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Devon County Council’s Budget 2012/13 & Beyond Provider Engagement Network.

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1 Devon County Council’s Budget 2012/13 & Beyond Provider Engagement Network

2 Devon County Council’s Revenue Budget 2011/12 £’000 Gross Expenditure1,124,846 Less dedicated schools grant -430,893 Less specific grants -76,674 Less other income (fees + charges, NHS contributions etc.) -97,471 Devon County Council’s Net Budget 519,808 Funded by Council Tax Freeze Grant -8,102 Formula Grant-185,887 Council Tax-325,819

3 Net Revenue budgets: top-level

4 Changes in internal structure Adult & Community Services People Adult social care LibrariesChildren’s social care Adult educationDomestic violence Devon Records OfficeEducation ArtsYouth services Net budget £205.563mNet budget £292.290m Further work to centralise (and reduce) central support budgets have resulted in reductions to the size of the People budget since this analysis– by £0.275m so far

5 Changes in funding 12-13 Formula Grant: likely to reduce by c. £14.6 million (affected by the number of schools converting to academies) New Homes Bonus: new, likely to be c £1.7m Council Tax Freeze grant: £8.1m, but one year only – additional savings to match would be required in 13-14 So, £4.8 million less cash than in 11-12 - but we need to plan to catch up the one year money in 13 - 14 But in order to meet demand we expect - contracted inflation, demographic pressures, etc we need to find savings of perhaps £40 million This is the figure that “Your Community Your Choice” roadshows have been seeking views on -

6 Additional funding in People services Pupil Premium Grant –Ring-fenced, targeted on pupils qualifying for free school meals Early Intervention Grant –No ring-fence, but smaller than predecessor grants. Likely route for funding new duties related to children. Learning Disability & Health Reform Grant –No ring-fence, main route for transferring / new duties relating to adult social care. NHS support for social care –Scale & usage subject to agreement with NHS Devon.

7 Increased funding from the NHS 2011-12 £ million 2012-13 £ million Post-hospital discharge & reablement1.9503.900 NHS support to social care9.6729.304 Total11.62213.204 Prevention2.000 Rapid response services1.100 Reablement services0.600 Equipment & telecare1.300 Reduction in out of area placements0.600 Community enabling0.600 Reviewing capacity0.272 Localities4.950 North1.113 South1.431 East2.406 Also working towards a pooled budget for carers, including NHS contributions of £1.3m

8 Implications for 12-13 People budget Anywhere between a cash freeze and +£5m (+£3.5m assumed) Based on assumed level of funding, will need to find savings of £17.3 million –Reduction in management / support overheads –Greater use of the independent sector –Prevention (eg, re-ablement) –Reduction in services not directly for people with substantial / critical needs (affecting targeted support, meals on wheels etc.) –Re-focussing care packages (individual choices using Personal Budgets) –Procurement

9 Key pieces of supporting work Learning Development Partnership Youth strategy Placement strategy for children in care Framework agreements Residential care fees structure review Targeted support strategy Expansion of reablement

10 Total DCC residential/nursing numbers for Older People and Physical Disability – ex payment runs – excludes CHC

11 Total DCC res/nurs £ paid per fortnight for Older People and Physical Disability – ex payment runs – excludes CHC

12 Total DCC hours of personal care

13 Total DCC number of people receiving a direct payment

14 Budget timetable from here on 14 December: Draft budget target set by Cabinet To end January: Consultation / scrutiny (Devon Education Forum 18 January / formal scrutiny meeting 24 January) 8 February: Cabinet reconsiders recommendations 16 February: County Council formally sets budget

15 Changes on the way Health & Social Care Bill –Currently at committee stage in the House of Lords –Paves the way for abolition of Primary Care Trusts & establishment of Health Watch Social Care White Paper –Consultation already under way (Caring for Our Future”) –White Paper “in spring 2012” –Extent to which this will cover funding reforms / pressures is unclear

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