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Immersive Virtual Reality

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1 Immersive Virtual Reality
Jeremy Bailenson Department of Communication Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab

2 Virtual Reality as a Communication Medium
Define VR, discuss central concepts Do people treat virtual people like real people: Use personal space as metric Virtual reality application: Person Recognition

3 Structure of Research Hardware Engineering Computer Graphics
User Psychology Experiments

4 Collaborators Stanford Undergraduates Stanford Graduate Students/
Megan Miller Andrew Orin Nicole Lundblad Julia Hu Claire Carlson Aaron Sullivan Boyko Kakaradov Hassan Adubu Josh Ainslie Adriean De La Mora Jon Shih Jaireh Tecarro Sam Warburg Kathryn Rickertsen Jerry Yu Stanford Graduate Students/ Post Docs Nick Yee Kayur Patel Robby Ratan Hunter Gehlbach UCSB Faculty/ Post Docs Andy Beall Jim Blascovich Jack Loomis Matthew Turk Rosanna Guadagno Stanford Faculty Shanto Iyengar Cliff Nass

5 What is VR in Popular Culture?

6 What is VR in Popular Culture?

7 VR in the Real World Expensive Rare Clunky Poor Fidelity but…
Getting Better!

8 What is VR? William Gibson: ‘consensual hallucination’ Jaron Lanier:
‘new post-symbolic paradigm which circumvents representation with a direct experience’

9 Digital Immersive Virtual Environment Technology

10 Technical Specifications
Optical tracking for translation (x,y,z) Accelerometer for rotation (pitch, yaw, roll) Microphone tracks mouth movements (open, closed) Head Mounted Display (1280X1024 in each eye, 60 degrees diagonal Field of View)

11 Technical Specifications
WorldViz Immersive virtual reality turnkey system solutions Specialized on universities & researchers Products Vizard 2.17 software for creating real-time interactivity in 3D worlds PPT 1.2 optical precision position tracker

12 Defining VR: Virtual Human Avatar

13 Defining VR: Virtual Human Representation

14 Defining VR: Virtual Human Representation

15 Defining VR: Tracking and Rendering

16 Immersive Virtual Environment Apparatus (HMD)

17 Proxemics Studied extensively in the social sciences since 1950’s
Do proxemic patterns hold true with virtual humans? (copresence, social presence)

18 Sample Proxemics Task (Old technology…1999!)

19 Sample Data

20 Mutual Gaze Study: Task

21 Mutual Gaze Study: Conditions

22 Mutual Gaze Study: Results

23 Mutual Gaze Study: Results
Minimum Distance (Virtual Human vs. Control Condition) Meters

24 Virtual Human Representation Study
Agents Independent Variables: Gaze (eyes closed vs. mutual gaze) ‘Soul’ (Agent/Avatar) Avatars

25 Virtual Human Representation: Results
Minimum Distance Meters

26 Approaching Virtual Human Study

27 Virtual Human Approach Results

28 Virtual Human Status/Politeness Effects
Tutor Stranger

29 Application: Virtual Reality and Police Lineups

30 Application: Virtual Reality and Police Lineups
Who Stole the Wallet? Who is the suspect? Currently in US, 90 percent of lineups are from Photographs taken at a single angle (not like the television shows)

31 Application: Virtual Reality and Police Lineups

32 Thank you! Virtual Human Interaction Lab

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