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On the move Newham’s experience Russell Moffatt LB Newham.

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1 On the move Newham’s experience Russell Moffatt LB Newham

2 Slide 2 Introduction Russell Moffatt, Team Manger/EHP – housing specialist Many local authorities do mobile working better Honest recollection of our mobile working experience Manger perspective Good, bad and the ugly Introduction

3 Slide 3 Where we started Private sector working this way for at least 10 years – for good reasons Environmental health work requires mobility Move fully into the digital age Selected “early adopters” to pilot mobile working in Jan 2008 The pilot helped ease the process Soon after I personally went mobile – inside view

4 Slide 4 The business case - costs £1500 a laptop + extra for phone etc Change management cost –Managers time –Officer time –ICT time –Frustration! Systems/processes required complete review and remodelling

5 Slide 5 The business case - benefit Reduced officer space – desk and storage Enhanced communication Flexibility Reduced travel time Reduce carbon Improved efficiency – less double inputting Improved performance Reduce paper use New office dynamic – more innovation – challenge tradition Migrate to a single main office

6 Slide 6 The hardware

7 Slide 7 The hardware

8 Slide 8 The software ICT support TEAM CULTURE!!!!! –Feelings –Emotional at time Systems & process integration –databases –case handover –notice serving etc –Complex

9 Slide 9 Location Mobile working Flexible working Paperless office IT Systems SU Management Officers ICT IDOX Performance

10 Slide 10 After 1 year Everyone uses equipment differently Pilot – highlighted ICT support problems Lots of figuring out the new norms – working from home? Mobile working means significant changes to processes, systems etc??? Some technical issues Started full roll out 3>27

11 Slide 11 After 2 years Sickness reduced Most adapted well, some resisted Improved performance – mostly due to extra flexibility Managers need to change approach – outputs > outcomes Officers achieved better work life balance Reluctance to use kit in the field Computer issues still present Still working on systems and processes integration

12 Slide 12 After 3 years Most officers now dependent on kit New systems and procedures starting to work Mobile working normalised Most officers work from home 50% of week Failed to get officers to use kit in the field One officer handed kit back Most computer software issues dealt with…. Performance still improving Sickness remains very low

13 Slide 13 New management approach Need to adjust as much as field officers Moved to outcome focused targets Based on trust Auditing of work became much more important Laptops used by most managers

14 Slide 14 Conclusions It was worth it – but tough Saved some money and improved performance Officers have a better work/life balance System changes/process changes reguired We failed to get officers using kit regularly in the field It didn’t work for everyone

15 Slide 15 The future More to be done Officers are becoming more IT literate Customers expect access via – Skype, facebook etc Kit in field next step for us Getting it fit with 24 hr economy, information analysis Mobile technology is the future – important keep up with fast changing world

16 Slide 16 Questions?

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