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Early Years SENCO Network meeting Wednesday 7 th May 2014 Early Years SENCO Network meeting Wednesday 7 th May 2014.

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1 Early Years SENCO Network meeting Wednesday 7 th May 2014 Early Years SENCO Network meeting Wednesday 7 th May 2014

2 SEND Reforms Key drivers for change Outcomes for young people with SEND Bureaucratic barriers Young people and their families are not always central to the process Transition arrangements 2

3 Joint commissioning - LAs, health and care services to commission services jointly Consult children, young people and their parents and cooperate with a range of providers to deliver the new system Work with local partners, parents and young people to co-produce and publish a Local Offer of SEN services More streamlined assessment process New 0-25 Education, Health and Care Plan A new duty on health commissioners to deliver the health elements of EHC plans Option of a personal budget New statutory protections for young people aged 16-25 in FE A stronger focus on preparing for adulthood Academies, Free Schools, Further Education and Sixth Form colleges to have the same SEN duties as maintained schools New statutory responsibilities & powers for LAs

4 Scope of Bill extended – includes all disabled children and young people Require health or social care provision which “educates or trains” to be treated as special educational provision Young people aged 19 to 24 - LAs to consider whether the young person requires additional time for education/training. Allows for education element of the EHC plan to cease dependent on best interests of the young person New duties on home LAs for children and young people in custody National updates Children and Families Act Royal Assent granted 13 th March

5 October 2013 Draft (SEND) Code of Practice issued - Government debate the regulations and the CoP after Easter. April 2014- final draft CoP issued- consultation process ends 6 th May 2014- has provided more detail, but the focus still remains on a person centred approach and outcomes Final CoP may be as late as June Pathfinder programme launched in Sept 2011 – run until March 2015 - 31 LAs - Wiltshire was Swindon’s Pathfinder Champion. In 2014-15, all local authorities will receive financial support to implement the reforms through the SEN Reform Grant. The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) will ensure that a range of organisations provide this totally independent help, overseeing the recruitment and training of the independent supporters - around 12 per area - in time for the implementation of our comprehensive SEND reforms. A new £30 million fund will allow families to access help and support from more than 1,800 fully-trained champions across the country. National updates

6 Outcomes 2013 Key Stage 2 2013 Headline School ActSchool Act PlusStatemented All Pupils LANatLANatLANat LANat KS2 L4+ in Reading 62%68%66%55%28%27%86% KS2 L4+ in Writing 44%58%43%41%24%18%83%84% KS2 L4+ in Maths 61%66%57%54%27%25%84%85% Expected Progress Rea 79%82%81%75%53%47%86%88% Expected Progress Wri 83%85%87%81%61%51%92% Expected Progress Mat 76%79% 74%54%47%87%88%

7 Outcomes 2013 Key Stage 4 2013 Headline School ActSchool Act PlusStatemented All Pupils LANatLANatLANatLANat 5+ A*-C inc Eng & Mat41%29%23% 7%10%56%61% Expected Progress Eng56%52%49%41%24%25%68%70% Expected Progress Mat59%48%40%37%14%22%65%71%

8 SEND Project Board Pathfinder Champion – new learning for everyone Joint commissioning contracts are in place SEND Project Forum meetings Good engagement with Parent and Carers Group Regular newsletters Focus groups and Stakeholder groups Case studies STEP working with young people to hear their voice Auditing current practice – identifying service gaps SEND Champions Key workstreams: Transitions Developing the EHC plan and a coordinated approach Development of 0 -25 services The Local Offer These workstreams are integral to other key projects The SEND Reforms in Swindon …the journey so far

9 Links to wider projects Adult Demand Programme: Advice & Information Project – new website and information hub Housing & Support Commissioning for employment Voluntary Sector commissioning 9

10 Links to other SEND work areas Education, Health & Care Plans/Early Help record/ Strengthening Families: Single Assessment/Early Help Record & Cost and Placements Local Offer – Post -16 provision Joint Commissioning 0-25 service provision Transitions in health services 10

11 Development of the Education, Health and Care Plan 11

12 Education, health & care assessment and plan Clauses 36-47 of the Bill EHC Plans replace statements of SEN -Threshold for assessment the same -Threshold for plan the same EHC Plans extent to FE and training -Replaces the 139a/LDA -Could continue in an apprenticeship or if NEET Duty to secure the educational provision set out in the EHCP same as in statement of SEN There will be enforceable elements of health and social care that must be recorded in EHC Plans Right of appeal remain the same but will include FE

13 Final Draft Code of Practice Legal duties further clarified for LAs, health and schools Particularly in relation to the distinction between statutory and non-statutory duties Inclusion of disabled children within the code More detail about 16-25 arrangements More information about complaints More focus on involving parents in wider commissioning arrangements through the local offer New structure to the document Mental Capacity Act (for those over 16)

14 Final Draft Code of Practice “Whilst we may now be a short consultation period the core principles contained within the current document will not change so professionals can begin their preparations for the new Code in earnest.” Nasen Consultation closes 5pm Tuesday 6 th May 2014

15 Education, health & care assessment and plan Key Issues still to be settled in the Code Stronger duties on social care and health to deliver the provision set out in EHC Plans A single point of appeal for parents and young people in relation to EHC Plans Details regarding children and young people with SEND in custody (the EHCP will continue where the statement ceases) April 2015

16 Transition Arrangements Changing from a Statement to an education, health and care plan: The government will set out regulations on the process for converting statements to EHC Plans (probably over 3 years but up to 4) This will probably happen at Annual Review during a key stage transfer Certain year groups will be prioritised (e.g. Y6 and Y11)

17 Statutory Assessment Process what is different? Source: Thematic Report the EHCP Planning Pathway

18 What is different in Swindon’s Statutory Assessment process?

19 Early Help Record and Plan- underpinning the statutory assessment process and will be used as the non-statutory EHC Plan Local Offer meeting- Use of collaborative problem solving to support families in how the child/young person’s needs could be met though the provision/services set out in the Local Offer TAC meetings during the assessment- to review existing evidence and information from child/young person and parents, and if a decision is made not to assess Person-centred approaches- centred around the family and the needs of the child as a whole- holistic approach Outcomes focussed plans- “support the child or young person, and their parents, in order to facilitate the development of the child or young person and to help them achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes” (Draft SEN Code of Practice, p.12)

20 Pilot Scheme Summer Term 2014 We will be initiating a Pilot Scheme to trial the new process from the beginning of the summer term and will be looking for families and schools to take part. If you are interested please contact the SENAT Team Officer in the first instance.

21 Workforce Development Briefings and dates

22 The Swindon Local Offer Plans & Progress Work is currently focussed on two objectives: Developing coproduction and on-going involvement and feedback mechanisms Creating and publishing the Local Offer These objectives are to be met by September 2014, after which there will be continuing development work

23 Coproducing the Local Offer Working with the Parent Carers Forum and STEP Children and families will work with us to coproduce: – New systems, such as the Education, Health & Care Plan – The information contained in the Local Offer – The on-going coproduction mechanisms for reviewing and developing the Local Offer

24 Coproducing the Local Offer We must annual collate feedback on the Local Offer, publish a summary and the Local Authority’s response How will feedback be gathered? – Complaints and compliments – Newly developed feedback mechanisms e.g. annual event for children and families, surveys, mystery shopping etc. – Collated information from Education, Health & Care Plans? How will the Local Offer develop as a result? – Local Authority’s response regarding the services it provides and commissions – Publishing market intelligence and responses from other providers?

25 Publishing Swindon’s Local Offer 4 sets of information make up the Swindon Local Offer: – The SBC Offer covering the assessment and planning process – Overarching information on the types of support available (transport, leisure, education etc.) – A directory of services available to Swindon children and families: universal, targeted and specialist, linking to… – Provider Local Offers: your description of your service offer, published on your website

26 Swindon Local Offer Website Developed using the Adult Information & Advice website platform An iterative roll out: – Sept 14: Core information (the web pages) and simple directory (contact information and links through to provider websites) – Future development: full search options, a ‘shopping basket’ to collate support, provider login to their directory entry, integration with EHCP?

27 Useful Resources Revised SEN Code of Practice and consultation code-of-practice-0-to-25-years code-of-practice-0-to-25-years Assessment and Planning - the role of the Assessment and Planning Coordinator (SE7 and Early Support) – booklet booklet April 2014- draft CoP: Code%20of%20Practice1.pdf Code%20of%20Practice1.pdf 27

28 Useful Resources Local Offer – Not A Directory directory-final.pdf directory-final.pdf SQW thematic reports: –Key working and workforce development and The Education, Health and Care planning pathway for new entrants to the SEN system _option=research-and-analysis&departments%5B%5D=department-for- education NASEN SEND Implementation events- useful for teachers and SENCOs: - South West event is in Bristol on: 18/06/14 28

29 Contact details Paddy Bradley - Head of Commissioning Gill Ilić - Commissioner for Education Karen Hobbs - Commissioner Learning Disability Services Caroline Little – Children’s Health Commissioner Carey Goodhead – Commissioning Manager Vulnerable Young People Keith Blackmore – Parent and Carers Group SEND Project email address Pathfinder website 29

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