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GRUB Jasraj Kuner Market Research N.B. - So Far….

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1 GRUB Jasraj Kuner Market Research N.B. - So Far…

2 Service Description Online price comparison and information service for business customers of wholesale grocery operators.

3 Market Research Aims Develop potential market size Gauge customer requirements/feedback Gauge supplier requirements/feedback Technology requirements Costs 4 P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)

4 Market Description

5 Primary Market Research ALSO - I came across another problem in my research… Customer end – several shops spoken to (informal interviews). To determine requirements and demand levels. Supplier end – currently establishing contact with major operators to interview them with regards to price transparency and database usage. Critical to business model.

6 Supplier Problems Cont. Some (spelt ‘many’) wholesale operators are maybe allegedly supposedly perhaps a little less than legitimate in the eyes of the government. = ‘Very good’ prices + A phobia of price transparency

7 Issues: 1 – Do I contact them? 2 – How to contact them? 3 – What do I ask? 4 – Security? JAS

8 Things to do TECHNOLOGY – Contact with IT companies to develop requirements and costs for database and internet systems. SUPPLIERS - Illegitimate suppliers may be researched by use of secondary research materials and possible primary research. Legitimate suppliers will be the main target. Mainly interviews. They have a serious effect on the business model. CUSTOMERS - Detailed customer research (interviews and questionnaires) to determine requirements – will focus on mainly off- license/newsagents within the scope of this business plan. MARKETING – Current list of trade press and websites established – pricing being established currently.


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