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Teresa Booeshaghi VCTC Program Manager Bureau of Waste Cleanup.

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1 Teresa Booeshaghi VCTC Program Manager Bureau of Waste Cleanup

2 Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit Program Eligibility, Process, and Requirements Changes Common Mistakes & Techniques for Improvement Statistics Rule Update

3 Florida Statute 376.30781 —Incentive to encourage voluntary cleanup by awarding corporate income tax credits to offset site rehabilitation or solid waste removal costs

4 Tax Credit Type Site Rehabilitation Site Rehabilitation Completion Order (SRCO) Affordable HousingHealth Care Solid Waste Removal Maximum Credit for Costs Incurred and Paid from 07/01/1998 to 06/30/2006 35% $250,000 10% $50,000 N/A Maximum Credit for Costs Incurred and Paid after 06/30/2006 50% $500,000 25% $500,000 25% $500,000 N/A 50% $500,000 Maximum Credit for Costs Incurred and Paid after 12/31/2007 50% $500,000 25% $500,000 25% $500,000 50% $500,000

5 Executed Cleanup Agreement Voluntary Cleanup Agreement (VCA) Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program (DSCP) sites Drycleaning-solvent contaminated sites where the real property owner has not owned or operated the drycleaning facility Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement (BSRA) Solid Waste Removal Not operated as a permitted solid waste disposal area Not operated for monetary compensation

6 “integral to site rehabilitation” As required by Chapter 62-785 F.A.C. - Brownfields Chapter 62-782 F.A.C. - Drycleaning Examples Include: Site Assessment Activities Remedial Actions Solid Waste Removal from eligible Brownfield Sites Legal Assistance (directly related to the voluntary cleanup)

7 Submit: A completed application with a $250 application review fee Supporting Documentation Cover pages of BSRA or VCA Contractual Records, Payment Requests and Payment Records CPA Report P.E./P.G. Certification SRCO Letter Affordable Housing Documentation Healthcare Facility/Provider Documentation

8 Site Rehabilitation Solid WasteSRCO Affordable Housing Healthcare Frequency AnnualOnce Due Date January 31 of the year following the calendar year for which site rehabilitation costs are being claimed After all costs incurred Upon issuance of SRCO When requirements are satisfied

9 VCTC Certificate

10 2010 Statutory Change Site Rehabilitation Applications- Site Rehabilitation costs can now be paid up until the application is submitted, but no later than January 31 HOWEVER, site rehabilitation must still be performed between January 1 and December 31

11 New and Improved Application Form Applicants Can Now Choose to Receive Application Correspondence via E-mail or Mail Point of Contact for the Applicant, and Authorized Agent Information Consolidated Affidavit Section




15 Submittal of an Incomplete Application

16  Missing Information o Include a Copy of First and Last Pages of BSRA or VCA o CPA Report (for site rehabilitation and solid waste) o All Appropriate Parts of the Application Must Be Completed  Not Signed, Notarized or Sealed  Lacking Supporting Documentation !!! o Contractual Records o Payment Requests o Payment Records

17 Submittal of an Incomplete Application Claiming Ineligible Costs

18  Brownfield Area Designation Costs  Redevelopment Costs  Site Rehabilitation Performed Outside the Appropriate Time Period

19 Submittal of an Incomplete Application Claiming Ineligible Costs Failure to Prorate Costs When Appropriate

20  Don’t Include Redevelopment Costs  Don’t Include Costs for the “Extras”

21 Clear and Detailed Records Contractual Records Payment Requests Payment Records Make Sure Your Application is Complete Include the $250 Review Fee (Cashier’s check or Money Order) Signed and Sealed Include CPA Report Keep it Organized

22 183 Tax Certificates Total Awarded $15,523,651.60 Another $7,379,777 Approved But Not Yet Issued



25 Rule Workshop Held on November 5, 2010 Notice of Proposed Rule will be Published on November 23, 2010 Final January 2011??

26 Teresa Booeshaghi, VCTC Program Manager (850) 245-8933 Kim Walker, Brownfield Liaison (850) 245-8934 Robert DuCasse, DOR (850) 922-4715

27 VCTC Brownfields Rule Development

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