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1 Madrid, 07 th February 2012 15 th SG Meeting South Gas Regional Initiative.

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1 1 Madrid, 07 th February 2012 15 th SG Meeting South Gas Regional Initiative

2 2 Index 10:30-10:40I.Opening 1.Welcome 1.Agenda and minutes from the last meeting (for approval) 10:40- 11:20 I.ACER and EC role in the Regional Initiatives (ACER presentation) Preparation for the PCI identification in 2012 (EC presentation) 11:20 – 12:30I.Capacity Allocation Mechanism 1. CAM to apply in the interconnection Spain-Portugal Regulators presentation. TSOs presentation 1.Capacity platforms (GRTgaz presentation) 12:30-12:50 I.Congestion Management Procedures harmonisation: Update of work done (for information by TSOs) Update on CMP draft (for information by a Member State) 12:50 -13:10COFFE BREAK 13:10-13:40 I.Regional Investment Plant in the South Region (GRIP) (presentation by TSOs) 13:40-14:00 I.MIBGAS: Study on cross border tariffs between Portugal and Spain- public consultation (for information by Regulators) 14:00-14:20 I.Transparency: questionnaires to check compliance with Regulation 715/2009 (for information by Regulators) 14:20-15:00I.AOB and next meetings 1.Meetings calendar (for information by Regulators)

3 3 III. Capacity Allocation Mechanisms Area of workResponsibleStartingDeadline CAM harmonisation proposal (CAM pilot testing Sp ‐ Pt borders) TSOsJan. 2011Jan. 2012

4 4 CAM to apply in the interconnection Spain-Portugal DECIDED. Mechanism: yearly coordinated auctions to sell available capacity between Portugal and Spain. Monthly products.. Capacity to be sold in a single virtual point aggregating the current physical available capacity at the two interconnection points. Firm capacity to be maximise. Capacity that is subjected to operational restrictions can be sold as interruptible.. Product: Bundled capacity- the same capacity will be allocated at the two sides of the border to the same company.. Gas day: from 0 to 24 h in each country (working as currently).. Units: kWh/day.. Definition of allocation procedure: volume-based cleared-price auctions with a single round. Shippers will submit requests for a number of price steps for each month capacity product they want. Shippers will be allowed to submit bids and to withdraw or modify bids previously submitted during some days. At the end of each day, TSOs will publish the aggregated results. No provisional interim allocation will be performed. Capacity will be allocated after the final bidding window closes.

5 5 CAM to apply in the interconnection Spain-Portugal DECIDED. Price: The regulated tariff will be the reserve price (related to firm capacity). For interruptible tariff calculation TSOs need to provide regulators with the probability of interruption. Marginal pricing for each capacity product shall be used.. Secondary capacity markets: Capacity is sold to the same company at both sides of the border. TSOs need to be informed by shippers of the secondary capacity trades before the yearly, monthly and daily limits for programming and nomination, so they can identify the owners of the capacity.. Application of the procedure for the first time: June 2012.. Gas year: CAM NC draft: 1 st October to 30 th September.

6 6 REMAINING POINTS TO BE DEFINED BY REGULATORS. Definition of allocation procedure: Regulators must decide how to match offer and demand and calculate the final price (one price with pro-rata or the two last prices to allocate all the capacity). Allocation of capacity on the Portuguese side corresponding with capacity already contracted on the Spanish side.. Price and revenues. CMP application and short-term capacity allocation after the auction, during the gas year.. Definition of interruptible price regime CAM to apply in the interconnection Spain-Portugal

7 7 REMAINING POINTS TO BE PROPOSED BY TSOs. Products: specific capacities (figures) to be sold as firm and interruptible.. Definition of allocation procedure:  Duration of bidding window.  Definition of price steps.. Companies allowed to request the same products on both sides of the countries.. Request format, to fill out by shippers when asking for capacity.. Calendar. CAM to apply in the interconnection Spain-Portugal

8 8 IV. Congestion Management Procedures harmonisation Area of workResponsibleStartingDeadline CMP harmonisation proposal (CMP pilot testing Fr ‐ Sp borders) NRAs-TSOsJan. 2011Jan. 2012

9 9 V. Regional Investment Plan in the South Region (GRIP) Area of workResponsibleStartingDeadline Drafting of the South Regional Investment Plan 2012 TSOsJul. 2011Jan. 2012

10 10 Regulators proposal:  To launch a public consultation on the TSOs GRIP, from 7th February to 7th March 2012. Regional Investment Plan in the South Region (GRIP)

11 11 VI. MIBGAS V.1 Sp-Pt study on cross border tariffs Area of workResponsibleStartingDeadline CNE-ERSE joint study on tariff regimes in Spain and Portugal NRAs2010Dec. 2011

12 12 Sp-Pt study on cross border tariffs Public Consultation was launched on the 18 th January 2012  Analysis of cross border transmission gas tariffs between Portugal and Spain in public consultation.  Deadline: 17 th February 2012.  The consultation can be found on ERSE, CNE and ACER websites.

13 13 VII. Transparency Questionnaires to check compliance with Regulation 715/2009 Area of workResponsibleStartingDeadline Supervision of compliance with the implementation of the new provisions on transparency in the Regulation 715/2009/CE, for transmission, LNG and storage infrastructure operators NRAsSep. 2011Dic. 2011

14 14 VII. Transparency Transparency Project Plan

15 15 VII. Transparency 1) Survey Procedure Questionnaires were sent on December 2 nd 2011 to the following agents: Deadline to answer: January 15 th, 2012. Mail reminder was sent on January16 th. 2 remaining answers from LSOs. TSOsLSOsSSOs PortugalREN REN / GALP FranceTIGF / GRTgazELENGY / STFMC (Fos Cavaou) STORENGY / TIGF Spain NATURGAS / ENAGAS ENAGAS / BBG / REGANOSA / SAGGAS ENAGAS

16 16 VII. Transparency 2) TSOs’ transparency: preliminary assessment According to questionnaires sent by the TSOs, the preliminary assessment shows, in general, a high level of compliance with Regulation 1775/2009:  Good level of compliance with provisions that require information publication on: Gas system description Service description and contracting process Used CAM and CMP Nomination and matching procedures Balancing rules and imbalance charges Secondary markets

17 17 VII. Transparency 2) TSOs’ transparency: preliminary assessment (cont.)  Some room for improvement on: Clarity of services’ price Flexibility and tolerances levels Participation in secondary markets Historical data Form of publication (English, units, etc.)

18 18 VII. Transparency 3) TSOs’ transparency: preliminary conclusions Some non-compliance are currently being implemented. There’s some misunderstandings among TSOs about some transparency requirements (i.e., requirements that are considered “not applicable”, information not directly published by the TSOs but by third parties, etc.). These misunderstandings are easily to be solved and will quickly improve the level of compliance. There’s information not published directly by the TSOs but by other market’s agents. Again, this difficult is easy to overcome with links. Compliance with some obligations require the modification of national legislation. This is specifically refers to the need to publish data in units that use a combustion temperature of reference of 298,15º K. The change of reference temperature would have a considerable impact on others national processes (i.e., measurement processes, invoicing, etc.), so it must be analysed very carefully.

19 19 VII. Transparency 4) Next steps Regulators to contact TSOs to clarify misunderstanding affecting transparency obligations Regulators to also check information sent by LSOs and SSOs Public Consultation to be launched in February: Operators’ questionnaires will be published on ACER web site. Stakeholders will have fully access to these questionnaires and will be able to provide their view. Opinions will provide a valuable assessment of operators compliance with the transparency requirements in Regulation 1775/2009, helping authorities to ensure that the legislative requirements are appropriately implemented, in particularly with: Quality, consistency, update frequency and availability of the information Information accessibility Information accuracy

20 20 VIII. AOB and next meetings

21 21 NEXT MEETING: 19 th IG MEETING – 28 th MARCH Calendar 1 st semester 2012 - SGRI

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