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Port of Tyne South Tyneside College

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2 Port of Tyne Apprenticeships @ South Tyneside College
Len Stule Director of External Funding First we are thrilled to have been selected to mange the PoT apprenticeship programme. PoT has taken the initiative to employ 13 apps initially with options to employ up to 30 in the longer term. Let me put this in to context regarding the foresight of the PoT Board: Lord Adonis completed the NE Economic Review and recommend a doubling of apprentices: In one of 5 OBJECTIVES: A HIGH SKILLED ECONOMY WHICH INVESTS IN ITS YOUNG PEOPLE Double the number of Youth Apprenticeships over the next four years, from 6,500 to 13,000 with an initial emphasis on doubling youth Advanced Level Apprenticeships from 2,000 to 4,000 in engineering and other skills linked to key growth sectors. This is an updated presentation made to PoT Directors to secure the work First 4 slides to remind you of your local international College and what apprenticeships are. 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

3 Who we are....... South Tyneside College is
the largest provider of post 16 education and training in South Tyneside, every year the College enrols approximately 17,000 students, from the local community; the North East Region; across the UK and more than 30 countries. 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

4 Where we are and What we do.....
The College is situated in St George’s Avenue, South Shields and is known locally as ‘The Marine Tech’ now South Shields Marine School. The College also has a Motor Vehicle Centre at Jarrow and a Marine Safety Training Centre on the riverside at South Shields. The largest area for apprenticeships is Cadetships for the marine world – part of the programme is taught in College, the rest at sea. The College is increasing the scope of direct and franchised apprenticeship delivery. We have a worldwide reputation for the quality of our marine training and have invested millions of pounds into our extensive facilities. Many of you may have seen our marine simulation department which simulates being on the bridge of a ship and being in control of the vessel or our marine safety training centre which provides realistic survival training – this has an environmental pool, helicopter escape module and survival training craft. 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

5 Apprenticeship Provision
Mechanical Engineering Fabrication and Welding  Electrical Engineering Electronic and Electrical Engineering Maritime Occupations Improving Operational Performance (BIT) Business Administration Team Leading Management Driving Goods Vehicles STC and the providers that we partner with have a range of apprenticeship provision - I have listed on the slide the areas of provision that I think you might be interested in - I didn’t think many of you would be interested in hairdressing apprenticeships. At fist glance you may not think IT and Business admin are relevant either but most businesses have offices and administrators need to be trained just like any other worker in the organisation. 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

6 What an Apprenticeship contains
An apprenticeship is not one course – it is made up of several qualifications:- Functional Skills Technical Certificate (knowledge-based) NVQ (competence-based) Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) All apprenticeships are made up of a ‘cocktail’ of qualifications – this enables the learner to gain skills, knowledge and understanding of their craft or trade. As an employer you should be able to see that the learner gradually grows and develops until they becomes a skilled and valuable member of your team 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

7 Port of Tyne Apprenticeships
We can deliver the following Frameworks: Accounting - STC Business Admin – STC Marketing - STC Stevedoring – Port Training Services Security Services - Franchise Warehouse & Storage – Port Training Services We are extending the range of apprenticeships from September to include the following: - 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

8 Port of Tyne Apprenticeships
We cannot deliver: Civil Engineering (Construction) IT Application Specialist But ‘we know a man who can!’ 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

9 Recruitment & Initial Assessment
National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service (Av) Excellent links with JC+ and referral agencies Recruitment agencies to source apprentices to specification – Zenith People Internal recruitment from PoT staff Screen all applicants; basic skills and aptitude tests; ‘boot camp’ to provide pre-interview training Funding support from ST Council and NAS (NE) 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

10 Training Delivery In College - 1 day/week - knowledge
At PoT – 4 days /week - competence Assessment and Reviews Additional support – Basic skills, added value thro’ additional units, e,g. fork lift training; first aid at work Duration(min. 12 months); 2 years level 2 & 1 year level 3 (competence-based) 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

11 Experience Stevedoring – new, never done before, exciting! Foremost Marine College in the UK Bus Admin – schools, NHS, BT, Dickson’s Logistics – T&W LGV Security - PES 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

12 Quality Assurance OFSTED – ‘Good’ – November 2012
WBL Quality Assurance Manual Partner-provider network and experience OCT Procurement and Due Diligence for franchises Quality Assurance matrix and audit of franchised provision 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

13 PoT/Apprentice Benefits
Access to College facilities: Gym, Library/LRC, Counselling, Student Support, Dedicated Workshops, IT Studios Sea-going staff, trainees and marine facilities. Financial Grade A status – confidence & stability Exposure to marine environment Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity and H&S culture Foundation Learning Support – maths & English WBL Manager – single point of contact Location 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

14 Things Financial Funding based on age at start Wages:
16-24 AGE (eligibility criteria) STBC wage grant for ST residents (see fact sheet) Year 21 and over 18 to 20 Under 18 Apprentice* 2012 (current rate) £6.19 £4.98 £3.68 £2.65 2011 £6.08 £2.60 2010 £5.93 £4.92 £3.64 £2.50 Where we offer a young person the opportunity to begin the technical cert, practical skills development and functional skills elements of an apprenticeship Support in finding an employer to take onto a full apprenticeship to complete the NVQ element of their apprenticeships Benefits to employers- partially qualified apprentice with some skills, knowledge and understanding of the trade taking less time to become fully qualified Benefits to students - to be able to offer useful skills that help them become much more employable  13/11/2012 Port of Tyne

15 Where are we now? Job descriptions produced;
13 real jobs advertised on NAS Av, PoT website, JC+, College website, press; Zenith People producing long list from 229 applications: Marketing – 18 Business Administration – 25 Warehousing & Storage – 39 Security – 58 Port Operative (Stevedore) – 89 Delivery/assessment programmes being developed; Applicants attend ‘preparation for work’ boot camp; Short list of 28 to be agreed with PoT; Visit to Port to raise awareness of scope of jobs; Selection interviews. 21/03/2012 STMF

16 Contact Len Stule Director of External Funding
Julie Sloanes Work-based Learning Manager 13/11/2012 Port of Tyne


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