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Topic: SI (a.k.a. metric system) EQ: Why did our ancestors create measurement standards?

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1 Topic: SI (a.k.a. metric system) EQ: Why did our ancestors create measurement standards?

2 Why do scientists use SI?
We call this a bell pepper. But in Australia they call it capsicum. And this is a jumper.

3 Or how about this…from
Length: inch, foot, yard, mile, fathom, rod, furlong, league, mil, pole, perch, hand, link, chain Area: square inch, square foot, square yard, acre, square mile, township, square fathom, square rod, square furlong, square league, square mil, square pole, square perch, square hand, square link, square chain Volume: gallon, liquid quart, dry quart, liquid pint, dry pint, fluid ounce, teaspoon, tablespoon, minim, fluid dram, gill, peck, bushel, cubic inch, cubic foot, cubic yard, cubic fathom, cubic rod, cubic furlong, cubic mile, cubic league, cubic mil, cubic pole, cubic perch, cubic hand, cubic link, cubic chain Mass: pound, apoth. pound, ounce, apoth. ounce, dram, apoth. dram, grain, spoth. scruple, pennyweight, short hundredweight, long hundredweight, short ton, long ton Force: pound, ton Pressure: pounds per square inch, pounds per square foot, pounds per square yard, pounds per acre, pounds per square mile, pounds per township, pounds per square fathom, pounds per square rod, pounds per square furlong, pounds per square league, pounds per square mil, pounds per square pole, pounds per square perch, pounds per square hand, pounds per square link, pounds per square chain, tons per square inch, tons per square foot, tons per square yard, tons per acre, tons per square mile, tons per township, tons per square fathom, tons per square rod, tons per square furlong, tons per square league, tons per square mil, tons per square pole, tons per square perch, tons per square hand, tons per square link, tons per square chain Energy: calorie, inch-pound, foot-pound, yard-pound, mile-pound, fathom-pound, rod-pound, furlong-pound, league-pound, mil-pound, pole-pound, perch-pound, hand-pound, link-pound, chain-pound, inch-ton, foot-ton, yard-ton, mile-ton, fathom-ton, rod-ton, furlong-ton, league-ton, mil-ton, pole-ton, perch-ton, hand-ton, link-ton, chain-ton Power: horsepower, inch-pound per second, foot-pound per second, yard-pound per second, mile-pound per second, fathom-pound per second, rod-pound per second, furlong-pound per second, league-pound per second, mil-pound per second, pole-pound per second, perch-pound per second, hand-pound per second, link-pound per second, chain-pound per second, inch-ton per second, foot-ton per second, yard-ton per second, mile-ton per second, fathom-ton per second, rod-ton per second, furlong-ton per second, league-ton per second, mil-ton per second, pole-ton per second, perch-ton per second, hand-ton per second, link-ton per second, chain-ton per second Temperature: degrees Fahrenheit, Celsius

4 So why do you think scientists use SI?
Turn to your table partner and discuss. Be prepared to share!

5 So how does SI work? Take a base/unit, depending upon what is being measured Add an appropriate prefix

6 Units/bases For ………………….use Length meter (m) Mass gram (g)
Volume liter (L) Time second (s) Temperature Celsius (C)

7 Prefixes Kilo (k) 1000 hecto (h) 100 deka (da) 10 (unit or base) 1
deci (d) centi (c) milli (m) So…how can you remember this?

8 Use a silly saying! King Henry doesn’t usually drink chocolate milk.

9 It’s time for….Metric Mania!!!!

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