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FDOT Central Office ITS Software Update

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1 FDOT Central Office ITS Software Update
Trey Tillander, P.E. Traffic Engineering and Operations Office

2 SunGuide™ Software Update
Release 3.0 Release 3.1 Release 4.0 Future

3 SunGuide™ Software FDOT Owns 31 Subsystems / 17 Drivers (including Releases 3.1 and 4) FDOT Uses 6 TxDOT Subsystems and 4 TxDOT Drivers 1,309 Functional Requirements Through Release 3.0 2.1 Million Single Lines of Code Through Release 3.0.3

4 SunGuide™ Software Release 3.0
7 New Subsystems Enhancements to 9 Existing Subsystems 7 New Drivers Builds on Release 2.2 by Further Integrating and Enhancing the Event Management and Reporting Subsystems Supports performance measures data collection and reporting

5 SunGuide™ Software Release 3.0
Video Incident Detection Driver Road Ranger / AVL Subsystem Responder Audit Subsystem Event Viewer Subsystem Configuration Editor Subsystem

6 SunGuide™ Software Release 3.0
D5 iFlorida Enhancements 511 subsystem Web server Operational data store subsystem American dynamics CCTV driver

7 SunGuide™ Software Release 3.0
Release 3.0 Installed in December 2007 After 9 months of design, development, and testing R3.0.3 Operational in January – March 2008 D2 – Jacksonville D4 – Broward D5 – Orlando D6 – Miami D7 – Tampa CO – TERL Release Planned Operational for Miami-Dade Expressway Authority in April 2008

8 SunGuide™ Software Release 3.1
Adds 176 Functional Requirements I-95 Express Lanes Pricing subsystem Variable time of day Manual incident override Toll viewer Enhancements to dynamic message sign and event management subsystems

9 SunGuide™ Software Release 3.1
Letter of Authorization on November 20, 2007 Design Reviews in January 2008 and March 2008 FAT Scheduled for April 2008 Deployment to D6 Miami RTMC in May 2008

10 SunGuide™ Software Release 4.0
Adds 82 Functional Requirements Enhancements to Existing Travel Time Subsystem Probe Travel Time Subsystem AVI Data Collection Drivers LPR Data Collection Drivers Supports Legacy Projects for D5, OOCEA, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (iFlorida), and D3 (Tallahassee)

11 SunGuide™ Software Release 4.0
Data Fusion Subsystem Supports next generation Florida ATIS – 511 IVR and Web site Builds off iFlorida and existing statewide ATIS Floodgate message enhancements Weather information Center-to-center enhancements

12 SunGuide™ Software Release 4.0
Letter of Authorization on August 13, 2007 Design Reviews in November 2007 and January 2008 FAT Planned for July 2008 Deployments Beginning August 2008

13 SunGuide™ Software Future
DMS Messaging / Response Plan Enhancement Florida Highway Patrol Computer-Aided Dispatch Interface Express Lanes Enhancement to support I-95 Express Phases 1B and 2 Fully dynamic Automated incident override

14 SunGuide™ Software Future?
AMBER Alert Enhancement? Call Center Subsystem? * FHP? Motorist aid call boxes?

15 Questions? Trey Tillander, P.E. FDOT Central Office 850-410-5617

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