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StudentsAchievementFuture The Future is Now! Creating the Map 21 st Century Post Secondary Success 21 st Century Post Secondary Success Desired Future.

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1 StudentsAchievementFuture The Future is Now! Creating the Map 21 st Century Post Secondary Success 21 st Century Post Secondary Success Desired Future Get A Map! Get Map Maps Directions What’s New

2 StudentsAchievementFuture “Triple A” Experience 2

3 StudentsAchievementFuture Created by Sherry Peter ’ s AP Sculpturing Class at Winter Springs High School Students: Nicole Hester & Charles Cintron

4 StudentsAchievementFuture....... Define Current Performance Levels Identify Problems Determine and Verify Root Causes Identify Interventions Implementation Evaluate Interventions Continuous Improvement Process Identify Critical Success Factors Continuous Improvement Model (CIM)

5 StudentsAchievementFuture State of the District 2010 FCAT Status/Rankings Graduation Rate Acceleration Rate College Readiness 2010-11+ Challenges 2010-11+ Opportunities

6 StudentsAchievementFuture 2010 FCAT Status Florida Department of Education Several school districts requested further evaluation Independent Evaluation Review Contractors: Buros Center for Testing Human Resource Research Organization (HUMRRO) National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment No specific timeframe for completion of the evaluation No specific timeframe to release 2010 school grades.

7 StudentsAchievementFuture 2010 FCAT Status Seminole County Public Schools SCPS staff conducted a comparative analysis of scores for 2010 FCAT Reading, Math, Writing and Science data for grades 3-10. Central Florida 17 Largest Districts Economically Similar Districts State of Florida Pre-Validation Comparative data was published in the July 27 th Board Agenda

8 StudentsAchievementFuture Pre-Validation Data 8

9 StudentsAchievementFuture Pre-Validation Data 9

10 StudentsAchievementFuture 2009-2010 District READING Test Score Rankings Pre-Validation Data Seminole County's Test Score Rank Among: CENTRAL FLORIDA 17 LARGEST DISTRICTS *SIMILAR DISTRICTS ALL 67 DISTRICTS 20092010200920102009201020092010 READING 3rd Grade1111113+4 4th Grade11111144 5th Grade111+1114+3 6th Grade2233225+7+ 7th Grade1+ 2+1+ 3+ 8th Grade1+1 1 13+2+ 9th Grade21+2 2 4+ 10th Grade22222253+ All Grades Comb1+1 1 13+3 * comparable free and reduced lunch rates 10

11 StudentsAchievementFuture Overall Reading RankDistrictPoints 1St. Johns335 2Santa Rosa333 2Okaloosa333 3Seminole331 4 pts 11

12 StudentsAchievementFuture 2009-2010 District MATH Test Score Rankings Pre-Validation Data Seminole County's Test Score Rank Among: CENTRAL FLORIDA 17 LARGEST DISTRICTS SIMILAR DISTRICTS* ALL 67 DISTRICTS 20092010200920102009201020092010 MATH3rd Grade11111142 4th Grade1111113+3 5th Grade111+1113+2 6th Grade223322810+ 7th Grade1213123+5+ 8th Grade1+1 1 14+4 9th Grade1+1 1 13+3 10th Grade 1+ 3+2+ All Grades Comb11111143 * comparable free and reduced lunch rates 12

13 StudentsAchievementFuture Overall Math RankDistrictPoints 1St. Johns343 2Okaloosa340 3Seminole339 4 pts 13

14 StudentsAchievementFuture 2009-2010 District SCIENCE Test Score Rankings Pre-Validation Data Seminole County's Test Score Rank Among: CENTRAL FLORIDA 17 LARGEST DISTRICTS *SIMILAR DISTRICTS ALL 67 DISTRICTS 20092010200920102009201020092010 SCIENCE 5th Grade222+2224+3 8th Grade22322288 11th Grade2222223+6 All Grades Comb 22222246 * comparable free and reduced lunch rates 14

15 StudentsAchievementFuture Overall Science RankDistrictPoints 1Gilchrist329 2Okaloosa327 3Brevard326 4St Johns325 5Martin324 6Seminole322 7 pts 15

16 StudentsAchievementFuture FCAT Writing Essay* Pre-Validation Data Seminole County's Average Test Score Rank Among: Central Florida Districts 17 Largest Districts *SIMILAR DISTRICTS All 67 Districts 200820092010200820092010200820092010200820092010 4th Grade 22+14+ 2+23+15+6+2+ 8th Grade 1112+3+2+2113+4+2+ 10th Grade 1+ 2 2+1+ 22+ 4+ All Grades Comb 1+ 2+3+2+1+ 2+ 4+2+ * comparable free and reduced lunch rates 16

17 StudentsAchievementFuture 20062007200820092010 Grade 440254226176 Grade 8159237372352480 Grade 10210201162145319 PERFECT ESSAYS 6.0 Writing Scores 576% 36% 120% Percent Improvement 17

18 StudentsAchievementFuture All 9 Seminole County Public High Schools Rank in the Nation’s Top 3%! 18

19 StudentsAchievementFuture 19

20 StudentsAchievementFuture

21 StudentsAchievementFuture FCAT 2010 SCPS Next Steps Communicate weekly with principals and assistant principals Communicate updated information to parents and community Ensure all data received from FL DOE to date is marked “Pre-Validation Data” Work with principals and assistant principals to: Discuss data limitations Impacts on school operations Importance of clear, consistent communication to students, parents and community members Prepare “talking points” and communication tools

22 StudentsAchievementFuture Stay focused on Teaching and Learning Continue preparations for the 2010-11 school year SCPS Next Steps 22

23 StudentsAchievementFuture Graduation Rate - Florida Non-Grads: Certificates of Completion, Dropouts, 5 th Year Graduates

24 StudentsAchievementFuture Graduation Rate National Governors Association (NGA) Non-Grads: Certificates of Completion, Dropouts, 5 th Year Graduates, GED Students

25 StudentsAchievementFuture Graduation Rate Federal (Proposed) Non-Grads: Certificates of Completion, Dropouts, 5 th Year Graduates, Transfers to Adult Education, GED Students, Special Diploma Students

26 StudentsAchievementFuture Elementary Over 1200 elementary school students in PRIMES advanced mathematics Advanced Coursework Middle School Over 10,000 (70%) middle school students in advanced level classes Building the Pipeline… 26

27 StudentsAchievementFuture 20052006200720082009 *2010 AP Exams Taken 82938954915294219741 10,913 Number of AP Exams Passed (3 or higher) 44954947507551895248 6,121 Advanced Placement Data *May 2010 Preliminary Data Acceleration 56% Pass Rate in May 2010!

28 StudentsAchievementFuture 20052006200720082009 IB Candidates (Number of Seniors) 5971908193 IB Diplomas Earned (Percent of Seniors) 85%87%78%80%95% Dual Enrollment NA 440618632 National Merit Scholars 4265524061 College Readiness Central Florida 1 st Acceleration

29 StudentsAchievementFuture SAT 1533 SCPS Average (2009) +58 State Average +24 National Average College Readiness

30 StudentsAchievementFuture Math Readiness Reduced college math remediation from 69% (2007) to 32% (2009 ) Reading Readiness Reduced college reading remediation from 38% (2007) to 24% (2009) College Readiness Reduced the number of SCPS graduates needing at least one college prep course from 78% (2007) to 43% (2009)

31 StudentsAchievementFuture Seminole County Public Schools Seminole State College University of Central Florida “Number One Partnership” “National Model” St. Petersburg Times 31

32 StudentsAchievementFuture 2010-11+ Challenges Last year of federal stabilization funding Loss of ARRA Title I, ESE, ESOL funds Need for voters to approve the half cent Discretionary Sales Tax Class size Impacts Performance Pay FCAT Results/Credibility FCAT Changes : SSS to NGSSS – Professional Development

33 StudentsAchievementFuture 2010-11+ Challenges Computer-Based Testing Impact of Differentiated Accountability Requirements AYP – 79% Reading and 80% Math Proficient Students Uncertainty of Race to the Top Funding/Implications “Black Tide” Economic Impacts Potential of a mid-year budget cut Potential 2011-12 impacting, unfunded legislation Uncertainty of prediction for “active hurricane season”

34 StudentsAchievementFuture Future Opportunities Building a 21st Century, World-Class Workforce 34

35 StudentsAchievementFuture 21 st Century Employee Thinking Teamwork Technology Talent Development 35

36 StudentsAchievementFuture “Closing the Talent Gap, is predicated on the fact that continued enhancement and development of Florida’s talent is the leading determinant of the state’s ability to build a vibrant and innovative economy.” Florida Council of 100 36 Talent Gap

37 StudentsAchievementFuture ZONE 2 Primary/Secondary School Districts ZONE 1 Prekindergarten Preschool At Home ZONE 3 Postsecondary Colleges & Universities ZONE 4 Workforce WORKFORCE On Job Training WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM Lifelong Learning Targeted Business Training Florida’s Talent Supply Chain 37

38 StudentsAchievementFuture Florida’s Talent Supply Chain 1 Seamless, Integrated and Coordinated 2 Access Oriented 3 Market Driven 4 Focused on High Standards, Accountability and Incentives 5 Cost Effective 38

39 StudentsAchievementFuture TRANSITION TO JIM SPAETH-REMORA 39

40 StudentsAchievementFuture The Changing Map of Seminole County Jim Spaeth Remora Partners MapsDirections What’s New

41 StudentsAchievementFuture TRANSITION TO DR. VOGEL 41

42 StudentsAchievementFuture New Directions 2010-2011 Where We Are Start Maps Directions What’s New 21 st Century Opportunities for ALL Students Seminole County’s Future Goal Get Directions

43 StudentsAchievementFuture 43

44 StudentsAchievementFuture New Career Opportunities for Graduates Modeling and Simulation – Over 16,000 jobs/$2.5 Billion in Gross Product Optics and Photonics – Over 15,000 jobs/$2.0 Billion in Gross Product Digital Media – Over 30,000 jobs leveraging modeling/simulation / film and entertainment, and theme park industries Future Opportunities

45 StudentsAchievementFuture Future Opportunities Space – Over 14,500 jobs (currently) with $4.1 billion economic impact; private is increasing Life Science/Biotech – Planned 30,260 jobs/$7.6 billion by 2017 Cleantech – “Metro Orlando is well positioned.” - Metro Orlando Cleantech Student, UCF Institute for Economic Competitiveness, 2009 STEMM Fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) 45

46 StudentsAchievementFuture Create the talent and the future work force Keep the talent here in Seminole County Focus on the Future

47 StudentsAchievementFuture These opportunities are key to our economic survival and an important part of our roadmap to the future! Focus on the Future

48 StudentsAchievementFuture A’s + B’s ‘07-’08‘08-’09‘09-’10‘11-’12 MEET All Schools A’s ? School Grades AYP ‘10-’11 A’s + B’s MEET All Schools AYP MEET District 33% 85% 93% History Making Goals - HMGs 33% 72% 95% ? ? 48

49 StudentsAchievementFuture HMGs 2.0 A – Academics (HMGs, Graduation Rate, Acceleration, College Readiness), Arts, Athletics B – Business Operations, Partnerships C – Community, Family


51 StudentsAchievementFuture Their journey is just beginning… and their opportunities depend on every person in this room. 51

52 StudentsAchievementFuture Virtual Worlds… Real Learning Quest Atlantis Maps DirectionsWhat’s New

53 StudentsAchievementFuture Transition to Quest presentation Show next (last slide) after the Quest presentation 53

54 StudentsAchievementFuture 54

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