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Revision for B TEC level 2 in safe working handling.

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1 Revision for B TEC level 2 in safe working handling.

2 Hazard is defined as something with? A.The ability to cause fire B.The chance to do some damage C.The potential to cause harm D.The frequency to cause deafness

3 Fire incidents are recorded in an accident book so that? A.The cause can be investigated B.The damage can be paid for C.The emergency can be called D.The fire wardens know about them

4 You find a dangerous situation at work. You should? A.Ignore it, as its not your job. B.Report it to a first aider C.Get a ‘DANGER’ safety sign and put it up D.Report it immediately to your supervisor

5 Where is the best place to put up a warning safety sign? A.In the reception area B.In the car park C.Near the danger area D.Near the first aider

6 See the label on the container what does it warn you of? A.Safe substance B.Flammable liquids C.Explosive substance D.Toxic substance

7 Maintenance of electrical equipment should be carried out by? A.Qualified staff B.Senior managers C.Staff using equipment D.The person who finds the damage equipment

8 You are not allowed to work under the influence of alcohol. Why? A.It affects your behaviour B.It makes your breath smell C.It makes you stronger D.It makes you react quicked

9 A hazardous substance can cause? A.Skin irritation B.Electrocution C.Heart disease D.Muscle cramps

10 The main hazards caused by working at height is? A.Tiredness B.Falling objects C.Burns and scalds D.Electrocution

11 The purpose of risk assessments is? A.To check the workers are working hard B.To see how if the business can make more money C.To prevent harm to people D.To fill in lots of forms to file

12 what is the best definition of a hazard? A.Something that will harm a person B.Something that will cause an evacuation C.Something with potential to cause harm D.Something that will lead to danger

13 A fire assembly point is? A.An entrance for fire services B.A store for fire extinguishers C.A place where a fire starts D.A safe place to go in case of fires

14 If you suffer a mild electric shock at work from a plug. What should you do? A.Ignore it and keep on working B.Take the plug apart to find the problem C.Report it to your supervisor D.Give the plug a good clean

15 The exit doors must always be... A.Painted blue and green B.Made of metal C.Kept locked at all times D.Kept free from obstructions

16 What additional requirements may an employee who is not very tall and works at a computer need? A.Wrist rest B.Foot rest C.Eye test D.Safety shoes

17 Good house keeping at work is about? A.Washing your clothes regularly B.Keeping the floor well lit C.Keeping your work place clean and tidy D.Making sure there is sufficient fresh air

18 You are a pedestrian in a workplace with vehicles, what would something make you noticed by drivers? A.A green jacket B.A mobile phone C.A large cap D.A high visibility vest

19 What is the main risk from a machine with moving parts? A.Hearing damage B.Entanglement C.Skin irritation D.Muscle strain

20 What needs to be provided at work that A.Is very bright B.Allows you to do your job safely C.Allows you to read from a long distance D.Is cheap and uses little energy

21 A risk is A.An assessment to first aiders B.The chance that a hazard will cause harm C.The number of accidents that happen D.The damage caused by fire

22 You cut yourself at work, what do you do first A.Find the first aider B.Write in the accident book C.Take a break in the rest room D.Finish what you are doing

23 Discovering a fire you should first A.Find a fire extinguisher to fight the fire B.Leave the building by the nearest exit C.Find the fire warden D.Set off the fire alarm

24 What is the best way to make a suggestion to improve health and safety A.Use social network sites to let everyone know B.Discuss your suggestions with your supervisor C.Write it in the accident book D.Write a letter to the first aider with the suggestion

25 You come across a filing cabinet with draws sticking out, what should you do? A.Push the door in B.Ignore it C.Report it to your supervisor D.Report it in the accident book

26 You see a spillage of water on the floor, what should you do? A.Report it to your supervisor B.Call the safety manager C.Put it in the accident book D.Find the first aider

27 The main reasons for personal hygiene at work is A.To prevent skin problems and infection B.To prevent hearing problems and deafness C.To prevent crushed hands and bleeding D.To prevent coughing and lung disease

28 When working with a chemical the is an irritant, what is the most likely harm that may be suffered A.Earache B.Back injury C.Liver damage D.Skin damage

29 You are working with a power tool, what is the particular hazard that you need to be aware of? A.Skin rash B.Electrocution C.Manual handling D.Fall from height

30 Which is not a workplace hazard? A.Excessive noise B.Water on the floor C.Equipment D.First aid box

31 Risks take into account A.How safe a workplace is B.The number of safety signs C.The probability of and event D.What is in the first aid box

32 You hear a fire alarm what is the first thing you do? A.Quickly gather your belongings B.Leave by the nearest fire exit C.Find a fire extinguisher D.Run and tell your supervisor

33 Your feel you are being bullied at work, what is the best thing to do? A.Find another job B.Stay off work C.Tell your supervisor D.Report it in the accident book

34 You keep tripping on a torn piece of carpet at work. What is the best action to take to reduce risk of a trip or fall? A.Provide some better lighting B.Get some safety shoes C.Nothing, just be careful D.Repair the torn piece of carpet

35 Which of the following should you tackle yourself to reduce the risk of harm to others A.Noisy piece of equipment B.Scaffolding the is leaning C.Smoking electrical plug D.Spill of water on the floor

36 Which of the following is not the responsibility of a worker A.Reading safety instructions B.Writing a safety policy C.Wear the right PPE D.Reporting accidents

37 What is a main cause of slips, trips and falls in the workplace? A.Not wearing a hard hat B.Not listening to your boss C.No wearing safety goggles D.Not looking where you are going

38 What part of the body is damaged most by manual handling? A.Arms B.Back C.Legs D.Head

39 What type of sign is this? A.Safe condition B.Warning C.Prohibited D.Mandatory

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