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WISE GIS Workshop 2012 SensorWeb and WISE as a distributed system Jon Maidens, Atkins 8 May 2012.

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1 WISE GIS Workshop 2012 SensorWeb and WISE as a distributed system Jon Maidens, Atkins 8 May 2012

2 Overview Use case scenario how SWE technology can be applied to enable the exchange of near real-time data on a large scale Enabling the flow of data between member states of the EEA in context of SEIS Project partners EEA, 52 North, Atkins UBA (Ausrtria), Conterra

3 Near Real Time information

4 SEIS requirements To simplify the collection, exchange and use of data ● From centralized reporting to access and sharing across distributed interoperable nodes To improve quality and availability of information ● Up-to-date information on current and emerging environmental challenges To improve interoperability ● Use of open standards To reduce workloads ● Streamlining, cost-efficiency

5 SensorWeb standard Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard the integration of sensors and sensor data into spatial data infrastructures Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) framework, a set of standards for the interoperable integration of sensors and sensor data Characteristics: highly flexible, scale and domain independent

6 Sensor Observation Service Accessing sensor data in a common manner Observations and Measurements (O&M) Model for associating observed values with all relevant properties necessary for their interpretation ● location ● time ● observed parameter ● unit of measurement Recommended by INSPIRE in several Annex themes where measured, modelled, or simulated data – cross thematic paper

7 Distributed System flavours Active reporting of environmental data by the member states to the EEA (pushing the data) New data can be pushed by the member states directly to the EEA as soon as it is available and that it frees the member states from providing data access servers Harvesting of observation data by the EEA from its member states (pulling the data) A harvesting component at the EEA regularly pulls sensor data from SOS servers which are operated by agencies in the member states

8 Architecture

9 Current activities at EEA Pilot work under e-reporting EEA Architecture integration lightweight SOS profile EEA working with ESRI on ArcGIS server SOS extention Aggregation of information Outputs

10 Air quality reporting Reporting on ambient air quality Up-to-date reporting part of the Directive obligation E-reporting Currently pilot project SensorWeb piloted as model for information exchange

11 SensorWeb and WISE Data flows in WISE based on full datasets at agreed intervals, e.g. annual and so on Previous pilots for distributed systems do not present the argument for leveraging near real time information Some MS projects are showing good SWE application e.g river levels on Germany If the leverage isnt presently in the legislation what could be the driver Do need good reference data – reported information

12 Location based How people access information in the world How information needs feed their attention Better products Example – location based services in smartphones User would want up-to-date information, warnings, link to more comprehensive information etc. SensorWeb facilitates mash-ups of information without large manual work

13 The future Establish SWE based reporting and data exchange with the EEA’s member states Make necessarysoftware components available, Other support – best practice guidelines Further technical implementation, e.g push scenario Discovery of the available environmental data sets

14 Thank you Jon Maidens ( GIS & IT ATKINS Arne Jacobsens Allé 17, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark | Tel: +45 5251 9000 | Fax: +45 5251 9001 | Direct line: +45 5251 9110 | Mobile: +45 2711 1295 Email: | Web:

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