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Center for Gifted Studies

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1 Center for Gifted Studies
Welcome! Morgan Fitzgerald Center for Gifted Studies Discovery Night

2 Concept of Magnet Program
Gifted courses—both core and elective Interdisciplinary learning National research-based strategies for working with gifted students Gifted curriculum writer, Dr. Joyce VanTassel-Baska, from the College of William and Mary training our magnet teachers We offer extra-curricular clubs and competitions

3 6th 7th 8th Language Arts Advanced 7th grade LA Advanced 8th grade LA English I Honors (high school credit) Math Mathematics 2 – Pre-Algebra OR Mathematics 1 – Advanced Algebra I Honors Geometry Honors Science Advanced Integrated Science 6th Advanced Integrated Science 7th Advanced Integrated Honors Science 8th Social Studies Ancient Civilizations -Advanced Civics -Advanced American History- Advanced Advanced Academics Literature Research Independent Study 1 Independent Study 2 Independent Study 3 Electives As available per site World Language I (high school credit pending end of course assessment) World Language II (high school credit pending end of course assessment) P.E. /Health Required; can be waived

4 Details Homework Extra-curricular clubs R-Club Technology Camp Fitz

5 Shadowing and Tours For prospective students: Tues. 12/11-Fri. 12/14
Mon. 12/16-Th. 12/20 For accepted students who have not shadowed: Mon. 4/8-Fri. 4/12 Shadowing Experience  Phone: – 4526 x2048 Contact: Mrs. Petersen *Potential electives to shadow: Technology, Art, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, PE/Health, Computer Skills Drop off front office 9:15a, p/u 4:15p across street PPHS -A.M. and Tues. P.M. tours available

6 Student Perspective Dani D’Annunzio 8th grade student

7 Our Fitzgerald Team Stats
Over 150 years of teaching experience 7 Master’s degrees, including Gifted education Spanish education Library media Science education International studies Interdisciplinary studies Social studies education Gifted endorsement

8 Fitzgerald Magnet Teams
6th Grade Team 7th Grade Team 8th Grade Team Mrs. Shuler Language Arts Mrs. Howell Ms. Micalizzi English I Honors Mr. Mortimer Math Mrs. Wolff Mrs. Barretto Mrs. Lefkowicz World History Mr. Leopold Civics Mrs. Caterson U.S. History Ms. Valenti Science Mrs. Carpenter Mr. Scalia Mrs. Callison Advanced Academics Ms. Parks Ms. Perera World Language Ms. Guerra Spanish Immersion

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