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Dr. Lesley Messier – Director of Student Services & Exceptional Student Education.

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1 Dr. Lesley Messier – Director of Student Services & Exceptional Student Education

2  Should be vs. reality  Preventative measure  Find what you are looking for!  Each day out of class places a child 2 days behind  One person can change the outcome for a child  The price is right! FREE trainers are provided from USF grant  We are all guilty of forgetting to praise the hard workers, the good people around us!

3  Administrative support is essential  Teachers work as a team  Family component

4  PBS is a research based, positive focus, school- wide program  Creates a positive learning environment that increases student achievement  Reduces discipline & problem behaviors

5  Not implemented in isolation  Not variable across the school  Not only for students with discipline problems

6  Administration is key  Programs vary from school to school  Research based and part of the Response to Intervention federal requirement

7  Like RTI, PBS strives to have 80% healthy learning environment  Both PBS & RTI get at the foundation of learning: good instruction.  Teachers target specific training based on the data, i.e.. bullying, theft, etc..  Support provided by behavioral specialists Japanese proverb: “Nothing is taught until something is Learned”

8  Schools have shown a significant decrease in referrals and disruption to the classroom setting  Research shows that there is a relationship to disruption and achievement

9  Data collection phase  Reducing low grade referrals  Sugarloaf saw a 38% reduction in discipline referrals  Importance of a positive focus in trying times

10  Schools decide incentives based on the students preferences  Extrinsic  intrinsic  School-wide examples: karaoke, race a teacher, yard sale, principal luncheon were huge hits!

11  Parent groups have funded and supported the program  Parent component essential  Several grants in process

12  Helps schools develop a positive culture  Appreciate differences  Teaches teamwork  Creates a positive learning atmosphere!

13 Currently administering PBS:  Poinciana  HOB  Glynn Archer  Sugarloaf  Training May: KLS, MHS, Switlik

14  55 of the 67 Florida School Districts will be implementing PBS by the 2009-2010 school year.  Florida leads the nation with PBS districts at almost 80%  Questions?  For more on Florida PBS go to:

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