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Participants Eionet WS 2013 and missing countries.

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1 Participants Eionet WS 2013 and missing countries

2 Participants last Eionet WS 2010

3 The most precious gift we can offer to others is our presence. - Thich Nhat Hanh

4 Objective of Eionet Workshop 2013 Present & discuss WISE SoE TCM dataflows for identifying and agreeing on (potential) actions to improve it, both for Eionet and EEA.

5 Intro & Scope Setting the Scene Session 1: National Data Management & WISE SoE TCM Reporting Dinner Objective & Expected Outcomes WISE SoE TCM and Biology in TC Break-out: clarify reporting process; Identify improvements on reporting (EEA/Eionet) Networking & Fun! 13.0017.3019.00? Day 1

6 Session 2: WISE SoE TCM processing & QA/QC issues Session 1 & 2 summary Break-out: clarify QA/QC process and issues; identify efficiency Improvements; increase data use Sum up potential actions EEA/Eionet 09.0016.00 Day 2 Looking forward AOB & End 2013 reporting call overview; Outlook 2014 & beyond: EEA, MSFD

7 To have gained clarity on the WISE SoE TCM reporting process, and its supporting services (web, guidance, “helpdesk”) To be ready for a full 2013 reporting. If not, to have a process for clarifying pending issues by end of October. To have strenghtened the partnership element to the network: between EEA/ETC – Eionet, and Eionet - Eionet To feel the time here was well spent in terms of learning & sharing, but also of having fun! Expected Outcomes

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