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Ch. 3 Settlements Take Root

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1 Ch. 3 Settlements Take Root

2 monarchs Rulers, kings, queens, ect.

3 encomienda A grant from the Spanish government that gave a Spanish settler the right to control local Native Americans

4 Class structure A system for ranking people, often according to power of wealth

5 missionary Someone who travels to a new land to persuade others to believe in a particular religion

6 investor A person who gives money to a business hoping to earn more money in return

7 Cash crop A crop raised to sell Not for use by the people who farm it

8 House of Burgesses A special legislative body (government)
set up by the Virginia Company for the colonists to govern themselves In England a burgess represented a town

9 representatives People chosen by voters to speak and act for them

10 pilgrim A person who goes on a religious journey

11 Mayflower Compact An agreement to explain how the Pilgrims would govern themselves A promise to work together

12 Indentured servant Someone who agrees to work without pay for someone else for a set time They would get food, clothing and shelter They would work between a few months and 10 years At the end of the agreement the servant is free

13 Puritans People who left England so that they could practice religion freely.

14 Northwest Passage A shortcut by water across North America to Asia

15 commerce The business of buying and selling goods

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