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Welcome to Kindergarten! All you want to know… And more!

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1 Welcome to Kindergarten! All you want to know… And more!

2 Home of the Bobcats  Our school colors are Blue and Gold  Our mission is to Believe ~ Act ~ Achieve  Over 50 years of Excellence in Education  5 Star School  Alliance for a Healthier Generation Silver award winner

3 People you might meet … Lisa Roth, Principal Fran Harvey, Asst. Principal Ann Yount, School Secretary/Bookkeep er Nina Al-As ’ ad Data Management Technician Christal Reaves, Guidance Counselor Kim Cole, Family and Community Liaison Deby Lundy, Front Office Clerk

4 Kindergarten Teachers Shana Davis Deborah Fike Kathleen Kizilelma Kim Sullivan Ashley Rucker Amy Seibert Donna Douglas

5 Is your child ready for Kindergarten?

6 Independent? knows his/her first and last name takes care of their own belongings takes care of bathroom needs by themself dresses himself/herself with little help ties/fastens shoes blows his/her own nose

7 Ready for learning? Are books important to them ? Can they recognize their own name and some letters of the alphabet ? Can they write their name ? Can they recognize basic shapes colors ? Can they use crayons and children’s scissors ?

8 How prepared is your child… Does your child attempt things you ask them to do? Show respect for others? Express needs appropriately? Interact appropriately with both peers and adults?

9 Give your child one to two simple directions to follow. Teach them that hands are for helping not hurting. Teach them to be kind to others and share. 3 things you can do

10 Health Screenings School nurse on campus once a week. Vision and Hearing screenings done in grades K, 1, 3, 5

11 Teachers can request screenings for… Articulation (speech sound errors) Fluency (stuttering) Voice (hoarseness) Speech or Language Concerns?

12 Special Programs Art, Music, and PE

13 Before & After School Care YMCA is onsite at Belcher Elementary (727) 536-7935

14 Get Involved! Volunteer Join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Join the School Advisory Counsel (SAC)

15 Volunteers Must be registered and approved Cannot volunteer or go on field trips unless you are registered Many volunteer opportunities can be done at home Contact KIM COLE At (727) 538-7437

16 Dress Code Shorts must be longer than your child’s fingertips when hands are at their side Shirts must have sleeves Closed toe tennis shoes or sneakers No midrifs or mesh shirts allowed

17 Labels, Labels, Labels Make sure you have your child’s name on their belongings… jackets, lunch boxes, towels, clothes, backpack

18 Are they wearing clothes they can put back on after a restroom visit? Are they wearing clothes that can get dirty? Are shoes appropriate for both PE and the playground? Can they open lunch items by themselves? Did you check their agenda for messages? Is your child ready for a day at school?

19 What now? Meet the Teacher! First Day of School Friday, August 15, 2014 11am-Noon Monday, August 18, 2014

20 School Hours 8:35am to 2:35pm Monday through Friday

21 Thanks so much for coming !

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