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Successful Engagement of Employees in SfL Learning Sharing Experiences.

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1 Successful Engagement of Employees in SfL Learning Sharing Experiences

2 How did we do it? Open day at Central Depot in December 2005 Engaged staff on SfL agenda ULRs present to promote value of learning Collected names for pilot courses LBN agrees pilot ‘Learning Agreement’ Used computers as a ‘hook’ to enrol staff

3 Would you like to improve your… - English - Maths - Language skills and To find out more Contact Catherine Anderson, Learning & Development Team, on x22196 or 020 8430 2620 or speak to your union learning reps.

4 Learning at Work Day 2006 Invited staff to attend the LAW day event Chief Executive gave full support Pilot learners received certificates ULRs gave workshops on their role We used scratch cards to identify skills gaps

5 Publicity and Promotion INTERNAL Communications Insider magazine Intranet UNISON members’ magazine Word of mouth Staff briefings Notice boards EXTERNAL Local press Newham Magazine (for residents)

6 Support for Learners Managers’ awareness sessions ULRs on courses One 2 one support on the courses Refreshments Transport for some groups

7 FLEXIBILITY to ensure that no groups are disadvantaged Night Shift Cleansing Workers School Crossing Patrols Passenger Transport Drivers School Caretakers

8 Why We Did It? Moser and Leitch reports relating to adult language, literacy & numeracy (LLN) Identification of entry level ability staff Need to help ‘non traditional’ learners back into learning To support LBN ‘Moving To Excellence’ programme Need for ‘world class’ skills to deliver excellent services Health and safety implications

9 Did We Win? We have engaged over 150 learners in the 1 st year Full Learning Agreement signed in May 2007 between all Unions & LBN LDA funding GO Award LBN signs Skills Pledge in May 2007 ULR team expands from 7 to 15 within 6 months

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