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The World is my Classroom ACEC Conference 2012 Anne Google doc:

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1 The World is my Classroom ACEC Conference 2012 Anne Mirtschin @murcha Google doc:

2 Google doc: Todays Meet

3 I am 24 years old and, Freshman of Hokusei University. It is located in Sapporo Japan. And 180 million people lives in Sapporo city This is my questions. What dose Hawkesdale P12 College or, Your town looks like? What do you want to be in the future or, What are you going to do after graduate school? What is your hobby? and, What do you do when you hang out with your friends?

4 Hi Yuya, My name's Josh and Hawkesdale is a very small town with about 200 people living in it. I am currently living in a bigger town by the name of Port Fairy, i don't know the population, but it is on the coast of Victoria. It's a very historical town and there are a lot of old monuments in it. What i want to do in the future i don't know yet, but my hobbies are playing video games, listening to music and hanging with my friends. What i do when i hang out with my friends, we either play xbox or walk around or even go fishing. sometimes i just kick the football around with them as well. What about you? What are your hobbies and what do you do when you hang out with your mates??


6 [26/09/2012 9:25:16 PM] jason guptill: Any time you want to get your students together with mine would be great. My students only have a book knowledge of the world.

7 Come, I want to show you my classroom!




11 Will Richardson quote on Learning is Now! What a great model for the immediacy of learning that can happen these days, and the relevance. When you think about all of the things that your students could learn and practice here, interviewing skills, geography and geology, information research, retrieval, editing, organization and sharing, all in the larger context of perhaps assisting those in need who were thousands of kilometers away. I want to make the point, however, that it's all grounded in your own understanding of these technologies and the ways in which they can help us connect. If you didn't have that knowledge and experience, this probably would not have happened, and that really is the goal of what we're all trying to do here, get more comfortable in using these technologies to learn in our own practice. Thanks so much for sharing this great snippet of learning from your classroom.


13 A linkup with a school in Russia

14 Across the World – Russian linkups

15 The US Embassy and one of our local libraries are organising a competition of students projects under the general title "Russia nad the USA - Facing Each Other" One of the projects category is Climate Change Issue. The school kids will have to present any kind of investigation on the Global Warming topic.

16 From an email…. Will you be able to skype with my students today at 11:45-12:30 my time? My important event will be on Thursday, Dec 15th at 16:00- 17:00 my time.



19 Another email…. The link up was great! My colleages were impressed. Guess what... Our link up got into TV news! Here is link 161841-uxun.htm 161841-uxun.htm The report is about the day when all the principals of military schools all over Russia came to our school. We tried to show the best educational technologies. Our Skype-conversation is described as the example of innovative teaching. Isn't it great?

20 Information Evening Testing


22 Kerala, India

23 The linkups – Moscow Russia

24 International Peace Day with a Special School

25 Foresee and sense cultural misunderstanding Should Australia go to India to play sport?




29 Sample questions 1.Please write some bullet points about what has been happening to Indians in Australia in the past year. Include the response from Indians as well as the impact of these events on the upcoming Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi. 2.Why do you think these incidents of violence have been occurring against Indians? Is it happening against other ethnic groups in Australia?



32 Who’s that in our Classroom?.

33 From the chat! Wow Turtle: sick as Ha look at that! Turtle: been here Grade 2/3 Woodford: Could you tell us more about the sink hole Ian? Cara hawk: hey bj they probally go through records from when they first evoved

34 And also.... Joshua: i like red rock i hAVE BEEN UP THEIR we are going there soon It's pretty :) do you know where mt eccells?? water looks awesome Looks good to swim in ;) wow thats blue, how did it get blue? do you know where mt eccells is?? How many years ago did the volcano at Mt Gambier erupt? Theres heaps of thoose rocks in Hawkesdale and Penshurst James to Turtle: caught a barracuda there

35 The Bats Cara hawk: his wing looks like it's going to brake 4B DGPS: what age do the bats learn to fly? Billy-Jo Hawk: Did it try to escape from you? Grade 2/3 Woodford: How many teeth do bats have? Trevo hawk: what happen to it eye Cara hawk: how easy is it to brake a bats wing smithy: arent they posisoness Grade 2/3 Woodford: What do bats feel like? jasmine.j: do they hurt scottinea: are the bats dead or did u catch them alive? Grade 2/3 Woodford: What do bats eat? 4B DGPS: are they really blind? Billy-Jo Hawk: Is there black bats, like full black? Moderator (Miss Iro, Mrs Gow and year 6/7): do bats carry any diseases Grade 2/3 Woodford: What sort of fauna and flora live in the sinkholes?

36 You can’t ask questions of a textbook!











47 Hi Flick! Picture is very beautiful I think there are a lot of good day in Australia. How do you think of that? Recently, I always bring fold-up umbrella, because I often catch in a shower I will follow you example. I am going to try to study Korean more and more. Now many people are interested in Korean in Japan because there are a lot of beautiful actress and actor in Korean. Obachann who is 30-50 years Japanese women loves Korean actor. I have a favor to ask of you. Now I study English, but my English have a lot of mistakes. I want you to check my English and correct mistakes if you have time. Thanks, Ayaka

48 Your English is quite good for the majority of your writing but I have written it now as I would have. However, I was unable to complete your second paragraph because I could not understand what Obachann was. Could you please tell me? Chloe Hi Chloe! I appreciate your kindness. "Obachan" is women whose age are 30-50 and they have warm heart and great energy. Most of them love going to shopping, watching Korean dramas and having a chat in the street. Thanks, Ayaka

49 1) I think the important things for learning foreign language would be so we can communicate with other people or friends. i have some friends over in america and others in indonesia and austria, i have to stop and think before i can reply back because English is their second language. 2) My favoruite way of studying foreign languages would be actually talking with the other people. and playing games with them or listening to the music.





54 Communities Involved Hawkesdale P12 College SMJK Poi Lam SJK(C) Ave Maria Convent Melbourne City Council Innovations & Next Practice DEECD Education Federation Square Perak Tourism Melbourne Writers Festival Malaysian Writers Festival


56 What do you look for in a friend?

57 What skills are important to learn?




61 Kerala India

62 A Global Brain

63 A Friday double with 9/10 ICT elective Original plans ‘fallen through’ due to firewall issues with a collaborative Japanese moodle General tiredness In desperation, posted a msg on HLW Skypers group for someone to skype in for approx 10 mins David from Illinois, Chicago responds affirmatively – suggests mystery skype Teachers from Sth Africa, Central America and USA created a rewarding lesson for us. Setting the Scene……………………..

64 Some of the skype chat 30 mins prior to my class

65 [10:56:31 AM] Living Maths: Daivd and Anne,... have you considered using a google doc.,.. let the kids read and ask questions and you type all your responses - it will be nice to keep the "evidence“ APZhYSMo0TmhLlyxw8UVnos/edit [11:01:28 AM] Living Maths: map in... now its too easy ;) [11:03:38 AM] Living Maths: Chicago = coghaci [10:57:07 AM] David Karnoscak: See you then. Just knock on my door when you are ready. [10:58:18 AM] Living Maths: A true and you can load maps in it and you can insert QR codes too [10:59:18 AM] Living Maths: and you can make an anagram from the letters in your state's name and let them unjumble the,m Or for 10 grade cnelstnriaiogssuiottahicaldoeieimfca [11:17:49 AM] David Karnoscak: wow..I don't think even grad students could figure it out.

66 I desperately needed a coffee! It was morning recess!

67 On return a google doc was setup ready to use with the class!

68 Mystery Skype

69 Students…. Could only ask questions that could be responded to by ‘yes’ or ‘no’ eg Are you on earth? Are you in the northern hemisphere? Yes Are you in france? Are you on a island near Australia?


71 Clues!


73 Our questions of Dave:- are you on earth Are you in the northern hemisphere? Yes are you in france Are you on a island near Australia 5. are you in a communist country? no 6. Are you in a heavy populated area? 7Are you in a country where British had established colony? 8 are you in europe 10are you in africa 9 are in in asia Do you play any sports?yes do you like to play basketball? yes Are you in Europe? No Do you live in South America? No Do you live on a coast line? No Do you live in the capital city of your state? No Do you have 52 stars on your flag? NoSee full documentSee full document

74 Reflections

75 Mystery Skype no.2








83 Middle America - Honduras

84 When is a Mouse not a Moose?

85 Student Blog Reflection

86 Scratch World Friends http://miyata.hiroba.sist.chukyo- http://miyata.hiroba.sist.chukyo- Our sprites for the World Friends site Happy birthday Scratch


88 International Dot Day

89 Fable Vision

90 Global Projects

91 Teacher Sourcing

92 An interpreter!

93 What do you know about Russia?

94 Our questions of Russia

95 Flat Classroom Projects

96 The K2 Building Bridges


98 Voicethread Youblisher for e-book publishing

99 What makes a good teacher?


101 Projects

102 Coming up…..




106 Requirements for success Passion Ownership of ideas and projects Connections Communication Taking risks Determination Testing

107 Where to find others! Classroom2.0 Flat Classroom Projects Educators’ Guide to Innovation Global Education Collaborative the Australia Series the Australia e-Series facebook groupAustralia e-Series facebook group School beyond the walls Global Classroom epals Look for new and trending social networking sites eg pinterest

108 Online webinars Tech Talk Tuesdays:- eT@lking: Classroom2.0 LIVE

109 Online Conferences K12 Online Conference Global Education Conference Library 2.0 Web2.0

110 The Classroom is my World……..

111 …….The World is my Classroom

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