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Ch 4 Colonies.

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1 Ch 4 Colonies

2 region An area defined by common features or conditions
Ex- land – coastal- mountains- plains

3 climate The pattern of weather in a place over a long period of time

4 dissent To disagree or disagreement

5 proprietor Someone who owns land or property

6 diverse Groups who have different backgrounds, home countries, beliefs, ect.

7 barter To trade

8 export Products sold to other countries

9 import Products brought from other countries to be sold in the Colonies

10 raw materials Resources that can be made into a product
Ex- timber into a table

11 mercantilism An economic idea in the s that countries would benefit from trade when they exported more than they imported

12 triangular trade A trade that has 3 stops going between Africa, North America, and Europe

13 artisan A skilled worker
Ex- blacksmith, carpenter, wigmaker, basketmaker

14 classes How society groups people, based on wealth or importance

15 slavery A system in which people are bought and sold as if they were property

16 Middle Passage 1st Africans were captured 2nd (Middle Passage)- Africans were forced onto ships – bound together with chains- and made to lay side by side with little room to stand or stretch and left in darkness for weeks or months- some died because of the harsh conditions 3rd- sold and sometimes separated from their families

17 uprising A rebellion- people fought back or against someone in charge

18 King Phillip’s War Metacom a Wampanog leader in New England began a war against the colonists in that region In the end Metacom was defeated and many of his people died

19 Ally A military partner Someone who will fight on your side

20 treaty A formal agreement between countries

21 Pontiac’s Rebellion The British (England) took over the Ohio River valley. They started to change the land This made Pontiac an Ottawa leader mad He led an attack In the end the British won

22 Proclamation of 1763 This was an order from King George III that colonists could not settle land west of the Appalachian Mountains.

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