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Kevin Kelleher, Director, Human Resources 7/24/20132.

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2 Kevin Kelleher, Director, Human Resources 7/24/20132

3 Project Status Update – Alison Redmond, Project Manager –easyPay Progress –Data Collection Effort –Unit Testing Update –ePay Statement Update –Timeclocks –easyPay Timekeeping System Go-Live Dates –Payroll Liaisons for Testing and Training demo – Guerly Moreau and Barry Roby, ETS New Hire Procedures, Sneak Peeks & Training – Nina Moore, HR Communications Update – Margaret Stapleton, Director OPC Celebrating CM Success – Phyllis King, Lead Change Consultant | Trainer Questions & Wrap Up – Alison Redmond

4 Alison Redmond, Project Manager 7/24/20134

5 5 May 2013 rapid! Paycard Launch Complete ePay Statement Launches July 26 PRESENT Timekeeping System Underway June 2013

6 Data Collection effort started on time - June 24 –Payroll Liaisons completed data collection effort July 16. Data Collection Plans: –Data is imported into Cyborg by 7/17 –Reports will be run by Cyborg and sent to supervisors on 7/24 for validation –Email will be sent to supervisors with spreadsheet explaining validation steps Corrections identified by supervisors should be sent to ETS by 8/7. 7/24/20136

7 Integration testing will start early August to confirm the interfaces running from Kronos to Cyborg and from Midas to Kronos. Unit test will start August 27 26 test scripts have been written to test the pay and work rules for the system. 7/24/20137

8 8 PKING Consulting, Inc. | PACERS CM&T, LLC. 7/24/20138 ePay Statement Launches on July 26 Continue with blue slips 8/9 and 8/23. No more blue slips beginning 9/6 Access via secure employee website. Trifold brochures illustrating step-by-step first time access accompanies 7/26 paystub to be distributed by Payroll Liaisons to all employees. All Payroll Liaisons should receive ePay Statement Quick Reference Cards today Employees will have access to historical paycheck information dating back to pay period ending 3/30/13, payment date 4/5/2013 Payroll to send Push notifications each payday to let employees know statement is available – from special email box,

9 180 Clocks have been ordered. Clocks will be located at key entry points at GC East, GC West and other County locations. 7/24/20139

10 10 PKING Consulting, Inc. | PACERS CM&T, LLC. 7/24/201310

11 July 11 Department/Office Directors were sent a memo requesting participants List is currently being finalized Catrina Stewart-Cosme will be in contact with the identified Payroll Liaisons about Training which will be held in September, to begin to prepare the Testers and Trainers. 7/24/201311

12 Attend a 2-day Managing Timecards and Preparing for Payroll (MTPP) course (September 5/6 or September 9/10 or September 18/19) – Testers and Trainers Participate in testing of easyPay on a part-time basis (mid- September thru early December) – Testers Attend a Train-the-Trainer workshop on managing the classroom (October) – Trainers Attend a two day Train-the-Trainer workshop which teaches staff how to deliver the Manager/Supervisor training (late November) – some Trainers Review and provide input to training material (early October thru early December) – Trainers Assist with formal instructor-led training and informal training activities on a part-time basis (Starting January 7) – Trainers 7/24/201312

13 Guerly Moreau & Barry Roby 7/24/201313

14 7/24/201314 Access to important employee information… anytime, anywhere.

15 Nina Moore, Trainer, Learning & Organizational Development, HR Rita McManus, Payroll Manager 7/24/201315

16 Every new employee now needs an Active Directory user name & password Required for access to online ePay Statement The New Hire Checklist has been updated Full-time / Part-Time / Seasonal / Temporary, etc. How will I obtain my employee’s Active Directory? ETS Access Request Form – Full or Basic Access Information Resources User Acknowledgment Internet Usage, Usercode/Password, Software Protection 7/24/2013

17 17 PKING Consulting, Inc. | PACERS CM&T, LLC. Sneak Peek planning is underway See the actual interface as the system is being built Experience the possibilities! Invitations will be sent 17

18 7/24/201318 PKING Consulting, Inc. | PACERS CM&T, LLC. 18 Nina Moore, Rita McManus & Phyllis King Your easyPay Training Coaches

19 7/24/201319 PKING Consulting, Inc. | PACERS CM&T, LLC. 7/24/2013 Foundations End-user Tasks (online) KPass Manager Tasks (online) Live Class Manager Tasks All Supervisors, Managers & Payroll Liaisons 19

20 Margaret Stapleton, Director, Office of Public Communications 7/24/201320

21 7/24/201321 PKING Consulting, Inc. | PACERS CM&T, LLC. PACERS on easyPay Messages to Watch For QR Codes 7/24/201321

22 Phyllis A. King, Lead Change Management Consultant | Trainer 7/24/201322

23 Status of organizational change EXCELLENT!!! keeping everyone Aware of project activities and how they will be affected. Change Management Feedback –Are you getting enough information? –Have you come across resistance to any of the changes related to the project, if so have you emailed –Are there areas where you think we need to do more? 7/24/201323

24 7/24/201324 PKING Consulting, Inc. | PACERS CM&T, LLC. 7/24/201324 June 2013 Publication – Cyndy Baker May – June 2013 Publication – Anita Washington

25 Phyllis King, Lead Change Management Consultant | Trainer 7/24/201325

26 Questions Next Meeting – August 28, 2013 7/24/201326

27 7/24/201327

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