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The Sustainable Travel Group Welcome to: Bus Operators’ Forum 23rd May 2014.

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1 The Sustainable Travel Group Welcome to: Bus Operators’ Forum 23rd May 2014

2 Bus Forum Introductions Dave Smith (Chair) Team Leader – Quality Team Ashley Holland Team Leader – Contracts Team Mark Watters Team Leader – Business Development & Support Peter Haines Quality Officer – Quality Team Janna Walker Sustainable Travel Programme Manager

3 Bus Forum Agenda Housekeeping –Please turn mobiles off, no fire drills expected –Please hold all questions until the very end Review of the year Presentation from Peter Haines (Safeguarding) Working Group Nominations 2014-15 Questions and Answers / Your Views session

4 Bus Forum Review of 2013/14 (with the help of the Working Group) Changes to transport provision policies (Mainstream, SEN & LBS) Contract issues DBS/CRB scheme Training / Safeguarding East Midlands Shared Services

5 Bus Forum School transport update No change in Mainstream Transport Policy for September 2014 other than charges to parents increased from £252 to £425 (post 16) and £450 (denominational/faith school transport) Significant changes to Mainstream Transport Policy proposed for September 2015 (Currently under consultation). For pupils aged 5 -16 years of age living over the statutory walking distances of 2 miles for primary school pupils and 3 miles for secondary school pupils: Free transport to the nearest school with places Free transport to the nearest Leicestershire School with available places. School must offer an entry point which is compatible with the current school attended by the pupil Free transport to those pupils who live within the TEA (catchment) area where the school attended has not changed its age range or catchment area since May 2012

6 Bus Forum For Post 16 pupils living over 3 miles Assisted transport (not free) to the nearest 6 th form school or FE Establishment Assisted transport to the nearest Leicestershire 6 th form or Leicestershire FE Establishment Assisted transport to the those pupils who live within the catchment area where the school attended has not changed it’s age range or TEA (catchment) area since May 2012

7 Bus Forum BB2 Framework Extension of current Framework for 1 further year – to 31 st May 2015 Details of your inclusion on our frameworks are publicly available (on website) We share mailing lists with other LAs – this may generate more business for you and helps keep you informed of what each LA is doing

8 Bus Forum Impact of Academies Academies changing their age ranges Decrease in the number of eligible children Decrease in the number of bus contracts required More commercial opportunities

9 Bus Forum Example 1 Anstey Martin extending from 11 to 14 to become 11-16 Pupils living in Anstey staying on at Anstey Martin till age 16 Pupils living in Glenfield staying on at Anstey Martin till age 16 Current requirement to take pupils from Anstey and Glenfield to Longslade no longer required except for Post 16 pupils Impact: 2012/13 (5 buses) 2013/14 (4 buses) 2014-15 (2 buses)

10 Bus Forum Example 2 Quorn Rawlins and Barrow Humphrey Perkins extending age ranges. New year 7 pupils from Mountsorrel now attending Rawlins but no free transport because living under 3 miles Year 10 & 11 pupils staying on at Humphrey Perkins but no free transport because Quorn Rawlins is nearer. Fewer pupils requiring transport from Mountsorrel to Barrow and Quorn schools Year 10 & 11 pupils from Sileby staying on at Barrow instead of transferring to Rawlins Fewer pupils requiring transport to Quorn Impact: Number of contracts required to Rawlins reduced from 4 down to 2.

11 Bus Forum Opportunities Schools left with lots of pupils without transport entitlement but still want transport provision Parents may make use of commercial school bus

12 Bus Forum 2014-15 Academic Year Planning since March 2014 About 50% complete Contract confirmations taking place eAuctions in June and July (est 20 contracts)

13 Bus Forum TUPE Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) TUPE may apply Notice to LCC Provision of information Agreement between operators Tribunal / Costs Seek Legal Advice

14 Supported Local Bus Services Policy Review - Background County Council’s Supported Local Bus Service Policy review Part of the Medium Term Financial Strategy saving £110m over the next 5 years Consultation undertaken in 2012 and 2013 The latest consultation concluded in December 2013 and generated 665 official responses We considered consultation responses and updated our analysis to put forward revised proposals to Scrutiny Panel and then to Cabinet Cabinet approved these proposals 6th May 2014 Bus Forum

15 What are the changes? Supported Local Bus Services Policy a)The County Council will seek to meet the essential transport needs of Leicestershire residents through the provision of transport solutions; b)The delivery of these transport solutions will be subject to periodic tests on levels of use and affordability and value for money; c)Passenger transport will be provided by a mix of conventional bus services for higher demand areas, supplemented by provision of less frequent services by minibuses and taxi type vehicles (in areas of low usage); d)Fares on all services will be broadly comparable with the fares charged on commercial bus services.

16 What are the changes? (2) Supported Local Bus Services Policy Essential transport needs of residents are defined as follows (all subject to a test around value for money) Shopping and Personal Business; Healthcare; Social Activity and Wellbeing; Work Other needs such as providing access to training and education, tackling congestion and reducing carbon emissions, will be met wherever possible, but would not be classified as priorities when determining the commissioning and design of transport provision. The type of transport solution provided would be on the basis of value for money and affordability in proportion to identified demand.

17 Changes to supported services ServiceCurrentChanges Proposed Change Date 7 Irregular service between Nuneaton and Ashby (2 bus working resource) 2 hourly service between Atherstone - Measham (1 bus working resource) CBP 23/24/25 Melton Area Services- Hourly24 - hourly, 23/25 2 hourly 44 Hourly between Fleckney and Market Harborough Hourly peak - 2 hourly off peak 55/56 Irregular (approx 2 hours) Service between Grantham and Melton CBP 100/128 Hourly service between Melton and Leicester 2 hourly service with pm return for workers 113 Irregular (approx 2 hourly) Oakham - MeltonCBP 129 Irregular (approx 2 hourly) Ashby - Loughborough CBP 155 Hourly Castle Donington - Coalvill2 hourly 661 Taxi Bus 2 off peak return journeysn/a part of further project Rural Rider Infrequent bus service to East Leicestershire Villages Replace with DRT

18 Community Bus Partnership * What is it? Like Community Rail Partnerships (CRP) but for bus services. What are the principles of a successful CRP that could be applied to a bus service? Specific branded service/corridor. Partnership between Operator, Local Authority and the community to oversee the service, community involvement and set targets. Incremental development over a period of time - allow 2-3 years. ‘Friends of the Route…’ and community involvement. High customer service standards. Welcome creative and inventive involvement. Raise profile in communities. Professional support. * Article by Paul Salveson in ATCO News Autumn 2013

19 How would it work with LCC rural bus services? Create Community Bus Partnerships (CBP) that continue to build upon the positive engagement between LCC and active local communities that emerged as part of the consultation exercises. The service routes where community groups have the potential to develop into a CBP and become a ‘Friends of …’ are: 7 / 113 / 129 / 55/6 Tender a new style contract for operator with participation requirements and incentive of extension if successful. Partnership would set targets; a key one would be to achieve an agreed increase passenger revenue or usage. If this target is not achieved then the bus service would be replaced. Three year programme with LA officer support to do this. Community Bus Partnership Proposal

20 Local Bus Services Full details of changes to individual services can be found in the Cabinet Report online at: Id=135&MId=3990&Ver Bus Forum

21 DBS (CRB) Update New DBS system now in place Requirements of bus operators and drivers

22 Bus Forum Training Update Safeguarding (How to avoid allegations) – Peter Haines Other Training Courses

23 Bus Forum Compliance – Issues of the moment 1 Requirement of bus operator to provide updated information about their business (Selling, change of address, factoring arrangements, etc) Driver registration scheme – contractors are reminded to notify the STG when setting on drivers who are new to them, or indeed when drivers leave them.

24 Bus Forum Compliance – Issues of the moment 2 Safeguarding – Facebook™, Twitter™ and the internet – SMS text, Mobile phones ‘Guidelines’ leaflets have been updated and are available online on our website. Operators not contactable during office hours ‘E’ cigarettes: not allowed

25 Bus Forum Working Group nominations Remit of the working group: – For both the Authority and bus companies to gain an insight and understanding of the aspects of contract work that are important to them and work together to address any general issues that may arise – For LCC to pass on information on relevant policy or legislative changes, duty of care issues and general information affecting the bus market – To discuss new ways of working and to work in partnership – To look at all aspects of LCC contract work for mutual benefit – To share the discussion with all in the market via the published minutes Please contact Dave Smith or a member of staff in the STG with your nomination. We are looking for 1-2 people from up to 10 companies to form the 2014/15 working group to meet 3 times between now and April 2015.

26 Bus Forum Q & A Session Please keep questions to a “general interest” for all here today. Views on?

27 Bus Forum Working group nominations and further information  See us at the end of this meeting or make an appointment  By phone: 0116 3050001 and ask for the Business Development & Support Team  By email:  In writing: Business Development & Support Team Sustainable Travel Group Environment & Transport Department Leicestershire County Council County Hall Glenfield Leicester LE3 8RJ Our website:

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