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BHTV 2:0 An attempt to create Siliconia in Indonesia Budi Rahardjo

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1 BHTV 2:0 An attempt to create Siliconia in Indonesia Budi Rahardjo

2 July 2006BHTV 2.02 The Lonesome Programmer? Myth: Programmers work ALONE?

3 July 2006BHTV 2.03 The World Is Flat You can work from anywhere “In a flat world you can innovate without having to emigrate.”

4 July 2006BHTV 2.04 The World Is Spiky Clustered areas population concentration light emissions (economic activity) patent filings citations to scientists in leading fields

5 July 2006BHTV 2.05 Siliconia Siliconia are appropriations of names beginning with "Silicon" by areas outside Silicon Valley. Siliconia inspired and is linked from a two-page spread in the September 1998 issue of Wired (pp. 136-137).

6 July 2006BHTV 2.06 2000

7 July 2006BHTV 2.07 2004/6

8 July 2006BHTV 2.08 World’s Siliconias Silicon Hills (Austin, Texas, USA) Kempele (Oulu, Finland) Silicon Alley (Manhattan, USA) Silicon Fen (Cambridge, England) Kista (Suburb of Stockholm) Multimedia Gulch (South of Market, San Francisco) Shinjuku (Japan) Silicon Bog (Ireland) Silicon Dominion (Virginia) Silicon Wadi (Israel), Cyber District (Summer and Congress Streets, Boston) Hoxton (Northwest, London) Silicon Forrest (Seattle vs. Portland) Silicon Island (Taiwan) Silicon Valley of the East (Dresden/Elbe River Valley, Germany) Sophia Antipolis (South of France) Silicon Glen (Glasgow to Edinburg) Digital Coast (Greater Los Angeles) Media Valley (Inchon, Korea) Silicon Plateau (Bangalore, India) Softopia (Gifu, Japan), Silicon City (Chicago) Telecom Valley (Minas Gerais, Brazil) Czech Tech (Prague) [Wieners, 1998]

9 July 2006BHTV 2.09 Indonesia’s Siliconias Bandung (Bandung High Tech Valley) Bali (Bali Camp) Yogyakarta Bogor Toba (Toba Tech) Batam, Jakarta (Kemayoran Cyber City) Cimahi (Cimahi Cyber City) … Mostly directed towards property Most important: Human Resources

10 July 2006BHTV 2.010 What is BHTV Originally, a study @ Ministry of Industry and Trade (1996)

11 July 2006BHTV 2.011 Targeted Indonesian Electronics Export 3.9 6 13 30 19961997198819992000200320062010 In billion US$ Target 24% p.a. target US$ 30 billion Rescue Recovery Growth

12 July 2006BHTV 2.012 Initiatives to achieve goal Electronic Super Sites (ESS); Development of Cilegon – Jakarta – Cikampek – Purwakarta – Padalarang – Bandung highway corridor (which was completed in 2005); Incentives, taxation, and training program; Domestic market – distribution scheme; Bandung High Tech Valley (BHTV); Technology transfer agency; And Software and Engineering Support Development.

13 July 2006BHTV 2.013 BHTV

14 July 2006BHTV 2.014 Jakarta Cikampek Purwakarta Padalarang Bogor Bandung Cilegon Cikande Rangkasbitung Pamanukan Koridor JKT-CKP Koridor JKT-CLG Koridor CIPULARANG R&D Centers Central Government Serpong BHTV Departemen Perindustrian & Perdagangan Source: Departemen Perindustrian & Perdagangan

15 July 2006BHTV 2.015 Bandung SciTech community ITB Universities: UNPAD, UNPAR, UNISBA, ITENAS, STT Telkom, UPI, … Research Centers: PPAU RISTI LIPI MIDC B4T Etc. LEN INTI CMI Quasar PT DI: aircraft industry PINDAD PT TELKOM BHTV Technology Infrastructure Software Hardware Houses Modified from original source: Direktorat Industri Elektronika, Dirjen ILMEA, Deprindag PT KAI (railways) PT POS

16 July 2006BHTV 2.016 Disruptive Technologies from Bandung Palapa Satellite (76)Nurtanio / PT DI (80s)

17 July 2006BHTV 2.017 Critical Success Factors Wieners and Hillner in 1998 Wired magazine article 1.the ability of the area’s university and research facilities to train skilled workers or develop new technologies; 2.the presence of established multinational companies as anchors to provide economic stability; 3.the population’s entrepreneurial drive; and 4.the availability of financial support in form of venture capitals

18 July 2006BHTV 2.018 BHTV 2.0 A more formal approach to BHTV: 2005 – 2020? –Various initiatives are on the queue It took 15 years from Frederick Terman’s initiative (60s) to Apple boom (1975)

19 See You In The Future …

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