook Graph of Doom? Innovation Strategic Partnerships New Ways of Working Opportunities Greater Demand Reducing Income Increasing Gap


22 Light at the end of the tunnel? Sunshine or train headlights?! Ongoing austerity – 2018? High levels of national debt Stagnant economy Uncertain direction of global economy Impact of funding changes unclear Spending review Autumn 2013 General Election 2015

23 The Way Forward Janet Doran and Andrew Jepps

24 Budget Proposals 2013-14 Total Budget Reduction - £2.531 Million 10% Reduction Children’s Centres 10% Reduction Housing Support Services 25% Reduction Third Sector Infrastructure Support 12.5% Reduction Small Grant Provision 15% Reduction Older People Services 10% Reduction Carers 10% Reduction Youth Provision

25 What Is Still Relevant in the Current Strategy We remain accountable for services to the most vulnerable, but must explore with our partners the most effective and efficient ways to deliver that support (Page 3)

26 We still : Want to work with local communities Have to make considerable savings Want to make an impact on preventing children, families and older people from needing high cost services (Page 4)

27 There is reduced spending for social care and health services The population of the County is growing and changing which means there are more people that will need help There is evidence that prevention services can help people with less resource and give better outcomes. (Page 9) Still Relevant...

28 People want much easier access to local support with just one place to go with better information sharing to avoid multiple assessments Access to specialist knowledge and skills when they are needed is important There are opportunities from working in collaboration There is support for local decision making and the idea of a funding methodology (Page 9) What People Said...

29 Families and individuals are helped to avoid a crisis that could lead to needing specialist services; Target spending more effectively towards the needs of those on the edge of care; Provide strong evidence of the impact that they have in reducing the needs for specialist services. Helping families and individuals to “step down” into universal or low level targeted support services ( Page 10) The County Council and partners will concentrate on commissioning prevention and demand management services which achieve the following:

30 Children and Families Continuum

31 Adults and Older People Continuum

32 Helping you to help yourself

33 SpecialistTargeted PreventionEarly HelpUniversal

34 ‘Working Together’ PDM Commissioned Services Vol & Community Sector Targeted Prevention Team Troubled Families Health Borough & District Councils

35 Contracted Services Data Performance Information Business Systems Vulnerable individuals/families /communities CCL Staff Social Care Staff Other Statutory Services

36 Recommissioning is likely to produced a Significant Change More Skilled Generalists Being Clear about what additional support will be needed Working closely with health to commission together Thinking So Far...

37 Commissioning Proposals Three Strands Children and Families Vulnerable Adults Frail Elderly

38 Intended timelines for Commissioning Continued Provider and Customer Development, Engagement and Consultation ActionDates Contract extensions/variationsDec – Apr 2013 Open EventFeb/March 2013 Strategy RefreshMarch-April 2013 Potential cabinet decisionJune 2013 ProcurementJune 2013 New service in placeApril 2014

39 Reflection and questions Please note any queries on post it notes and place on boards Responses to questions will be published on Prevention Website

40 Working Together Group Discussion – based on focussed commissioned areas Identifying outcomes – making a difference Next steps for working together

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