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European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) July 2014 Prepared by Michel MASSON, EASA, EHEST Secretary.

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1 European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) July 2014 Prepared by Michel MASSON, EASA, EHEST Secretary

2 2 EHEST is the European component of the IHST Objective to reduce the civil helicopter accident rate by 80% by 2016 Goals Zero Tolerance Zero Accidents Focus on reducing helicopter accident fatalities EHEST within the IHST EHEST June 2014

3 3

4 4 EHEST within the ESSI EHEST June 2014

5 5 Safety Partnership with more than 50 organisations

6 6 EASp Edition 2014-2017 6 Aviation-Safety-Plan-(2014-2017).pdf EHEST June 2014

7 7 A Plan of Action Our regional safety risk portfolio A four year Safety Plan A live process Widely discussed and agreed 7EHEST June 2014

8 8 New EASp Brochure Available publications/european-aviation-safety-plan-easp-2014-2017-brochure EHEST June 2014 Published May 2014

9 9 EASp Framework Systemic Issues Working with States to implement and develop SSPs Working with States to foster the implementation of SMS in the industry Safety Management enablers Complexity of the system Competence of personnel Operational Issues COMMERCIAL AIR TRANSPORT BY AEROPLANES Runway Excursions Mid-air collisions Controlled Flight Into Terrain Loss of Control In Flight Runway Incursions Fire, smoke and Fumes OTHER TYPES OF OPERATION Helicopters General Aviation Emerging Issues New products, systems, technologies and operations Environmental factors Regulatory considerations Human Factors and Human Performance EHEST June 2014

10 10 Example of EASp Action: Encouraging Helicopter Safety Days 18 July 2013 EHEST June 2014

11 11 EHEST Analysis Reports 2000-2005: 327 accidents analysed 2006-2010: 162 accidents analysed EHEST Report 2006-2010 To be published in autumn 2014 What’s new? Preview EHEST June 2014

12 12 EHEST Report 2006-2010 What’s new? EHEST June 2014

13 13 Preliminary Conclusions The analysis of the 2006-2010 accidents is globally consistent with the results from 2000-2005 The new data continue supporting the safety actions taken based on the 2000- 2005 data EHEST June 2014

14 14 More than 300 2000-2005 accidents analysed… … leading to the development of Action Plans and safety material From Analysis to Action EHEST June 2014

15 15 Most Recent Leaflets EHEST June 2014

16 16 Safety Videos EHEST June 2014

17 17 Translations EHEST June 2014

18 18 Edition 2 Edition 1 SMS Video by HAI

19 19 EHEST SMS Toolkit Complex Operators management-toolkit/ Edition 2 for Complex Operators published in April 2013 Based on European Rules EHEST June 2014

20 20 management-toolkit/ Edition 1 for Non Complex Operators published in Dec 2013 Based on European Rules EHEST SMS Toolkit NCOs EHEST June 2014

21 21 EHEST Pre-Flight Risk Management Check List EHEST June 2014

22 22 Compatible for helicopter ops since 2012 Encouraged by BHA,EHEST and IHST EHEST Promotes IS-BAO by IBAC EHEST June 2014

23 23 Coming Soon! HE Flight Instructor Manual To be Published This summer EHEST June 2014

24 24 HE Flight Instructor Manual EHEST June 2014

25 25 Safety Issues Technologies 150 technologies, 90 rated Safety Benefits of Technologies Presented at Avionics Europe and Helitech 2013 Sensor based obstacle and terrain avoidance Predictive ground collision avoidance Deployable System for Crash–Load Attenuation EHEST June 2014

26 26 Which Technologies? 150 technologies addressed as of Nov. 2013 EHEST June 2014


28 28 RAeS Conference, London

29 29 HELITECH 2014, Amsterdam AERO 2014 - European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST)

30 30 EASA Rotorcraft Symposium 2014, Cologne AERO 2014 - European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST)

31 31 European Helicopter Safety Group on LinkedIn Created in Feb 2014, offers an exchange and discussion space and contributes to bridging the gap with the community AERO 2014 - European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST)

32 Mailbox:

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