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POSTSCRIPT. Figures reveal Europe falling far short of climate targets …the emissions of the EU’s original 15 members will be just 0.6% below 1990 levels.

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2 Figures reveal Europe falling far short of climate targets …the emissions of the EU’s original 15 members will be just 0.6% below 1990 levels by 2010. The EU-15 countries are committed under the Kyoto protocol to an 8% cut on 1990 levels by 2012 Kyoto Britain on track? Guardian Newspaper Saturday 28 October 2006

3 £3.68 trillian The price of failing to act on climate change BRITON’S FACE the prospect of a welter of new green taxes to tackle climate change, as the most authoritative report on global warming warns it will cost the world up to £3.68 trillion unless it is tackled within a decade. The Stern Report Observer Newspaper Sunday 29 October 2006

4 Has the world finally woken up to climate change? In a recent poll, global warming was ranked ‘the most serious threat to the wellbeing of the world. The Royal Society Guardian Newspaper g2 Tuesday 31 October 2006

5 If you want to go green, send for the friendly eco-auditor Growing concerns about damage to the environment have led to a boom in energy-saving experts Global Action Plan Beyond Green 3 acorns Observer Newspaper Saturday 5 November 2006

6 Warmer oceans storing climate change dangers Marine researchers at Southampton and Plymouth universities have found that the upper 1,500 metres of the ocean from western Europe to the eastern US have warmed by 0.015C in seven years. The capacity of the oceans to store heat means that a water temperature rise of that size is enough to warn the atmosphere above by almost 9C. Climate Change Guardian Newspaper Wednesday 29 November 2006

7 Why the news about warming is worse than we thought: feedback Oceans, soil and trees will become worse at absorbing carbon dioxide as temperatures rise. UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Guardian Newspaper Saturday 3 February 2007

8 Climate scheme is too expensive, says energy watchdog Electricity bills set to rise by £20 a year. Government’s plan to use renewables flawed. According to Ofgem, the renewables obligations scheme is already adding an extra £7 a year to household electricity bills and will be costing domestic consumers about £20 a year by 2015. Renewables Obligation Ofgem Guardian Newspaper Tuesday 23 January 2007

9 French nuclear group moves into green power business French energy group, Areva, the world’s biggest builder of nuclear power stations, yesterday...offered to buy German wind turbine maker REpower. Areva REpower Guardian Newspaper Tuesday 23 January 2007

10 China and India warned their water is running out The world is running out of water and needs a radical plan to tackle shortages that threaten humanity’s ability to feed itself, according to Professor Jeffrey Sachs, director of the UN’s Millenium Project and renowned American economist. …”We need to do for water what we did for climate change”!! Professor Jeffrey Sachs UN Millenium Project Guardian Newspaper Tuesday 23 January 2007

11 How big is your footprint? The government wants schools to teach young people about climate change. An Inconvenient Truth BBC Weather EPA Guardian Newspaper Tuesday 6 February 2007

12 Climate change: scientists warn it may be too late to save the ice caps. UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Guardian Newspaper Monday 19 February 2007 Such melting would raise sea levels by four to six metres.

13 Britain on the brink of a dustbins revolt Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection Daily Express Monday 16 July 2007 A PUBLIC revolt could be triggered by ministers trying to force Britain to recycle more, MPs warned yesterday. …fines for those who do not recycle …spy chips in bins to weigh the waste …cash incentives for those who recycle ruled out because “bad” household would pay more …called for more research into whether health problems are caused by alternative weekly collections where recyclable waste is taken one week and other rubbish, including food waste, the next

14 Can this really save the planet? Climate Outreach & Information Network Guardian Newspaper Thursday 13 September 2007 We are constantly told to switch the TV off standby, recycle our plastic bags and boil less water – but does focusing on the small easy steps distract us from the bigger picture?

15 Saving energy at home could take 200 years to repay its cost The Times NewspaperThe Sunday Times Saturday 13 October 2007Sunday 29 June 2008

16 Steep decline in oil production brings risk of war and unrest The Guardian Newspaper Monday 22 October 2007 Output peaked in 2006 and will fall 7% a year. …oil prices set new records almost every day last week…hitting more than $90 a barrel.

17 Car fumes ‘raise heart attack risk’ Daily Mail Newspaper Wednesday 7 November 2007 AIR pollution caused by diesel exhaust fumes could cause heart attacks and strokes. Fine carbon particles largely generated by diesel exhausts have previously been shown to damage the lungs of children, with those living near main roads at double the risk of developing asthma.

18 SCARED TO DEATH Daily Mail Newspaper Monday 12 November 2007 Mayhem: Scare stories include the dangers of eating beef, passive smoking, salmonella in eggs, leaded petrol and the Millenium Bug. Global warming is the most costly scare of all. Scared to Death

19 Shampoo ‘tainting our drinking water’ Drinking Water Contaminants Daily Express Monday 10 December 2007 More chemicals than ever are being flushed down Britain’s drains. One leading chemist said that ensuring drinking water is “one of the greatest challenges of the 31 st century”.

20 Wind turbines ‘could fuel all homes by 2020’ Offshore Wind Energy Daily Mail Monday 20 December 2007 PLANS to build around 7,000 wind turbines off the coast of Britain will be unveiled by the Government today. The offshore wind farms would generate enough electricity for every home in the UK by 2020.

21 Climate change may spark conflict with Russia, EU told Arctic Mineral Resources The Guardian Monday 10 March 2008 European governments have been told to plan for an era of conflict over energy resources, with global warming likely to trigger a dangerous contest between Russia and the west for the vast mineral riches of the Arctic.

22 Green experts to press for tougher targets Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006 The Guardian Monday 10 March 2008 A powerful new UK government climate change committee, set up as part of the Climate Change Act, will meet today for the first time to decide how ministers will meet their commitment to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2050 and whether the target needs to be strengthened in the face of worsening forecasts on climate change.

23 Ministers challenged over backing for coal-fired power station New Kingsnorth coal- fired power plant The Guardian Tuesday 11 March 2008 The UK government has been criticised for its “confusing” climate change policy after ministers signalled support for a new coal-fired power station.

24 Bin taxes arrive…with £40 shock for families Climate Change Bill EU Landfill DirectiveEU Landfill Directive (original)original Daily Mail Monday 24 March 2008 FAMILIES who put out more than one bin bag each week will have to pay extra under Britain’s first pay-as-you-go scheme. Tens of thousands of households will be charged 28p for every extra sack they leave out. The scheme is designed to boost recycling. Ministers have added a clause to the new Climate Change Bill to make it legal to charge for collections. Previously, local authorities have had a duty to collect rubbish for free.

25 Top scientists warn against rush to biofuel Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation Biofuels Guardian Tuesday 25 March 2008 Under the Renewables Transport Fuels Obligation, all petrol and diesel must contain 2.5% of biofuels from April 1 to ensure that Britain complies with a 2003 EU directive that 5.75% of petrol and diesel come from renewable resources by 2010. …Demand for biofuels in the US had delivered a major shock to world agriculture, which was raising food prices globally and greenhouse gas emissions due to deforestation.

26 Nuclear is UK’s new North Sea oil Nuclear Power Guardian Wednesday 26 March 2008 The government announced its approval of the construction of a new generation of nuclear power stations in January. Britain has the potential to become “the gateway to a new nuclear power renaissance across Europe.”

27 ‘Sustainable’ bio-plastic can damage the environment Bioplastics The Guardian Newspaper Saturday 26 th April 26 2008 Corn-based material emits climate change gas in landfill and adds to food crisis. The worldwide effort by supermarkets and industry to replace conventional oil-based plastic with eco-friendly “bioplastics” made from plants is causing environmental problems…. The substitutes can increase emissions of greenhouse gases on landfill sites…

28 PETROL TO HIT £5 A GALLON UK Petrol Prices The Daily Mail Saturday 26 th April 26 2008 A MAJOR fuel crisis will send petrol and diesel prices soaring this weekend. Industrial action has led to the closure of the Grangemouth refinery in Scotland…motorists panic buying…profiteering by garages…the average price of unleaded looks certain to break £1.10 a litre…

29 PETROL: WE’RE RUNNING OUT UK Petrol Prices The Daily Express Saturday 26 th April 26 2008 PETROL stations began running dry yesterday… Panic-buying is set to push petrol to £1.50 a litre.

30 Trees may cut childhood asthma risk, says study Asthma The Guardian Newspaper Thursday May 1 2008 Living in a tree-lined street reduces a child’s risk of developing asthma compared with life in a grey-inner-city neighbourhood… Asthma has increased by about 160% globally in the past two decades, although scientists are not sure what is causing this rise…

31 Bears could halt Shell Arctic plan BP Statistical Review of World Energy Resources The Observer Newspaper Sunday May 4 2008 …if the polar bear is deemed to be an endangered species…environmentalists have vowed to take legal action to halt any exploration in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea, under which lie 7 billion barrels of oil and 32 trillion cubic feet of gas.

32 Noth Sea oil’s ebbing tide BP Statistical Review of World Energy Resources The Observer Newspaper Sunday May 4 2008 According to the pessimists, the rigs off Britain’s coast could cease pumping in a decade’s time…the oil giants could depart leaving 9 billion barrels under the sea bed – because the economics of residual fields simply don’t add up.

33 They’ve got us over a $120 barrel Oil Prices The Sunday Times Newspaper Sunday May 4 2008 Oil prices are soaring and show no sign of slowing. Last weekend, with oil markets twitchy about the closure of the Grangemouth refinery in Scotland and a dispute affecting Nigerian oil output, prices came within $120 a barrel.

34 Biofuel in diesel ‘wrecks ‘ engines The Daily Mail Newspaper Tuesday May 6 2008 THOUSANDS of motorists could face huge repair bills following complaints that biofuels introduced by the Government can cause jellyfish-like blobs that destroy engines. From last month, all petrol and diesel sold on forecourts must contain at least 2.5% biofuel, which is made from crops and vegetables. (If garage tanks have not been properly cleaned, bacteria gets into the fuel and reacts with its vegetable and cereal base, producing ‘blobby’ lumps that can clog filters, increase engine wear and destroy pipes and seals)

35 The motorists turning to making their own ‘biodiesel’ The Guardian Newspaper Saturday May 10 2008 Soaring petrol prices have led to a surge in recycling vegetable oil to use as fuel. Every few weeks Gordon Elliot drives… to the Hare and Hounds pub …, collects a barrel of waste cooking oil… decants the liquid into a machine…purified, filtered and refined. Instead of paying £1.25 a litre at the local supermarket, he has paid 15p to make his own biodiesel. Ecotec Resources

36 Oil prices hit record high The Daily Express Newspaper Saturday May 10 2008 CRUDE oil prices hit a new global high yesterday, prompting fears of further petrol prices hikes for UK drivers this summer. Oil smashed through the $126 dollar per barrel mark for the first time. Since the start of this year crude prices have jumped by nearly 30% and are predicted to hit $200 within two years. Unleaded petrol now costs an average £110.80 per litre…and diesel £121.40 per litre. The weak US dollar is being blamed for the oil price surge.

37 FOOD INFLATION SOARS TO 19% The Daily Mail Newspaper Monday May 12 2008 There is now a worldwide crisis over supplies of ket crops such as corn, wheat and rice. Experts say a worldwide drive to produce biofuels – made from corn, wheat and soya as an alternative to oil – is a major factor. Farmers have switched from food production to biofuel crops. Last month, the EU agreed the biofuel content of all petrol and diesel should be 2.5%. This is set to rise to 10%by 2020. The effect of biofuels on food prices has been dramatic. A litre of corn oil has more than doubled in a year to £1.38…

38 Power bills could leap 30pc next winter The Daily Mail Newspaper Monday May 12 2008 In January, gas prices jumped 15 per cent while electricity charges moved up by between 12 and 19 per cent. (The higher price of oil is dragging up the cost of both gas and electricity)

39 World carbon dioxide levels highest for 650,000 years The Guardian Newspaper Tuesday May 13 2008 Rise in chief greenhouse gas worse than feared. Earth may be losing ability to absorb CO 2. Scientists at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawai say that CO2 levels in the atmosphere now stand at 387 ppm. The annual mean growth rate for 2007 was 2.14 ppm. From 1970 to 2000, the concentration rose by about 1.5 ppm each year, but since 2000 the annual rise has leapt to 2.1 ppm.

40 Engines of change The Guardian Newspaper Wednesday May 14 2008 As the price of oil continues to rise. Low-emissions diesel cars are being seen as a cheaper, greener alternative. But there are fears that the fuel’s health dangers are being ignored.

41 Fuel costs 16p per mile. Why? The Guardian Newspaper Thursday May 22 2008 If cars are becoming more fuel efficient, why is the price of running one still on the rise? … are petrol-electric hybrids the way forward ?

42 Producers say $200 oil is possible as prices hit record three days running The Guardian Newspaper Friday 23 May 2008 The oil price soared to a record for the third day yesterday, reaching $135 a barrel, more than double the price a year ago. The surging cost of crude is increasing the pressure on petrol and diesel prices…

43 $135 and rising…has cheap oil gone for ever? The Guardian Newspaper Saturday 24 May 2008 Consumers feel the pinch as analysts predict crude nay reach $150 a barrel.

44 IEA probes fears that oil will run out The Observer Newspaper Sunday 25 May 2008 The International Energy Agency is concerned that the supply of oil could fail to keep up with demand driven by the fast-industrialising economies of China and India. Oil hit $135 a barrel last week.

45 The sweet hereafter Biofuels Society Guardian Environment Monday 26 May 2008 Biofuels are now seen as polluting and as a threat to forests and food production. Instead of being seen as a solution, biofuels (ethanol) have become the new villains of the energy scene and are now blamed for everything from hunger to climate change itself.

46 Crisis talks on global food prices The Guardian Newspaper Tuesday May 27 2008 World leaders are to meet next week for urgent talks aimed at preventing tens of millions of the world’s poor dying of hunger as a result of soaring food prices…it will hear calls for the establishment of a world food fund, as well as for new international guidelines on the cultivation of biofuels, which some have blamed for diverting land, crops and other resources away from food production.

47 Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis The Guardian Newspaper Friday July 4 2008 Internal World Bank study delivers blow to plant energy drive. Biofuels have forced global food prices up by 75%. …Washington and governments across Europe…have turned to alternative fuels like ethanol to lower emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce their dependence on imported oil.

48 Biofuels ‘to drive up food prices by 20pc’ The Daily Mail Newspaper Tuesday July 8 2008 …the move towards plant-based fuels could increase food prices by 75 per cent over the next decade. Since April, every litre of petrol and diesel sold in the UK has contained 2.5% biofuels. The Government plans to increase that figure to 5 per cent by 2010, while Europe has proposed a 10 per cent figure by 2020.

49 Ministers slam the brakes on biofuels The Daily Express Newspaper Tuesday July 8 2008 BRITAIN is to slow the use of biofuels after a report warned that they could do more harm than good. Biofuels – made from crops such as oilseed rape, corn and palm oil – have been seen as a weapon in the fight against global warming. They can be used as alternatives to petrol and do not increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.


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