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Creativity in supporting pupils with autistic spectrum disorders.

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1 Creativity in supporting pupils with autistic spectrum disorders.
Nicky Kennedy (Billing Brook School) Francesca Shears (Northgate School Arts College)

2 The New Triad of Impairments
Sensory Issues Flexibility Social Interaction & Communication

3 The Seven Senses Sight Touch Smell Taste Sound
Vestibular sense – helps with balance Proprioception – body awareness and co-ordination ability

4 Sensory Issues Many people with ASD are monotropic – utilise one sense at a time This can take the form of hypersensitivity – become uncomfortable when experiencing minor encounters OR hyposensitivity – when a child is underwhelmed by the world

5 Flexibility Structure Schedules Plan for change

6 Work system Where do I have to be? What is happening?
How long will it last? What’s next?

7 Environment Sensory considerations Minimise visual distractions
Work stations/areas Where to sit? Individual needs

8 Time Out Important for individuals to know there is a ‘safe’ place/area if they need it Should not be used as a negative. Somewhere with no demands.

9 Organisation Check the person has correct equipment
Do not assume that just because a person with ASD has been told what to do they will know what to do, or how to do it. Clear concise instructions – post it notes!! Break down the task

10 Difficult times Reduce language De-escalate Distract
Introduce a different person Withdraw from situation

11 Behaviour Reminders of how to behave.
Support in knowing how to improve behaviour. Behaviour very often can be a reaction to stress. Consistent approach. Know the individual.

12 A new day Is just that!

13 Top Tips Address the individual by name
Keep sentences/instructions simple Allow time for information to be processed Do not offer too many choices Stick to boundaries Do not force eye contact. Remember a person with ASD can be very literal. Be consistent.

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