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…for your learning journey. The TDR Trust PAT LEACH Manager, TDR Trust STMF Meeting 21 st November 2012.

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1 …for your learning journey

2 The TDR Trust PAT LEACH Manager, TDR Trust STMF Meeting 21 st November 2012

3 ‘Objects’ “The objects of the Charity (Objects) are to promote and provide learning (vocational, technical & applied), education and training to individuals in the pursuit of employment in the fields of science, technology, engineering, manufacturing, commerce, enterprise and professional services in industry and commerce”. Bill McGawley, OBE, Chairman


5 TDR Track Record STEM is embedded; Ability and expertise to create and develop new school programmes; Repeat business/Trusted partner/IAG Adviser; TDR Training staff include STEM professionals; Years of steady growth.

6 TDR Track Record Event Organisation – engagement with 1000s of school students and teaching staff 47 Schools engaged on TDR programmes in 7 Local Authorities; 1,750, 5-18 year olds on TDR qualification programmes; 89% Average progression into engineering/science; 200+ Companies engaged providing work placements; We celebrate success - 12 Awards events to be proud of!

7 Partnerships Are Our Strength Continue to promote STEM message through educational partners; Increase TDR Trust’s visibility and Objects; The Ron Dodd TDR Scholarship; More school/employer programmes; free IAG to parents, students, teachers; work experience, interns, secondments etc;

8 Education Partners

9 STEM Education Partner

10 STMF Meeting 21 st November 2012 Inspiring the Future Workforce STEM Partners

11 Academic Year 2011-2012 Operational from October 2011 Supported: 8 of 9 Secondary Schools in South Tyneside 2 of 7 SEN Schools Alternative Education Unit 1 of 4 Nursery Schools 7 of the Borough’s 47 Primary Schools 3 STEM focused Professional Development Placement Programmes in industry - 43 teachers from across the region. Business Support In-kind contribution from local businesses to the MIST project, Oct 2011-July 2012 £39,223.68

12 Academic Year 2012-2013 Thanks to the TDR partnership, Made in South Tyneside continues to support local schools and colleges in a variety of ways STEM focused Careers Packs to all Secondary Schools Nissan Discover Engineering Event – over 500 Primary & Secondary students participating as a direct result of Made in South Tyneside STEM Focused PDP for 15 teachers at SMD Sunderland University Primary Careers Event Learning & Skills Partnership STEM Careers Event EEF NE Skills Group SEMTA Apprenticeship Working Group South Tyneside Learning & Skills Partnership South Tyneside Curriculum & Quality Group NE Regional EBP Network

13 Business Support CBI calls for radical shake up of schools from Nursery to 6 th Form to ensure all young people achieve their potential… Latest report – First Steps A New Approach for our Schools “It is up to the wider community – including business – to step up to the mark and support schools where they need role models, advice or experience.” Chapter 4 - Laying Foundations with Parents and Communities is Crucial STMF is working with schools and businesses every day but… We need more local businesses to engage We need YOU to help us to inspire the future workforce by sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise with teachers and young people.

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