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SIIF: Structured Implementation and Information Frameworks UWWTD SIIF concept European Commission Directorate General for Environment Unit C.2 - Marine Environment & Water Industry

EU DBs EU website(s) and all other data and map viewers EU The information 1 - Focus on compliance 2 - Be easy to access and focus on user's need 3 - Be up-to-date, accurate and comparable 4 - Be forward Looking Automatic exchange of data The Process 5 - Decentralize, self-assess and qualify 6 - Share automatically 7 - Increase efficiency and reduce administrative burden 8 - Develop step-by-step National DBs National website(s), data and map wiewers MS

3 Different data, working together
Core set: stable data (e.g. UWW treatment plant) Environmental reporting e.g. collection system (art. 3) or treatment plant (Art. 4) Socio-economic (incl. implementation plan) e.g. investmant plan, construction timing

4 SIIF the main objectives 2014-2015
UWWTD SIIF Concept paper produced begining 2014 (former 2013 contract) ( ad5e858e5) Development of three SIIF pilot project (SI, CY, LT) (new contract) development of three national websites, test of automatic exchange of data with EEA Improvement of EEA tools hyperlinks to existing national UWWTPs (France, Greece, national pilot MS websites, …), Improvement of EEA UWWTD map and data viewer (visualisation of the whole information of the database, creation of layers per pressure BOD, N and P,….) Improvement of reporting under article 15 and 17 of the UWWTD Improvement of DWD reporting

5 Existing SIIF compatible websites
More national information Future development direct access to EU and national fiches New EEA UWWD ESRI map viewer Focus on compliance, allows sharing of data, easy to access, user-friendly, be up-to-date National UWWTP fiche National sanitation website

6 Possibility to improve the visualisation
of the existing data. Creation of EU fiches European UWWTD database To be developed EU UWWTP fiche National UWWTD database National UWWTP fiche

7 Possibility to create a common approach
for water data viewers

8 Possibility to develop map viewers per thematic
(eutrophication, WFD, MSFD,…) Click on click off to make appear or disappear Acces to layers

9 Example of improvement of our work
Possibility to easily copy elements from the map viewers to illustrate a document/report/answer to a question

10 The effect of SIIF compatible tools and websites
SIIF concept has not only to do with data but also to give easy access to all kind of information (regulation, reports, action plans, existing website, specific tools…) SIIF allows to implement public access to environmental information directive, INSPIRE directive and the new decision regarding the General Union Environment Action Programme to 2020 SIIF allows citizens, civil servants, researchers, companies… to increase their knowledge, better do their work, save time and money, increase the quality of our environment… SIIF allows time saving for states and the Commission answering to public SIIF allows to have more accurate data SIIF increases the number of visitors of EU and national websites Example of french Sanitation website : more than 500 visitors per day The website is usefull for lots of users even for the general public

11 of SIIF compatible WFD website
Prototype/example of SIIF compatible WFD website

12 Thank you for your attention.


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