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JobTracker™ A Job Tracking System for Architects & Engineers Produced by LA Solutions.

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1 JobTracker™ A Job Tracking System for Architects & Engineers Produced by LA Solutions

2 LA Solutions JobTracker™ Maintains project catalogue Automates issue sheet production Automates project archiving Automates title block annotation Works with ProjectBuilder™ configurations

3 LA Solutions JobTracker Is Not … A document management system A control freak

4 LA Solutions JobTracker Catalogue Lists of… Projects Clients Users Drawings CAD Files Stored in relational database

5 LA Solutions JobTracker Project View

6 LA Solutions Clients Client means a customer, contractor, partner … A client has a specified role in a project A project is issued to one or more clients A client is issued with one or more copies of the project information

7 LA Solutions Users Users are your staff A user is assigned a discipline … Mechanical, Structural, Electrical A user may view all project information A user may change only drawing information related to his discipline

8 LA Solutions Drawings Drawings are deliverables Drawings may be revised… Manually (one, all, or selection) Automatically on issue A drawing may be used in multiple projects

9 LA Solutions CAD Files Drawings are composed from CAD files CAD file may be used by more than one drawing CAD files may reference one another JobTracker records file usage CAD files are not necessarily visible to your clients

10 LA Solutions MicroStation V8 Plug-In Unobtrusive MDL application Uses the JobTracker database DLL Additional menus for Drawing information Monitors reference file attachments Automatic generation of title block

11 LA Solutions Issue Sheets Produced automatically from a Word template Issue reason … Preliminary, Contract, Information, … Drawing revisions & issue dates Revisions are rolled automatically on first issue Clients & copy count Multiple pages created automatically to accommodate issues & drawings

12 LA Solutions Issue Sheets

13 LA Solutions Archiving JobTracker will create an archive for each issue Files are copied from a set of designated folders The ZIP archive is created in a specified directory External program may be executed

14 LA Solutions JobTracker WebView™ Presents JobTracker registry as Web pages Publishes live data from the registry database JobTracker database interface component DLL Sample code provided

15 LA Solutions JobTracker Futures Customers have suggested … Issue Sheets in XML format  Import & Export in ProjectWise™ format Refresh title block automatically  Create a new block as file is opened (option) Manage documents in addition to drawings Query to determine what revisions were issued to client X Archive individual drawings when revised  Include reference files

16 LA Solutions JobTracker™ Summary Automates Project Tracking Helps maintain lists of clients & drawings Raises level of QA when issuing job information

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