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2 Valuing People Core areas: PPM - Enabling Government Portfolio - PPM Improvement - Community of Practice Assurance - Gateway - Health checks - Peer reviews - Guidance

3 Valuing People Enabling Government Portfolio

4 Valuing People –The Enabling Government Framework is a simple way of setting out our priorities for improvement. Underpinned by our values, it is a three to five year change programme for our organisation. –The Framework is set out in the Enabling Government butterfly diagram This diagram will help you to understand what is included and how each part supports our values. Enabling Government

5 Valuing People The Enabling Government Portfolio –Set up in 2007-08 (as the Business Development Portfolio) to develop and take forward a portfolio of programmes and projects needed to deliver corporate change and a future strategy direction. –The Portfolio enables the Assembly Government to deliver corporate change linked to the Enabling Government Framework and prioritised by the Strategic Delivery and Performance Board. The Portfolio invests in a number of projects grouped into strategic programmes designed to improve processes, achieve efficiencies, achieve compliance, and deliver value for money. –In 2010–11, the Board agreed to invest £15.1m in the Portfolio. The current Enabling Government Portfolio Programmes are: ICT Business Change and Enabling People & Places Process Improvement (IDEAS) Knowledge Management Enabling Better Legislation Improving our Relationships

6 Valuing People PPM Improvement

7 Valuing People –PPM Capability & Skills Project Current state What do we do next? Project Structure Project Milestones What can we learn/steal from other? –Manchester City Council –Community Of Practice (CoP) Update Welsh Assembly Government Enabling Delivery Through Projects Network ( internal CoP) Establishment of the Programme and Project Management Wales: Community of Practice Public bodies who form the CoP PPM Improvement

8 Valuing People Current State Halted separate activity within PPMDU in relation to: Templates; Standards; L&D; Paused work on development of a PPM Reporting Tool; Paused work on development of Project Manager’s Handbooks; Re-designed PPM Capabilities and Skills project to incorporate all of the above; Project Plan in place for delivering early stages of development (ie Phases 1 and 2); Awaiting formal approval of funding for 2011/12.

9 Valuing People What Do We Do Next… BY 31 March 2011: –Confirm funding through the Enabling Government Portfolio (and the necessary Senior Management mandate and support that this brings); –Put in place project Governance and Organisation Structure (Phase 1); –Produce a Business Case, Benefits Realisation Plan, Communications Plan, PID etc; –Establish a WAG PPM Methodology based on the Manchester City Council approach (Phase 2); –Identify and integrate other PPM/PPM related functions (eg Estates and Projects Gateway and assurance, Policy and Legislation delivery etc);

10 Valuing People The Manchester Method Generic approach based on Prince2 Standard templates / RAG reporting Project Management Handbook Training partner (QA-IQ) Two day training for project managers Half day briefing for SRO / Board members Risk management training / workshop It is estimated that 60% of all projects in the UK are started by project managers with no previous experience

11 Valuing People Why The Manchester Method ? Established methodology across MCC, which people want to use – the Manchester Method; Developed own PPM expertise – significant savings on consultants; Know exactly how many projects are running, what stage they are at and that they are doing the right things in the right way; Integrated toolset – simple to use; Excellent reputation for managing projects and funding – enables them to secure funding from Government & other sources;

12 Valuing People Reduced software costs; Suppliers have to adhere to the Manchester Method; Can be easily adapted and is scalable; An Automated Project management system (PrISM): –Automating delivery to the Manchester Method - support for collaborative working –Dashboard/ document library –Web enabled Microsoft solution (SAP with a SharePoint front end) –Hierarchical PPPM structure –Now mandatory for capital programme and projects (500+ users)

13 Valuing People Outline Project Timeline Outline Project Timeline

14 Valuing People Project & Programme Management Community (Wales) Community of Practice Activities

15 Valuing People Establishment of the Programme and Project Management Wales: Community of Practice  At the first regional steering group of the UK Collective Voice in 2009 – decision to establish regional sub-branches to work at more detailed ground level in each region.  The Welsh CoP was created and launched in July 2010 as a result of the work that was ongoing from the UK PPM Collective voice.  August 2010- the Welsh Assembly Government was approached by Swansea and Conwy Councils to participate and help facilitate the newly formed Welsh Public Sector branch. This not only embraces local authorities, but the wider Welsh public sector.  Since this time we have been actively working with the Community to canvas local authorities and other public bodies and replicate the success of the UK forum but with particular emphasis on the Welsh agenda.  January 18 th 2011- launch of CoP at its first fact to face event with 125 attendees from across the Welsh public sector.  The aim of the Community is to raise awareness of PPM and share best practice across the wider public sector both within Wales and the UK.

16 Valuing People Project & Programme Management Community (Wales). Public bodies who form the CoP  Assembly Commission South Wales Police  Bronafon Community Housing Wales Audit Office  Constructing Excellence Wales Welsh Assembly Government  DWP Welsh Health Estates  Environment Agency Welsh Purchasing Consortium  Glamorgan University UWIC Cardiff  Gwalia Housing Valleys to Coast Housing  Intellectual Property Office  Local Authorities: Blaenau Gwent ; Bridgend Cardiff ; Carmarthen ; Ceredigion ; Conwy Denbighshire ; Gwynedd ; Monmouth Merthyr ; Newport ;Neath ; Powys Rhondda Cynon Taf ; Swansea Torfaen ; Vale of Glamorgan  Mid & West Wales Fire Service  Ministry of Justice  Museum of Wales  NHS Wales Informatics  Office for National Statistics  Public Health Wales

17 Valuing People Project & Programme Management Community (Wales). Welsh Assembly Government Enabling Delivery Through Projects Network ( internal CoP)  Series of 4 forums throughout the year to look at range of topics across PPM.  Bi-monthly master class sessions to share best practice and experiences in PPM on topics selected by members  Proposed range of Special Interest Groups to be set up in 2011 to look at specific areas of PPM in depth.  Twice yearly sessions of the Programme & Project Management Wales:Community of Practice ( as per previous slide)  Buddying system to match inexperienced PPM resources with more experienced practitioners  Management of intranet based Lessons Learned database – to disseminate organisational learning

18 Valuing People Contact Details Head Of PPM Development Unit: Mike Page Email: Tel: 029 2082 6777 PPM Capability & Skills Project: Steve Jackson (Project Manager) email: Tel: 029 2080 1083 Enabling Delivery Through Projects Network: Janet Mohamed (Head of PPM Collaborative Development Unit) email: Tel: 029 2082 3432

19 Valuing People Project & Programme Assurance The Role of the Gateway Team

20 Valuing People The Gateway Team Richard Baker Gateway Director Nigel Elias Gateway Strategic Advisor Verity Andrews Gateway Portfolio Leader Sarah Francis Gateway Resource Leader

21 Valuing People Current state Gateway team independent Collaborative working with PPM CDU Gateway process mandatory Working towards OGC Gateway hub accreditation

22 Valuing People What we do Risk analysis Gateway reviews Health checks Peer reviews Assurance of Action Plans (AAP) Assurance guidance

23 Valuing People Risk Analysis Carried out from the earliest part of the programme/project lifecycle RPA1 form mandatory RPA2 form used where medium risk or higher is detected Outcome of risk analysis determines assurance need

24 Valuing People Gateway reviews Mandatory for all high risk and mission critical programmes/projects All reviews organised by the hub Reviewer pool management & training Reviewer accreditation Lessons learned

25 Valuing People Health checks For programmes/projects where either: – risk has been determined as low; or – Programme/project is not ready for a Gateway review, but requires assurance on a specific area 2 categories of health check: – desk-based – peer review

26 Valuing People Peer Reviews Based on ERG Major Projects Reviews Broader scope than Gateway reviews Designed for the individual needs of the SRO Variable duration Team members 3+ Individual interviews with key stakeholders Workshop approach post-report production

27 Valuing People Peer Review Case Study 2-phase peer review conducted on major change programme. The programme has been formally ‘completed’. Reviews identified issues, including some significant challenges and lessons for both the programme and the wider organisation. A lessons learned workshop was held post-review, which identified areas for change and issues requiring resolution. As a result, two important elements have been implemented to help take these requirements forward: –a Transition Group has been established (co-chaired by two Director Generals) to oversee the transition of outstanding workstreams into BAU –creation of a ‘Single Programme Office’ to provide management and support to a portfolio of programmes and projects which form part of the new Enabling Government Framework

28 Valuing People Assurance of Action Plans (AAP) AAP applied to 3 major programmes so far. Outcomes have been good, and all programmes have complied with Gateway recommendations and therefore improved their Delivery Confidence ratings.

29 Valuing People Assurance Guidance Guidance at Assessment Meetings regarding correct (and most applicable) assurance method(s) Guidance to PMs and SROs on assurance planning and implementation Guidance notes available on types of assurance available

30 Valuing People Future Challenges NAO report proposals Coalition Efficiency and reform Mandate and MPA Changing role of OGC Use of civil servant reviewers Raised ministerial expectations Increased expectations from Gateway reviews Greater challenge to programmes/projects: –Time management –Planning (especially assurance) –Financial management –Risk management –Benefits management and realisation

31 Valuing People Gateway Team Contact Details Richard Baker Gateway Director Tel. (029)20825103 Nigel Elias Gateway Strategic Advisor Tel. (029)20823071 Verity Andrews Gateway Portfolio Leader Tel. (029)20825209 Sarah Francis Gateway Resource Leader Tel. (029)20823521


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