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T: 07917 360222 Driving Sales Through Social Media.

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1 T: 07917 360222 Driving Sales Through Social Media

2 T: 07917 360222 Join the Conversation

3 T: 07917 360222 Greg Cooper Front of Mind Coaching @gregcoopers @LinkedIncoachUK #socialSN2 Presenter

4 T: 07917 360222 Angela’s story Business provides white label training service to other companies Strict LinkedIn connection policy Sales assignment prompted more open approach Re-launched business in its own right Robust LinkedIn network of 1,000 connections LinkedIn “experiment” Target = 400 new connections in 4 weeks. Through advanced search identified 2236 suspects in 50 mile radius Targeted 2 nd degree connections and prospects who shared a group Reached target mid-way through 4 th week

5 T: 07917 360222 Results In the last 3 weeks 7 companies approached Angela to utilise her services 5 wanted help with projects, that they just happened to be organising that month Had to stop selling as enough work for rest of year!

6 T: 07917 360222

7 Case Study: Fiesta Movement 100 pre-launch Fiestas given to key influencers Given missions to complete Experiences documented on social channels 7 million views on Youtube 100,000 information requests pre launch 10,000 pre-launch orders No conventional advertising expenditure

8 T: 07917 360222

9 Objectives for Maersk Strategy “getting closer to our customers” = key overall target including increasing: brand awareness brand loyalty employer branding employee retention customer insights

10 T: 07917 360222 Maersk Group Results In less than 18 months: 780,000 fans on Facebook Purposeful presence on Twitter Maersk spotting trend sparked by Instagram A “Shipping circle” on LinkedIn for “shipping experts” 150 country communication managers make local posts Rated ahead of Lego and Disney Cost <£100K.......ROI estimated at 5,000%

11 T: 07917 360222 How do you buy?

12 T: 07917 360222 Do you buy from strangers? No Do you buy from people you don’t trust? No Do you buy from people with a track record? Yes Are you influenced by recommendation? Definitely First step....

13 T: 07917 360222

14 “Control of research and sales process has shifted into the hands of the buyer. Buyers navigate their purchasing paths based on where they can find the best information”

15 T: 07917 360222 The Social Buyer The social buyer minimises risk and increases confidence in the buying decision by leveraging personal and professional networks

16 T: 07917 360222 Social Buying Meets Social Selling IDC White Paper April 2014 75% B2B buyers use social media to make purchase decisions Buyers who do use social media spend 84% more and Make 61% more purchases 76% prefer to work with vendors who have been recommended Biggest benefit is gaining greater comfort and confidence in decisions Successful vendors focus on increasing “social proximity, social presence and social capital”

17 T: 07917 360222 Principles of Social Selling Find and get to know your audience Develop and deliver relevant content Engage Invite

18 T: 07917 360222 Sander’s story Major account sales in large Telco Sales had dried up in one of key accounts New approach needed – decided to adopt a social sales strategy Identified 10 solutions that fitted the customer’s niche Sales developed new content to customers and influencers Built Twitter network within customer Customers began to ask question and engage with tweets and blog Built LinkedIn connections, joined groups where customers active Joined customer employee LinkedIn group Growing engagement leads to invitations to bid on new projects

19 T: 07917 360222 Telco Major Account Results A new positive atmosphere created Company seen as a source of expert advice Customers found approach refreshing Many new connections established Better insights into customer needs meant better proposals $47m business won in 18 month period

20 T: 07917 360222 Sellers are moving to a content centred approach

21 T: 07917 360222 Content = Decision Making Information

22 T: 07917 360222




26 Interview with Elaine Clark about Twitter Accountants for entry level micro businesses “Twitter is at the centre of what we do” Don’t spend a penny on marketing and PR Twitter drives traffic to blog and website Talks in customer language Networks with, customers, prospects and peers Generates 120-190 new clients per month Generates national exposure

27 T: 07917 360222

28 How top sales people use LinkedIn

29 T: 07917 360222 How Top Sales People Use LinkedIn to Outperform Their Colleagues ActivityTop sales peopleThe rest View LinkedIn as essential90%13% Build targeted prospect lists80%23% Research prospects before contact87%27% Showcase expertise61%34% Active in groups64%40% Connect with customers54%19% Spend 6hrs + per week on LinkedIn70%12%

30 T: 07917 360222 The Power of an Update

31 T: 07917 360222 Sales Strategy 1.Research the name of decision makers on LinkedIn. 2. Link up. 3. Post update on LinkedIn that would be relevant to them. 4. Follow up call within 48hrs.

32 T: 07917 360222 Result 6 projects in 2012 from JLP Waitrose, AXA, Asda, NEC Group. Overall projects value = £3.8m 4 potential projects in 2013.

33 T: 07917 360222

34 Google+

35 T: 07917 360222 Google+ Hangout On Air

36 T: 07917 360222 Blogs

37 T: 07917 360222


39 Are you ready for social selling? 1. What do I want to achieve with social media? 2. Who is my buyer and how do they use social media? 3. What content and offers could I develop? 4. What channels should I use to promote content? 5. How can I build social into the sales process? 6. How can I engage staff, customers and partners? 7. How will I measure results?

40 T: 07917 360222 Forthcoming workshops: Google+ June 12 th Engine Shed Bristol : ( LinkedIn Master Class June 25 th Bristol (

41 T: 07917 360222 Thank you Greg Cooper 07917 360222 @gregcoopers @linkedincoachuk

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